Upgrades MeiliSzeto

Dr. Meili Szeto is a scientist based in Faxian, China. She has the ability to remain cheerful and friendly, even in the face of deadly peril. Most recently she has been developing technology to be used in the Scrubber Initiative.


Transformers: Rescue Bots


Dr. Szeto and her team were developing resilience tech for the Scrubbers when three of the devices ran wild. Szeto contacted Doc Greene and asked for the help of the Rescue Bots in stopping the three Scrubbers. She traveled in person to the Training Center to reconfigure their GroundBridge so they could travel to Faxian, and worked with Doc Greene to create powerful EMP power ups which the Bots successfully used to take out the Scrubbers. Afterwards, she was present as Optimus Prime gave the Bots their new assignments.

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