Menonia is a planet (or possibly dimension) in the Generation One continuity family.
G1 Menonia

Been spendin' most our lives livin' in a madman's paradise.

The realm of Menonia is accessed by a Quintesson transport device hidden on Cybertron. It seems likely that Menonia in fact exists in an alternate dimension, and whether the name "Menonia" refers to the dimension as a whole or merely one section within it is unclear.

Menonia's technology is the equivalent of Earth's middle ages. However, magic is much more prevalent. There had been a feud between the Golden One and the Red Wizard Mara-Al-Utha. Madman's Paradise


Known inhabitants include: (note: these races are not named in the episode, so take the below designations as descriptors rather than actual race names)

  • Bird People: Humanoids with the wings and heads of birds, they attacked the castle from the skies, with buckets of quicklime, which killed off the wood-men
  • Tree-Centaurs: Strange centaur/ent-like creatures, they are servants of the golden one, but were killed of easily.
  • Wood-men: Mara-Al-Utha, The Red Wizard, employed wooden servants that looked like generic Transformers (hinting at his Quintessonian nature). It is unknown if they were animated by technology or magic.
  • Reptile-birds: a small dragonish/pterodactylish creature called Sweet Pet served the Red Wizard.
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