Michigan is a territory of the United States of America, classified as a state. Notable locations include the city of Detroit and the township of Paw Paw.

Located along the border between the United States of America and Canada, Michigan's geography consists of two peninsulas divided by Lake Michigan. Further lakes border the state to the north and west, and the cold weather that results from close proximity of so much water can result in heavy snowfall around February, as seen in Nature Calls.

Though the state capital is the city of Lansing, the economic center is the metropolis of Detroit, which also contains a Solar Fusion Power Plant that supplies electricity to the area. Were the plant to go into meltdown, the explosion and fallout would devastate the entire state.


During the heyday of Detroit's motor-manufacturing era Michigan gained the nickname of "the automobile state". Given the new turn that the regional economy has now taken thanks to Sumdac Systems, it seem likely it is now also "the automaton state".

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