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Almost by accident, Megatron leads a working-class rebellion and starts a war.


Senator Decimus and his assistant are hesitant to attend a formal ceremony on Mining Outpost C-12, but they do it anyway because that's the rules. Decimus holds disdain for the personnel who operate the Energon mines, and understands why they must be replaced.

During the assembly, he announces the replacement of the working class, but makes sure to mention that the laborers will not be left without jobs. The crowd responds angrily to their replacement, led by one particularly angry bot with blue eyes, but for his protests, this bot is executed by an Autobot security official.

The crowd is silenced at this display of force, and Megatron fights back against the oppression by tossing his axe into Decimus' shoulder. Before the security officer can react, Megatron tackles and disarms him. The two struggle, and in the ensuing fight, Megatron accidentally kills his opponent.

With one Autobot down, the rest of the miners get into an open rumble against the Autobots. However thanks to superior firepower, the Autobots are able to knock out all their foes.

Later, Megatron awakens aboard a prison vessel. Because of the violence he and his fellows engaged in, all the surviving miners are arrested, en route to Penal Facility H-3 "The Rig". But the miners (including Rumble and Frenzy) take over their ship (the Longshot). The Longshot blasts the ship containing Senator Decimus and heads towards Kaon, a hive of villainy and scum easily defined as wretched, where the miners hide and plot.

Sentinel Prime's target practice is interrupted by Prowl with news of the incident in space. The Prime is uninterested in the dealings and appoints Prowl to handle the situation.


Writer(s): Eric Holmes
Art: Alex Milne
Colors: Josh Perez with Zac Atkinson
Editor(s): Chris Ryall
  • Originally published: June 20, 2007

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"What… did I…"
"No… Nonono…"
"Oh no."

Megatron, possibly regretting taking the first Autobot life in the Great War.

"That was… unintentional. I shouldn't be here."

Megatron is a BIG SOFTIE.

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