Meteor Storm is a PvP "Domination" mode (4v4) in Transformers Universe. Even though in game guide, Meteor Storm is listed as a "king-of-the-hill" mode, which isn't true considering there are 3 control points rather than 1.


  • Each team must capture meteor crash sites to accrue points.
  • Capture a neutral site by standing within its perimeter when there are no enemy players nearby.
  • Capture back an enemy-controlled site in the same way - this will return it to a neutral state, allowing your team to then capture it.
  • A site can be captured faster when more allies stand within its perimeter.
  • Sites are captured more slowly during combat.
  • Sites change location approximately every five minutes.
  • The first team to score 1000 points, or the team that has the highest score when the timer expires, wins.
  • You can choose to Surrender from the Options menu to initiate a surrender vote for your team, after eight minutes of the match have elapsed.



  • Focus on capturing sites rather than engaging players in other parts of the map.
  • Organize your team so that there is always someone defending your captured sites, to prevent the enemy team from easily capturing them back.
  • It is more important to engage the enemy and hinder their capturing of a site than it is to run away to avoid being killed.
  • Sites are captured more slowly during combat, so harass an enemy that is trying to capture a site.
  • Buddy up with a teammate to overwhelm the opposition and capture a site.


  • Tips and rules are directly from the Game guide on the official Transformers Universe website.
  • Meteor Storm could easily be exploited in many various ways. Classes which long range weapons such as Flatline, Duststorm, Catapult and Outsider could stop enemies captured a point without standing on it and by attacking from a long distance. Furthermore, it is possible to ignore the points and hunt down the enemy team as there was no limit to the amount of kills a player could receive. One player reported (with evidence) of a 60 killstreak in Meteor Storm.
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