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Energon MegatronResurrected titlecloseup

"I still function!"

With the Autobots under pressure from constant attacks, things take a turn for the worse as Megatron returns from the dead.

Japanese title: 復活! ガルバトロン (Fukkatsu! Garubatoron, "Resurrection! Galvatron")


Energon MegatronisBack

"Galvatron is no more... behold: Megatron!" ...whaaat?

As Inferno narrates, over the past several months the Autobots under the command of Optimus Prime have been on edge due to the ceaseless attacks by the Terrorcons. As the enemy swoops down on Blizzard City, Inferno's command, he believed that this time the Autobots were ready for them, Blizzard City's defensive cannons blasting the Divebomb drones out of the sky. On the Moon, Jetfire leads Terrorcons over the remains of the Autobot base where cannons appear out of the ground, swiftly destroying the drones. At Canyon City, Ironhide uses a similar tactic to lure Battle Ravage drones into the firing line of artillery cannons embedded into canyon rock. Alpha Quintesson expresses frustration at the new defenses on Earth preventing their quest to secure energon.

At Jungle City in the Amazon, as they watch Skyblast Omnicons install defense cannons into the city, Kicker congratulates Misha on coming up with the idea to use energon to power their weapons. She dejectedly responds that in truth, that idea was unintentional, as she was researching peaceful usages for energon. Kicker tries to cheer her up by explaining that their weapons are to defend themselves. As Misha mentions what a mentor Dr Jones had been to her, Kicker senses an imminent attack on their location.

Outside, Optimus Prime defends Jungle City against the first wave of Terrorcons led by the treacherous Cyclonus. As the city explodes around them, the Omnicons are annoyed at interruptions to their important work. Misha orders the human crew to open their unfinished artillery bays and fire on the enemy. The Omnicons finally complete work, but the humans need to wait for their energon levels to rise.

EnergonMegatron punishScorponok

Meet my subordinates... ...General Foot and Major Fist!

Kicker lassos a Battle Ravage drone and allows it to lead him to Jungle City's energon mines and sniff out the energon, to the gratitude of the Omnicons. With their power at maximum, the defensive artillery sends Scorponok, Tidal Wave and the surviving Terrorcons packing. Inferno and Ironhide arrives via the Space Bridge soon after the enemy retreat, with the younger Autobot expressing disappointment at missing out on battle.

Inside Unicron, Alpha Quintesson angrily berates Scorponok for their defeat, stating that they don't have enough energon to revive Megatron, and even more for Unicron. Inside the cavern with Megatron's corpse, Cyclonus and Tidal Wave apologise to their dead leader for not securing the energon needed to revive him. Cyclonus then told Tidal Wave that they will never revive Megatron, kicking his leader's corpse. Suddenly, Megatron's voice filled the cavern, telling his former minion to stop doing that. When Tidal Wave defends Megatron, Cyclonus reminded him how badly they were always treated and that he prefers Megatron to stay this way, kicking the corpse again. And again Megatron asks Cyclonus what he just said. Scorponok enters brandishing Megatron's spark-sword, claiming that Megatron has been stealing their energon reserves and that the Terrorcon intends to rectify the problem, to the shock of Cyclonus and Tidal Wave. Megatron begins to drain energon from Unicron, prompting Scorponok to stab the spark sword into Megatron's chest, ceasing the energy flow. Suddenly, the energon drain violently restarts, and pulls the spark sword completely into Megatron's chest. As the other Transformers watch in awed shock, Megatron bursts out of his old body like an insect in a cocoon.

Megatron demands to know who had dared to use his power, and promises that the transgressor will pay for their disrespect. Quickly destroying Scorponok's summoned Divebomb drones, Megatron tears off the Terrorcon general's tail and proceeds to beat him into a mangled pulp.

Forcing Scorponok into submission, Megatron brands the Terrorcon with a Decepticon symbol then forces him to lead the Decepticon to Alpha Quintesson. Realizing that Megatron has taken control of the Terrorcons, Alpha Quintesson runs to what appears to be a dead end. As Megatron gloats, Alpha defiantly declares that while Megatron may have been stealing their energon, only the Quintesson had been carrying out Unicron's agenda. With that, the section Alpha Quintesson had taken refuge in splits apart from the rest of Unicron's body, revealing itself to be the Chaos Bringer's head. Megatron can only watch as the head warps itself to destinations unknown, but quickly declares to his men that they should forget the treacherous alien and concentrate on attacking the Autobots and securing energon, despite Scorponok's advice of extreme caution.

At Ocean City, Kicker demands the Space Bridge be opened, for radar has picked up an attack on Plain City. Despite Ironhide's assurances that Hot Shot will be able to handle it, Kicker doubts that they can deal with the new threat. At the battle of Plain City, Megatron holds the battered Scorponok as his personal shield against the Autobot defense artillery before throwing the Terrorcon commander into the water below. On the ground, Hot Shot cannot believe his optics as Megatron flies into his line of fire.

It is the next morning as reinforcements arrive at the devastated Plain City, and are greeted by a victorious Megatron. Noting their obvious surprise, Megatron tosses Hot Shot's stasis-locked body (minus an arm) at the Autobots' feet, to the shock of Ironhide.


Original airdate: February 13, 2004 (Japan); March 6, 2004 (North America)

Written by: ???

Featured characters

(Numbers indicate order of appearance.)

Autobots Decepticons Humans Others


  • Jungle City scientists (13)


"Megatron lives! Megatron lives! Megatron lives!"

Tidal Wave reacting to Megatron's resurrection.

'"Who is this one... who dares to use my power? Tell me!"
"I didn't think you'd notice. You seemed a bit...distracted."
"You'll pay for this!"

Megatron demands to know who is using his spark-sword, and Scorponok's answer does nothing to help matters.

"Ha, ha, ha! I have never felt more alive! For that I thank you, Scorponok!"

Megatron gloats as he holds Scorponok's torn off tail.

Megatron: "I commend you on your fortitude, Scorponok. Yet did you really believe you could keep me in a coma?"
[Megatron attempts to crush Scorponok with his heel, only for the Terrorcon leader to grab it at the last moment]
Megatron: "It's good to be back. So good."
Cyclonus: "Uh, Megatron sir? Don't you think the poor guy's suffered enough already?"
Megatron: "Don't be silly! Why, I'm just getting started!"
[Megatron steps down hard, breaking Scorponok's elbow and crushing it]

Megatron punishes Scorponok for his treachery.

"How am I supposed to believe, Cyclonus, after you had the nerve to kick me while I was down?"

Megatron, forgetting that he is the kinda guy to kick someone when they're down.

"Welcome to my team, Scorponok."

Megatron "drafts" Scorponok into the Decepticons.

"Time to test your loyalty, Scorponok: Be my shield!"
[Megatron holds Scorponok in front of him in flight, whereupon Scorponok is repeatedly blasted by Autobot defenses]
"You pass! Now, out of my way!"
[He drops Scorponok aaaalllll the way to the ground]

Megatron, clearly enjoying himself.


Lost in Translation

Nothing essential to the plot is lost in the dub, but quite a few changes don't make sense either within the episode or in the larger context of the series.

Random insertions

  • Inferno's opening narration is a dub addition. Superlink features silence instead. Likewise for most of Jetfire's banter.
  • Cyclonus's observation, "We're trapped!", is dub nonsense. In Superlink, he merely remarks on the barrier that protects Alpha Q.
  • The dub adds some grunting from Hot Shot as Megatron tosses him around. Considering he's supposed to be unconscious, this doesn't make much sense.

Random changes

  • The dub has Kicker praising Misha for beating his dad to the punch, and Misha responding that she learned everything from him. The Superlink version of this conversation credits it as a joint venture.
  • As they part before the battle, Misha says something that makes Kicker blush. In Superlink, she says that she'll work hard for love, and for Kicker. The dub diminishes this to a much more tame "you know how much I worry about you".
  • Scorponok's dismissive "I didn't think you'd notice" is more of a surprised "you knew what was happening?" in Superlink.
  • A Superlink bit with Megatron forcing Scorponok to address him with a -sama honorific is, naturally, changed for the dub.


  • Prime's bizarre question of "I wonder why Kicker left me here alone to defend myself" is purely a dub insertion; Prime originally just comments that Kicker must have thought of something interesting.
  • Superlink Alpha Q is certainly upset with Scorponok's failure, but as can be seen from the animation, he recognizes that their energon is being stolen by Megatron. The dub replaces this realization with Alpha Q telling Scorponok that he's expendable... a claim which runs strongly against what we see of Alpha Q's attitude about Scorponok in later episodes.
  • In Superlink, as he sees Megatron's power, Alpha Q tells Scorponok that there's a change of plans. The dub changes this to Alpha Q somehow trying to speak directly to Megatron.
  • In Superlink, as he prepares to flee, Alpha Q says that he's the only one who understands Unicron's structure, a preface to Alpha Q separating Unicron's head from his body. In place of this dialog, the dub continues its strange injection of Alpha Q somehow serving Unicron, by having Alpha Q claim defiantly that he is the only one who has carried out Unicron's will.
  • Kicker implies that he knows about Megatron's revival before anyone on Earth ever sees him. ("Guess who just showed up!") In Superlink, he merely senses that something is wrong, and that there's someone new on the scene.

Pain count

  • "Uh?": 13
  • Stock footage: 1
  • We need/they want energon: 5
  • It's time to: 4
  • We've gotta: 1
  • Aw, come on: 2
  • "Gimme a break": 2

Animation and/or technical glitches

  • When Ironhide rubs his nose, his forearm clips right through his chest.
  • This is one of several early episodes where Misha is referred to as Mika ("MEEK-ah" in this episode, "MIKE-uh" in others.)
  • When Optimus Prime appears at the beginning of this episode in vehicle mode, his front wheels are missing.
  • Not really a glitch or mistake, but the animators cheated by having Optimus Prime's transformation into robot mode covered by an explosion.
  • Prime's copter drone flies up to him without spinning its rotors.
  • Kicker is very proud of himself for bringing a Terrorcon to "find the energon for us", but the energon that the Terrorcon "finds" is already exposed and visible.
  • After Megatron picks Scorponok up by his head, as the camera pans down to reveal Megatron's fist hitting Scorponok's chest, Megatron's own chest is missing his Decepticon symbol.
  • The speed of Alpha Q's running varies wildly.
  • When Ironhide reacts to Kicker's panic of the attack on Plain City, his bicep clips through his forearm as he bends his right arm.
  • The left arm Megatron uses to toss Hot Shot to the Autobots is disembodied and not connected to anything. It also immediately disappears after Hot Shot has left his hand.

Continuity errors

  • After transforming, Optimus Prime turns to his trailer, which then tips over to launch his Prime Force drones. For some reason Optimus Prime's order for them to deploy is not dubbed in.
  • When Optimus Prime combines with his drones into Super Mode, actor Garry Chalk does not have enough time to order Submarine Four to combine before the footage cuts to the next segment of the stock footage.
  • It is not clear why Alpha Quintesson claims they were to resurrect Megatron, yet sent Scorponok to eliminate him. Then again, Alpha Quintesson is a few bots short of a Special Team.
  • It is unclear why Optimus Prime's reinforcements took so long to reach Plain City.
  • The various Skyblasts in this episode have different voices. Previously, they all had the same voice.
  • At one point Cyclonus described Alpha-Q to Megatron, then in the next scene after Megatron bursts into Alpha-Q's chamber Cyclonus says "What is that thing!?"
  • How do cannons on both sides of a canyon manage to avoid destroying each other?

Transformers references

Real-world references

  • Cyclonus reacts to Megatron's reactivation much like a B-movie mad scientist bringing a monster to life.

Miscellaneous notes

  • When Jungle City's defense cannons reveal themselves, Tidal Wave reacts with a comical anime giant sweatdrop, one of the few times the Unicron Trilogy series used traditional anime visual gags.
  • This is one of the few times we see anything akin to the actual creation of Terrorcons, as they fly out of some glowy light nodes within Unicron to attack Megatron.
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