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Metroshot is a Decepticon from the Zone portion of the Generation One continuity family.

Metroshot through the heart! And you're to blame!

Metroshot is the deputy leader of the Metrosquad, and a marksman renowned for his quick-draw sharpshooting.


Zone story pages

Metroshot was recruited into the Metrosquad by Metrotitan. His first mission was to attack the Autobot lunar colony commanded by Rabbicrater.



  • Metrotitan (Decepticon, 1990)
Japanese ID number: D-340
A redeco of Six-Gun, Metroshot is a robot who basically disassembles to form parts for Metrotitan's three modes. His main body and chest form a control tower for the base mode's helipad. His legs are spring-loaded missile launchers (which actually work quite well), while his arms and backpack form non-firing cannons, all of which can be placed in a variety of configurations on any of Metrotitan's forms.

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