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Metrodash is a Decepticon from the Zone portion of the Generation One continuity family.

I wonder if he blows up like Dash Rendar.

Metrodash is the speedster of the Metrosquad. His primary function is to relay important messages back and forth to his leader, Metrotitan.


Zone story pages

Metrodash was recruited into the Metrosquad by Metrotitan. His first mission was to attack the Autobot lunar colony commanded by Rabbicrater.



  • Metrotitan (Decepticon, 1990)
Japanese ID number: D-340
A redeco of Scamper, Metrodash transforms into a six-wheeled Cybertronic car. His arms detach to form roof-mounted blasters/thrusters for his car mode. He was only available as part of the Metrotitan set.

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