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The Transformers: Megatron Origin > Issue #3
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Sentinel Prime leads a raid against Megatron's growing following.


Soundwave reports to the gladiatorial safehouse in Kaon to speak with Megatron. Swindle comments to Soundwave to tread lightly as Megatron has just lost an arm. Soundwave enters and sees the Constructicons replacing Megatron's missing arm with one culled from a casualty of the fight. He relates that he has made progress on Megatron's request for a flight-capable combatant. Megatron asks if he has located one, and Soundwave says that instead he has found three. He presents the original Seekers to Megatron. Starscream is awed in the presence of the famous gladiator and prostrates himself, swearing undying allegiance. After questioning them on their capabilities, Megatron says he has something in store for them besides gladiatorial matches, and turns the Seekers over to Hook for modification.

Obviously, Alex Milne is still overcoming Dreamwave's egg obsession.

The Cybertron Security Forces hold a funeral for Fastback and Bumper, with many mourners (including some interesting cameos) in attendance and Sentinel Prime gives the eulogy. He emphasizes that their deaths should serve as a call to action, and that to give them meaning he will bring the outlaws to justice.

A parade is held for the unveiling of a new statue of Senator Decimus alongside other famous Cybertronians. The Seekers disrupt the festivities and, thanks to Skywarp, manage to abduct the Senator. Senator Ratbat watches footage of a series of daring and destructive attacks and comments that things are getting out of control.

Megatron puts out a call for new recruits to join the gladiator games. Sunstreaker considers joining, but Sideswipe advises against it—watching the fights is one thing, but joining them another thing entirely. The Predacons express scorn about the influx of "amateurs" though quickly retract the claim as Grimlock and (likely) the Dynobots (the art/coloring is weak but they seem to be there) are seen passing by.

Backstage, Rumble and Frenzy are seen protesting being placed under Soundwave's command. Megatron states that they have been modified for a reason, and that the decision is final.

At the meeting, Megatron whips up the crowd, telling them that they are the most dangerous Cybertronians alive, and tempting them with the prospect of the whole planet as their arena. To emphasize his point, he has the Seekers bring out Senator Decimus. Before he can execute the Senator, the meeting is interrupted by the Autobot Security Services as led by Prowl and Sentinel Prime. Megatron, his inner circle, and everyone they can catch are clapped in inhibitor claws and captured.

Back at the headquarters, Sentinel Prime is frustrated by the information that Soundwave must be freed under Senate Directive. Back in the holding cell, Starscream offers to turn state's evidence and Megatron quickly orders his death to try and stop him, but Screamer is escorted out of the cell. As he leaves, Starscream requests to be taken to the Senate, as he has something that will guarantee both their future and his own.


Writer(s): Eric Holmes
Art: Alex Milne
Colors: Josh Perez, Mark Bristow
Editor(s): Chris Ryall
  • Originally published: September 6, 2007

Featured characters

(Numbers indicate order of appearance.)

Autobots Decepticons Others


"Anyway... ech... You should see the other guy."

Swindle on the fate of Megatron's opponent.

"Mmm... uh... Meg... MEGATRON! I swear my allegiance undying!"

Starscream upon first meeting Megatron.

"I'm so going to make the team."

—A disturbingly optimistic Dead End.

Divebomb: "Megatron calls and many come."
Rampage: "Pfff... amateur night."
Razorclaw: "...Mostly."

—The Predacons on their fellow gladiators...right before and after the Dynobots show up.

"Eyes open. Don't need buzzer to start fight. Crowd like this, we play it dirty - or play it dead."

Grimlock. He's either being brief or talking in the "Me Grimlock"s.

"Boss... what did you tell him?"

An Unidentified Decepticon and Megatron, following Starscream's betrayal. Megs starts things off as he means to go on.

Items of note

  • Soundwave hides his true allegiance with a device that strongly resembles a rubsign.
  • Orion Pax shows a new character design, a mix between how he appeared in "War Dawn" and how his counterpart Optronix looked in The War Within. Standing behind him is a white robot of near-identical design, possibly denoting a pre-war Ultra Magnus. However, this robot is only seen clearly from the back, and is obscured later in the scene.
  • A statue is shown depicting Nova Prime in combined-with-trailer mode but sans his mouthplate.
  • On Bumper and Fastback's casket were their name in ENGLISH, while everything else is written in, presumably, Cybertronian.


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Megatron's shadow is on steroids.