Hello. I'm afraid I have to delete the Mountain Dewbot article you made because we already have a big article about that robot (and a couple others) here. I noticed that you put some extra stuff in your article, though, like you were making up more information about him. We only put official information on this wiki, but there is another wiki for people to put up characters that they created or wrote stories about. It's called the Transformers Fanon Wiki. You might like it better? If you want to help us out here, please stick to official stuff, and make sure we don't already have an article about something before creating a new one.  ;) I'm going to put the text from your Mountain Dewbot article below so you can put in on the Fanon wiki if you want to. --Steve-o 04:57, 9 December 2007 (UTC)

Mountain Dewbot is a Decepticon from the Transformers movie film of 2007. He is known to transform into a Mounatin Dew Soda machne. His weapons are Energon soda strikes that are soda blades. For his guns, he shoots soda cans. Mountain Dewbot is a powerful Decepticon. He can defeat Optimus Prime if tries hard enough. He talks in a strange voice that sounds similar to the pokemon Moltres's cry. If you want to hear the the way he talks, go to When you get there, go over to the search box. Type in M, and then click Moltres. It will show a picture of a bird on fire. Click Imagery and it will show you "cry". Hit that, and you'll hear the way Mountain Dewbot talks.
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