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Metrotitan is a Decepticon from the Zone portion of the Generation One continuity family.

As being constructed on Saturn's moon Titan, Metrotitan, also known as Metroplex, is a massive Decepticon warrior commanded by the villainous Violen Jygar to destroy the Autobots. He was taught the ways of evil by the Nine Great Demon Generals.

He leads the Metrosquad and has also been known to house the Race Track Patrol.


Zone story pages

Created by Violen Jygar on Saturn's moon, Titan, Metrotitan was schooled in the ways of evil by the Nine Decepticon Demon Generals. His first mission upon activation was to attack the Autobot lunar colony commanded by Rabbicrater. He proved to be very impressive in battle, and even killed the veteran Autobot Galaxy Shuttle in his attack on the Zone Base. Metrotitan might even have been able to best Dai Atlas if Sonic Bomber hadn't kept his Metrosquad busy. Seeking an edge, Metrotitan fled Zone and returned with a freezing beam gun to reduce the planet to an icy tomb. The Decepticon warrior was unprepared for the arrival of a third Powered Master named Road Fire, however, and his freezing power was easily countered by Road Fire's fire power. His new weapon destroyed, Metrotitan was soundly defeated by Road Fire.



  • Metrotitan (Decepticon, 1990)
Japanese ID number: D-340
A redeco of the Autobot Metroplex, Metrotitan transforms from a large robot to a multi-leveled "city". This mode includes a service bay with launching mechanism, a helipad, and "parking" for six vehicles in whatever his legs fold out to be. He also has a third mobile battle station mode; a more compact wheeled form that incorporates his many weapons. Additionally, his weapons are all molded with universal-sized pegs that allow them to attached in several different configurations and locations (for example, in the otherwise-pointless holes in his kneecaps in city mode). Metrotitan came with Metroshot, Metrotank, Metrodash and Metrobomb; the first two formed various parts of Metrotitans's alternate modes.
The smaller "limb" robots from the "Scramble City" style combiners can plug into ports in Metrotitans's shoulders and knees in robot mode, while the base modes of Silverbolt, Hot Spot, Motormaster, and Onslaught can connect to him in city mode. The peg-size of Metrotitan's weapons also allows them to be wielded by the leaders and super-robots these teams create. He also comes with a special Micromaster-style ramp with a unique attachment at one end, meant to utilize the attachment bracket for the "Scramble City" leaders' base modes.


  • Metrotitan, despite popular belief, is not a zombie version of Metroplex.
  • Metrotitan is also one of a whopping two Decepticons released in Japan in 1990, the only other badguys for sale during Zone being the Race Track Patrol.

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