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This article is about the Decepticon from the Universe series. For the Decepticon Headmaster commander from Generation One, see Scorponok (G1).

Megazarak is a Decepticon from the Universe war.

From the shadow of his blade, he shall rule.

Megazarak's rise to power set Cybertron on course for destruction. Unlike other Decepticon leaders before him, he has a thirst for destruction and chaos. His genocidal rampage began with the killing of his timeline's Optimus Prime and let the Autobot leader's chassis rusted on the Rust Sea's shores. (The Autobot leader's remains would be used by Unicron to clone his herald: Nemesis Prime.)

Cybertron is effectively his as the remaining Autobot resistance resorted to lurk deep below the surface. However, he has not relented. He is obsessed with the hunting down of the "Last Autobot": Defensor, the bearer of the Matrix of Leadership.

"Functioning is a privilege not a right!"
―Megazarak's motto.


3H Universe comics

Megazarak and Caliburn ferreted out to search for the Oracle, which he believed would give him the location of Base Sigma. Ultra Trion, the keeper of the Oracle, attempted to hold him off. Megazarak, who was more than a match for Ultra Trion, had him killed with ease. Nevertheless, it turned out that Ultra Trion was but a decoy and the Oracle had been moved, buying a little more time for the Autobot resistance. Shell Game



  • Megazarak with Caliburn (Ultra, 2004)
    • Accessories: 3 missiles
Megazarak was an exclusive toy from OTFCC 2004. He is a black and red redeco of Armada Megatron, transforming into a Cybertronic tank. He retains almost all of the gimmicks of the retail releases; the electronic lights and sounds were removed for cost considerations. He came with the Micromaster Caliburn.
He was originally conceived as a new form for the original Megatron, as his colors (particularly in humanoid mode) would slightly suggest. His proposed name was "Chaos Megatron", named after the black color used. But Hasbro did not allow 3H to name it such, he was thus renamed after the Japanese version of Scorponok.

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