This article is about the Pretender also known as Hawk. For human G.I. Joe commander, see Hawk (G.I. Joe).

Metalhawk is armed with the Titanium Saber, which can deflect lasers with its flat planes. Also possesses knock out gas and a rifle.

His human form is referred to as Hawk, though the Headmasters Juniors refer to him as Hawk-san ("san" is a respectful Japanese term for an elder). When in human form, he is seen wearing a business suit. He is given to shout "Suit On" when he requires his Pretender Shell and to shout "Pretender" when he wishes to attain robot form.

Italian TV dub name: Optor
Russian TV dub name: Kogot (Коготь) ("Claw")


Masterforce cartoon

Voice actor: Katsuji Mori (Japan)

Metalhawk jet

Highway to the Danger Zone...

Masterforce manga

Zone OAV

Metalhawk was seen among other High-ranking Autobots (such as Road Caesar, Landcross, Grand Maximus, Lander, and the Autobot Godmasters) when Dai Atlas is sworn-in by Victory Saber as the new Supreme Commander of the Autobot forces.


  • Metalhawk (Pretender, 1988)
    • Japanese ID number: C-201
    • Accessories: 2-part Pretender shell, helmet, sword, rifle,2 wings
Available only in Japan, Metalhawk is the only die-cast (a lost art nowadays) Pretender ever made, transforming into a blue, gold, red and gray Cybertronic jet vehicle (More like a souped up F-15 Eagle). The gray wings which serves as his robot mode's primary weapon can also be attached to his "Jet rifle" in his Pretender mode.
Metalhawk's outer Pretender shell resembles a human (with a full face, a first for the original Pretender breed) in a red, white and blue armoured space suit , armed with a gray (Titanium d'oh sword) and a blue "Jet" rifle. The shell's helmet is used to help "lock" the shell-halves together, is also removable.

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