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"Welcome to the end of the road! Courtesy of Menasor!"
―Menasor to the Bee Team in Combine and Conquer.

Menasor is the combined form of Motormaster, Heatseeker, Wildbreak, Dragstrip, and Slashmark.

Transformers: Robots in Disguise

Season 3

In Combine and Conquer, to show the Bee Team that he meant business, Motormaster ordered his underlings to combine with him forming Menasor. It was a terrifying sight for the Autobots...until he got his sword stuck in the ground. Menasor began barking orders to his arms and belittling them for their incompetence, allowing the Bee Team to escape. After finally freeing his weapon, he made straight to a human military base. He made short work of the autonomous defense tanks, expressing disdain that there was no squishies for him to squash. He was promptly surprised when Ultra Bee made an appearance, kicking Menasor to the ground. However, he quickly got the upper servo once more as Ultra Bee struggled with learning any new attacks. He was about to land a final strike against the Autobot when Ultra Bee aimed the asteroid deflector satellite at Menasor, sending him blasting off into the horizon.

In Moon Breaker, the Stunticons formed up to Menasor to open Windblade's cache on the moon which revealed to be a Plasma thermal accelerator module. Mensaor installs it into his arm and gains the power that enables him to blast the Autobots. The Stunticons separated as they headed for the Autobots ship to destroy it. When they got there, the formed up to Menasor again to crush their ship. However, the Autobots formed up to Ultra Bee and attacked Menasor. During the fight, Ultra Bee managed to destroy the plasma thermal accelerator module on Menasor. As the fight continues, Menasor's components start to rebel which allowed Ultra Bee to punch them so hard that they separated.