Metal Meltdown is the twenty-ninth episode and the third episode of Transformers: Robots in Disguise season 2.


While trying to apprehend Saberhorn, Strongarm and Grimlock struggle to recreate the teamwork Strongarm had with Sideswipe.


Steeljaw finds Kickback scavenging junk and attempts to apologize for using the other Decepticon as bait during their last meeting and offers him build a different team. Kickback declines, claiming to be on a new, more appreciative team now and, after giving Steeljaw the boot, heads off.

In the scrapyard, Russell is placing items in a new display case, which he proudly tells Denny is his collection of souvenirs from their adventures with the Autobots. Meanwhile, Strongarm is attempting to get some teamwork going with Grimlock, however he literally storms through the course she's constructed, demolishing the Billy the Breakfast Beaver figures representing bystanders and a representation of a bridge. Strongarm is unhappy that she's unable to get the same level of teamwork that she had with Sideswipe, and Denny is horrified at the destruction. Affairs are interrupted by Fixit announcing a Decepticon has been detected. As Team Bee heads out to the quarry, Russell asks Grimlock to bring him a trophy.

The Decepticon in the quarry, Saberhorn, is collecting ore. Bumblebee sends video of the Deecpticon to Fixit, but Fixit is unable to locate Saberhorn in the Alchemor database and the three Autobots have to go in blind. Strongarm's attempt to coordinate an attack with Grimlock is cut short when the Dinobot simply charges in and ends up demolishing Bumblebee by accident. Strongarm finds herself at the mercy of Saberhorn's sword until Bumblebee recovers and takes over sword-fighting the Con. Strongarm tries again to coordinate an attack with Grimlock, but ends up being knocked off a cliff, and is only saved by Grimlock grabbing her hand. Saberhorn finally manages to relieve Bumblebee of his Decepticon Hunter and prepares to finish him off, however Strongarm is able to retrieve the weapon, and when she and Grimlock rejoin their leader, Saberhorn takes some of the ore and flees. Fixit is able to identify the ore as thermotanium, a mineral used in starship construction. Russell smells the opportunity for a souvenir, and when Fixit tracks Saberhorn's signal to the steel mill, the Autobots have to bring Russell and Denny to run interference with the humans that will be there.

Denny and Russell disguise themselves as guards and relieve the two guards on duty at the steel mill. The Autobots find Saberhorn using the furnace to melt down the thermotanium. Bumblebee moves in first, however when Strongarm attempts to use a hoist to work with Grimlock, the Dinobot disregards her and charges in. This goes badly and results in Strongarm and Grimlock dangling from a hook, leaving Bumblebee alone again to combat Saberhorn. Watching on the security cameras, Russell spots some dripping thermotanium and goes to grab it as a souvenir. Unfortunately this takes him right under the feet of the combatants, allowing Saberhorn the opportunity to use Russel as a hostage. With Bumblebee now unable to strike Saberhorn, the Decepticon forces him into a viaduct and starts filling it with molten metal. Strongarm and Grimlock are finally able to work together to release themselves and land on Saberhorn, causing him to drop Russell. While Grimlock holds the Decepticon, Strongarm rescues Bumblebee from the viaduct, however Grimlock inadvertently allows the Decepticon to escape after throwing him through a wall.

Elsewhere, Steeljaw tracks Kickback to a swamp and discovers the other Decepticon is using the crashed back end of the Alchemor as a base.

Back at the scrapyard, Russell adds his torn jacket to his trophy case. Fixit announces he's used a computer in one of Windblade's caches to access a Cybertronian database, and is able to identify Saberhorn, but is disturbed to find the Decepticon was indeed a prisoner on the Alchemor.

Passing Saberhorn on his way in, Kickback reports to his bosses Scorponok and Glowstrike, who grumble that their minions are all incompetent. Steeljaw introduces himself, having followed Kickback in.






"Hands where we can see them, perp. And, uh, thoraxes and mandibles too."


"You're a little outside of your jurisdiction, Autobot. Wouldn't you say? Regardless, I'm always up for a test of mettle."

Saberhorn teaches the Autobots of Breaking the rules

"What were you doing Grimlock? I said distract and attack!"

"I know, but who was supposed to do which?"

Strongarm and Grimlock

"Even were you to somehow climb out, dear rival, I'd only deposit you back in. I'll be staying to make certain of your demise."

Saberhorn knows the cardinal rule of putting an enemy in a deathtrap


Continuity notes

  • Kickback and Steeljaw previously crossed paths back in "Lockout", where the latter used the former as bait for the Autobots. Steeljaw mentions that he was working for Megatronus at the time... although this isn't entirely true. Since Steeljaw was first contacted by Megatronus after he exploited Kickback to break into the Autobot base, it seems pretty obvious that Steeljaw is fudging the truth here to make himself seem trustworthy.
  • Denny purchased the Billy the Breakfast Beaver figures way back in "Pilot (Part 2)".
  • Terrashock's museum capture occurred in "W.W.O.D.?" and, though it's unclear when the piece of metal fell off Fracture, we're wagering it was during "Lockout", the other of Guy Toubes's episodes.
  • The crashed ship is the same model as the Alchemor, though the latter ship has previously only been seen in the longer version of the show's title sequence, which hasn't been used on the English version of the show.

Prisoner manifest

Real-world references

  • During their first duel, Bumblebee calls Saberhorn "Pinocchio".
  • One of the images on Kickback's list is a My Little Pony toy.


  • Glowstrike and Scorponok's crew includes a host of generics recolored from existing models, including several originally from Prime.

 International Premiers of Episode

  • Saturday 19th, March 2016 - UK & Ireland on Cartoon Network

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