This article is about the Cybertron-series Gigantion leader. For the Generation One Autobot, see Metroplex (G1).

Metroplex is a Gigantion Autobot from the Cybertron portion of the Unicron Trilogy continuity family.
Metroplex dvd2

She canna take much more of this!

Metroplex is the head foreman of the Transformers on Gigantion. While he is a calm, quiet and intelligent being, like all Gigantions he is immense in size and strength. He is tasked with forever building cities on his homeworld, and then immediately abandoning them as a way to forever look to their peaceful future and avoid the past, which was wartorn and violent. His Mini-Con partner is Drill Bit.

Japanese name: Megalo Convoy


Cybertron cartoon

Voice Actor: Ron Halder (English), Masafumi Kimura (Japanese)

When the Autobots first appeared on Gigantion, Metroplex was at first wary of them, believing the group to be from the mysterious Planet X. As this was clearly not the case, he and his subordinate Quickmix agreed to hear out the newcomers. Optimus Prime and Vector Prime explained that they needed to find the Gigantion Cyber Planet Key in order to save their own homeworld, and that they believe the clues may be hidden in the older cities on Gigantion. At first Metroplex and Quickmix refused to let them into the cities, as it was one of their sacred laws to never enter a city they had previously built. However, they changed their minds upon learning that a younger bot, Menasor, had agreed to help the Decepticons.

Metroplex would soon encounter Megatron and beat him into submission, destroying Nemesis Breaker in the process, and eventually triggering his upgrade into Galvatron. Galvatron would encounter him again, quickly defeating the lumbering giant. Undeterred, Metroplex accompanied the Autobots into the depths of his world, eventually facing off with Menasor in a brief clash that ended with reconciliation between the two.

Metroplex continued to aid the Autobots, from engaging Ransack in the final black hole battle to being a crew member on the new space bridge project.



Cyb Metroplex toy

This is what happens when the design team spends too much time on designing a 'cool' robot mode, apparently.

  • Metroplex (Leader-Class, 2005)
    • Japanese ID number: GC-23
    • Acessories: "Sparkdrinker", gold Giant Planet Cyber Planet Key
Metroplex transforms into a Cybertronic bucket-wheel excavator. In this mode, his bucket-wheel/shovel assembly is on a rotator and contains numerous ratchet-joints, plus the wheel can spin, though it does not do so freely. This assembly becomes Metroplex's colossal axe "Sparkdrinker" in robot mode, plus has a spot on the shovel to attach Drill Bit in his vehicle mode. Plugging a Cyber Planet Key into the Key jack on Sparkdrinker opens up the wheel to form the axe-head, plus activates an electronic light.

Yeah, but I've been drinking milk!

Like his fellow Gigantions Quickmix and Menasor, Metroplex has two different robot modes, their full-sized standard mode, and a shorter, sturdier "work" mode.
He comes with his Mini-Con partner Drill Bit, and a gold-bordered Gigantion-style Cyber Planet Key. The Hasbro version has the Key Code "lm74" on the back of the Cyber Planet Key.
  • Megalo Convoy gold edition
A solid-gold-chromed version of Metroplex was given away as a contest prize in Japan. Limited to 15 pieces, it was available in a Japanese toy magazine (which one is unknown at the time).


  • Metroplex's "work" robot mode is not shown in the Japanese release's instructions. It is also only briefly glimpsed in the cartoon, as part of his stock-footage "vehicle to robot" transformation sequence. Also, several times in the show where Metroplex was depicted in a smaller environment, he was in his "work" mode without explanation or transformation shown.
  • His personality and voice depicts of a Scottish lumberjack.

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