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Kaon is taken. Sentinel Prime and Megatron battle. The Great War begins.


Autobot security escorts Starscream away from the other detained Decepticons held in the Kaon holding cells. They take Starscream to stand before the Council of the district, to whom Starscream delivers a message: Everything that has happened is the council's fault. As punishment for their sins, Starscream and Soundwave destroy the council, etching their symbol into the meeting room's view screen.

The next stage in Megatron's master plan carried out by Starscream is to free all the inmates. Starscream releases them all, and the criminals with prior association with Megatron are recruited into his new army. Soundwave provides armaments, and Starscream introduces Megatron to a new arm-mounted fusion cannon. Blasting a hole in the wall with his new weapon, Megatron orders the group to attack with an offensive that is as simple as it is destructive: Everything burns.

In an area inhabited by Cybertron's high class, snooty recreation comes to an end when Skywarp and Thundercracker fire upon an airborne vessel, causing it to crash below, destroying an incredible amount on the way down.

Soundwave meets with his boss, Senator Ratbat. The senator admits that not only did he aid Megatron's cause by supplying arms, he was also the one who arranged for Megatron to be removed from the mining operation where he was originally working. Now that Megatron's forces have destabilized the area, the senator is embezzling what he can before moving on to new pastures. Soundwave, however, shoots Ratbat, takes Ratbat's ill-gotten gains, and seals his spark inside of a frame — his new "cassette" body. Evidently, Soundwave prefers Megatron as his new boss.

Sentinel Prime and the other Autobots fight to retake Kaon from the rioting rebellion. However, the rebels are causing massive damage, have jammed communications with Iacon, and just won't give an inch of ground. Running out of options, Sentinel Prime decides to bring his incredible assortment of firepower (using his Apex System) head to head against Megatron. A colossal explosion blasts Megatron out of sight.

Sentinel Prime radios to the other Autobots that he's created a route that can be used to fight against the enemy. But when his armor's helmet is shattered by Hound's body, he discovers that Megatron still functions. Their struggle takes them over a precipice as they battle while discussing Megatron's goal: Megatron wants to transform the world. With a final strike, Megatron (possibly) kills the Prime.

The other Autobots arrive, following Sentinel Prime. They find their leader's body. Prowl, assuming command, orders a retreat.

Megatron sits on his throne and discusses the victory with Soundwave. Now that Kaon has been taken, the next step is clear — the rest of Cybertron shall be conquered. But they will not do it as Cybertronians. From this day forward, they are the Decepticons.

The Great War has begun...


Writer(s): Eric Holmes
Art: Alex Milne
Colors: Josh Perez, Mark Bristow, Gabe Eltaeb
Editor(s): Chris Ryall
  • Originally published: October 24, 2007

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"Heh. Nobody's perfect."

—Starscream, after hearing a long list of charges against him.

"Through your own interests you created this. You brought us here. You didn't just make it possible—you made it happen."

—Starscream, before the court.

"Hmm. Yes. There's something about this."

—Megatron, upon receiving his arm cannon.

"Situation—war. Resources—limited. Optimal solution—repurpose valuable resource."

—Soundwave, while downgrading Senator Ratbat.

"And when you've crossed the planet with your little gang of thugs, what will you do then?"
"I will create desolation—and call it peace!"

—Sentinel Prime and Megatron


  • On page 10, Trailbreaker is depicted grabbing Starscream as the Decepticon makes his escape. Starscream then kicks the Autobot off, sending him into what is heavily implied to be his death (what with the long fall into a massive explosion and all), despite Trailbreaker turning up alive and well many years later in the previously published Spotlight: Kup as well as the later published Spotlight: Blaster. This is not the first time that the Megatron Origin books would conflict with the events in Spotlight: Kup.
  • It also wouldn't be the last time a Spotlight issue has a conflicting plot point, as despite appearances here, Hound shows up fine in Spotlight: Galvatron.

Items of note

  • Civilians cry out "Primus!" when they are attacked by Thundercracker and Skywarp. His name is only used as a curse here, but it is the first time their creator's name is mentioned in this continuity in which writer Simon Furman has claimed Primus and Unicron will never take part.
  • According to Alex Milne, Sentinel Prime isn't actually dead, despite all appearances. [1] He says the issue was written to show him looking like he could go either way, but the art makes it look quite definitive, and the dialog misses addressing his status.
  • A bot resembling Straxus is one of the Senate's guards - how the mighty have fallen! Of course, the real Straxus was somewhere else at the time. Spotlight: Cyclonus
  • Sentinel Prime uses Apex armor, a reference to the Hasbro Commemorative Series reissue of Powermaster Optimus Prime.
  • Megatron's intention to "create a desolation — and call it peace!" derives ultimately from the Roman historian Tacitus's biography of his father-in-law Agricola: the words are those of the British general Calgacus, describing the destructive imperialism of the Romans. It may also be a nod to his original motto: "Peace through tyranny".
  • We find out Starscream is the one who gives Megatron his fusion cannon. It shouldn't be too hard to see the irony in this.

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