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The Transformers: Megatron Origin > Issue #2
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Megatron's road begins to darken and his future path becomes more clear.


He's soooooo misunderstood! Swoon!

Kaon. The Forge. During an underground gladiatorial combat, the escaped convict Megatron fights against a familiar opponent. His enemy displays the remarkable ability to continue fighting once impaled, but is crippled after being run over by Megatron in vehicle mode. For the satisfaction of the ring master and the audience, he executes his opponent. As the crowd cheers at the death, Megatron removes his helmet, exposing his long metal panels. (ahem).

Meanwhile, Senator Ratbat dismisses the concerns of his meager assistant to attend to more important matters. In privacy, he manipulates world events for personal gain. But a report on the underground combat circuit piques his interest. He sends his servant to handle it.

Megatron rises through the ranks of the illegal gladiatorial bloodsport and eventually finds himself fighting alongside Clench. Megatron takes the opportunity to, shall we say, better his position in the organization by killing Clench and taking over.

Prowl shows footage of the battle to his team, who are eager to put a stop to the unlawful violence. Sentinel Prime arrives and announces that there've already been several efforts in a plan to catch the delinquents.

Goodbye, sweet Fastback.

Bumper and Fastback stake out a location suspected to be the grounds for the next session of murders. They witness the arrival of the Constructicon who begin to assemble that night's arena, which includes tossing an empty to drown in hot metal. Megatron arrives on the scene and immediately receives a technology and weaponry sales offer from one who introduces himself as Soundwave. The two Autobots witness the transaction and are ambushed by Ravage, Laserbeak and Buzzsaw.

Bumper awakens to see Megatron stomp the life out of Fastback. Next, Soundwave uses Laserbeak to pry data from Bumper's mind. Megatron cancels the battle and expresses satisfaction with Soundwave's service—he agrees to do business with Soundwave's master and then kills Bumper.


Writer(s): Eric Holmes
Art: Alex Milne (pages 1–11, 20–22); Marcelo Matere (pages 12–19)
Colors: Josh Perez
Editor(s): Chris Ryall
  • Originally published: July 25, 2007

Featured characters

(Numbers indicate order of appearance.)

Autobots Decepticons Others

The Decepticon faction
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"Finish Him!"

— Clench

"'Til all are one!"

— Spectators at the execution of Cy-Kill

Items of note

  • The markings on Cy-kill... err, Megatron's opponent's shoulder possibly represent the number of kills he has.
  • During the first fight, Megatron wears an emblem around his neck that resembles what might become the Decepticon insignia.
  • In a moment perhaps best forgotten, Megatron takes off his buckethead helmet to unfurl elaborate decorative panels on his head, in a scene mimicking modern "historical epic" type movies where the hero takes off his helmet to flick his hair around like it's a shampoo commercial.
  • Two of the gladiators on Megatron's team appear to be the UK-released Skyquake and Stalker, though they are unnamed.
  • During the depiction of Megatron's sixth fight, the Vehicon Tankor appears as an arena combatant.
  • One of the gladiators mentions the departed Betabear. Since he was in a combat arena for robots, we can assume Betabear is a godless killing machine.
  • Several female Transformers appear in the background of scenes—these may be a continuity goof. However, since this takes place after the Ark left Cybertron, taking Jhiaxus with it, they may be descendants/results of his further experiments, post Arcee. Spotlight: Galvatron Spotlight: Arcee
  • The new anti-gravity technology which Ratbat learns of is likely responsible for the Decepticons' ability to fly in robot form.
  • The weapons which Soundwave offers to Megatron include the usual energon flail, a Seeker's null-ray and Shockwave's blaster hand.
  • In Megatron's first match, a robot very much resembling a standard size Monstructor can be seen looking over someone's shoulder. The Issue is set after Monstructor's creation and the size differential could be attributed to distance.


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