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Menasor is a citizen of Gigantion from the Cybertron portion of the Unicron Trilogy continuity family.

Ey, ya wee beasties!

Menasor is filled with rage. He finds his planet's laws stifling and stupid, and believes his people are destined for greater things than merely building with no seeming goal in mind other than to continue building. On top of that, being one of the younger Gigantions, he feels that he's simply not given the respect he deserves from Metroplex and the others. As such, he's joined up with Megatron and his Decepticons, who have promised much to the disillusioned worker.

Menasor is always accompanied by his Mini-Con partner Heavy Load, who doesn't seem to share Menasor's anger, and sometimes tries to set the rebellious machine straight.

Japanese name: Moledive
Hungarian name: Agresszor (Aggressor)


Cybertron cartoon

Voice Actor: Sam Vincent (English), Yuuto Kazama (Japanese)

A younger inhabitant of Gigantion, Menasor became dissatisfied with the traditions of his elders, and was soon swayed to the side of Megatron when he and the other Decepticons arrived. Agreeing to help them tunnel to the planet's core, he drew the attention of Metroplex and Quickmix, who tried to convince him to stop. Hardened against them, Menasor refused, accompanying the reformatted Galvatron deeper into Cybertron. He was defeated in one battle, but rescued by Galvatron on account of his usefulness. At the heart of Gigantion he faced off with Metroplex, expressing his anger at the old ways, only for the older bot to admit his errors and welcome Menasor back into the fold. Afterwards, Menasor joined his comrades in battling Galvatron's minions and later joined the fleet in charge of the Space bridge project.

Fun Publications Continuity

Size does matter. He had no trouble against Black Shadow, and probably needed no help from anyone or anything. Naturally, he was too big to fit in the prisons of Axiom Nexus, so they keep him mode-locked at the hangar for murder. Gone Too Far

Note: He is not named, only referred to as a Gigantion, but the illustrations clearly show who he is. He was almost as big as the page.



  • Menasor (Ultra, 2006)
    • Accessories: Giant Planet style Cyber Key

Mech design by the Bonne Family.

Menasor transforms into a Cybertronic (Gigantian?) excavation machine. He has an "assault" vehicle mode that widens the space between his drills and separates the plow halves on his front so his partner Mini-Con Heavy Load can fit in, expanding the blade's width. In robot mode, Menasor's chest panel flips down to reveal a space for Heavy Load to fit in his robot mode. The panel also has a double-barreled flip-down (non-firing) blaster. He also has an alternate "work" robot mode, which widens his stance and reverses the direction of his knees.

Move sixteen tons, and whaddaya get? 'Nother day older and deeper in debt.

Menasor's drill-arm gimmicks are fully functional in all modes. Placing a Mini-Con on the Powerlinx plug on his right drill unlocks the spring-activated grippers to the side, plus unlocks the drill, which can extend by pushing the Mini-Con forward. The left drill spins through a gear-wheel mechanism on its underside, while plugging a Cyber Planet Key to its Key jack activates electronic lights and sounds. He comes with a silver-bordered Gigantion-style Cyber Planet Key with the Key Code "us4r" tampographed on the back.
The Mini-Con hardpoints on his knees are notable for being awkwardly placed; in his true robot mode, the legs can't be positioned straight down because the pegs bump into each other. This gives the Menasor an unusual bowlegged stance, and additionally adding Mini-Cons to the pegs will prevent him from being able to stand at all, since the added robots would make Menasor actually have to do a split.
In Japan, Menasor was only available through e-Hobby's online ordering service, in Hasbro packaging, in October of 2006... ten months after Galaxy Force stopped in Japan.



Ka-chonk, ka-chonk.

  • Menasor's vehicle mode actually connects together better than shown in the stock photos (the official instructions and show model do not even acknowledge that the connectors exist). The plugs on the backs of his elbows fit into the sockets on his feet; these are supposed to connect together in vehicle mode. They do so fairly well, but must be disconnected for Menasor's Heavy-Load-added assault-vehicle mode. It actually comes packed like this, though there's no mention of it anywhere.
  • Like the other Gigantions, Menasor's "work" robot mode is only seen in the Cybertron cartoon as a halfway point in his vehicle-to-robot stock footage transformation sequence.

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