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"Memory" is the second episode of Transformers: Cyberverse. It first aired on the Cartoon Network app, with the first terrestrial broadcast scheduled for September 8, 2018.



Realising that Bumblebee’s memory is in bad shape, Windblade must resort to extreme measure to try and help fix her friend.


The energy blast from the cortical psychic patch travels across the desert, reaching a Decepticon scout ship. The wave knocks Nova Storm and Thundercracker off their feet. The two Seekers immediately transform and head towards the source of the pulse.

Bumblebee and Windblade regain consciousness. Bumblebee is wary of Windblade due to the effect of the cortical psychic patch. The two Decepticons arrive and attack. Windblade transforms and dogfights with Nova Storm in the sky, while Bumblebee tackles Thundercracker on the ground. However, Bumblebee is left at a disadvantage when his stinger refuses to work. Windblade lures the two Decepticons under a rocky outcropping, then collapses it on them. The two Autobots set off in search of the Decepticons' ship.

Arriving at the ship, Windblade plans to use the vessel's systems to boost the effect of the cortical psychic patch. Bumblebee is understandably worried but submits to the procedure. Inside his mindspace, Bumblebee finds that he can now talk normally, rather than use the radio to transmit his thoughts. Windblade, using her skills as a Cityspeaker, starts to guide him through his memories. Some, like a recent memory of driving through the desert are easy to relive. An attempt to find the ARK, however, fails. Windblade gets Bumblebee to focus on any memory of the ARK.

In flashback, Bumblebee remembers driving towards the ARK on Cybertron and being seen off by Windblade and Perceptor. Optimus Prime waits for him on the boarding ramp; Bumblebee transforms and enters the ship for launch.

In his mindscape, Bumblebee realizes that he and Windblade are old friends. In the real world, the ship's communicator goes off. Starscream is trying to contact his seekers for a report on whether or not they found Autobots. Not realizing the danger he is putting them in, Bumblebee responds.


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Note: All characters are listed in order of their first appearances in the episode. The time they appear is the time from the Japanese dub..

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