Metamorpho is an asteroid from the Headmasters portion of the Generation One continuity family.

Blue blazes!

Metamorpho was the nickname given by Galvatron to an asteroid that he had outfitted with gravity sensors. These devices generated a powerful gravimetric field which warped the shape and form of metal in the asteroid’s vicinity (hence the name), making it a dangerous threat to Transformer life -- an evil meteor, one might say.

RTM dub name: Melo ("me-low")


Headmasters animated series

Metamorpho was set on collision course with Athenia, but the Autobots were alerted to the threat it posed early on when a shuttle piloted by the Aerialbots happened to cross paths with it. The shuttle and the robots inside were warped and twisted, and when the Autobot Headmasters were dispatched to investigate, they found that the energy blasts of Battleship Maximus were also deflected by the meteorite.

When Metamorpho passed by the Earth, a shuttle manned by the Throttlebots attempted to intercept it despite instructions not to. Unsurprisingly, the gravity field warped them as well, and the Autobots realised that they required a human agent to get close enough to deal with the threat. With Spike injured and Marissa Faireborn unavailable, Daniel was the only remaining option, although he was not willing to do so until his father convinced him (and any second thoughts he had were put to rest when Fortress, uh... made some silly faces). Donning a non-metallic space suit, Daniel jumped from Battleship Maximus to the asteroid and deactivated the sensors, then planted a bomb and escaped as Metamorpho exploded. Approach of the Demon Meteorite

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