Megatron Origin is a 4-issue mini-series published by IDW Publishing in 2007, set in the primary IDW continuity. It details the rise of Megatron from a lowly Energon miner to the leader of the Decepticons. Also introduced is Autobot leader, Sentinel Prime and his quest to halt Megatron's actions.

In the IDW timeline, the story takes place in the distant past, somewhere in between the launch of the first Ark (6.7 million years ago) and the events of Spotlight: Shockwave (less than a million years ago). This miniseries is noteworthy for having been originally planned during the not-paying-the-hired-help last days of Dreamwave, and only later retooled to fit the new IDW continuity.

It was reprinted in Titan's Transformers magazine from #14.

Megatron Origin issues:
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Senator Decimus is sent to announce the automation of an energon mining outpost, much to the chagrin of the miners. When one of the workers protests, he is executed by an Autobot security official, sparking a riot. An enraged miner named Megatron tosses his axe into Decimus' shoulder and disarms his guard, accidentally killing him. The Autobot guards subdue the riot and arrest everyone. On the prison vessel, Rumble and Frenzy convince Megatron to lead a revolt. After taking over their ship, they blast the Senator's ship and head towards the criminal hub of Kaon where the miners hide and plot. Sentinel Prime becomes aware of the situation but is uninterested and appoints Prowl to handle the situation.

Megatron joins underground gladiatorial combat games and hesitates to kill his first opponent, but does so after being ordered by the ring master and the audience. After getting accustomed to the kill, Megatron rises through the ranks and eventually kills the organizer and takes over. The games come to the attention of the corrupt and manipulative Senator Ratbat. Predicting a profitable situation, he sends his assistant to meet with Megatron. The games are also being watched by Prowl's team, who are eager to put a stop to the unlawful violence. Sentinel Prime arrives and announces that there's already been several efforts in a plan to catch the delinquents.

During a stakeout for the next gladiatorial match, Bumper and Fastback observe the Constructicons building the arena. Soundwave approaches Megatron and offers him technology and weaponry at the behest of Ratbat. The two Autobots witness the transaction but are killed. At their funeral, Sentinel Prime emphasizes that their deaths should serve as a call to action, and that to give them meaning he will bring the outlaws to justice.

Soundwave meets with Megatron after a match where Megatron lost an arm in combat. The Constructicons replace the arm with parts taken from fallen gladiators, as well as installing his energon flail. Soundwave more than fulfills Megatron's request for a flight-capable combatant, bringing him the three original Seekers. Megatron says he has something in store for them besides gladiatorial matches, and turns the Seekers over to Hook for modification.

During a parade for Senator Decimus, the Seekers disrupt the festivities and abduct the Senator. Senator Ratbat watches footage of a series of daring and destructive attacks and comments that things are getting out of control. Meanwhile, Rumble and Frenzy are modified to work with Soundwave as Megatron gathers new recruits to join the gladiator games. At the meeting, Megatron praises the recruits and tempts them with the prospect of the whole planet as their arena. Prepared to kill the captured Senator Decimus, he is interrupted by Sentinel Prime's forces and the whole lot is captured and arrested.

At the crowded cells in headquarters, Soundwave is freed under a Senate Directive and Starscream offers to turn state's evidence, requesting to be taken to the Senate. Once there, Starscream unveils hidden weapons and Soundwave deploys his minions to destroy the council. Starscream then frees all the inmates with Megatron absorbing them all into his new army. Soundwave provides armaments, and Starscream introduces Megatron to a new arm-mounted cannon.

Soundwave meets with Senator Ratbat, who admits that not only did he aid Megatron's cause by supplying arms, he also was the one who arranged for Megatron to be removed from the mining operation he was originally working in. Now that Megatron's forces have destabilized the area, the senator embezzles what he can. Soundwave, however, shoots Ratbat, takes that which Ratbat has embezzled, and seals his spark inside of a frame—his new "cassette" body.

Sentinel Prime's forces fight to retake Kaon from the rioting rebellion and Prime uses Apex armor against Megatron. An incredible explosion blasts Megatron out of sight. However, Megatron still functions and he smashes Prime, possibly killing him. When the other Autobots see his broken body, Prowl orders a retreat. Megatron later sits on his throne and discusses the victory with Soundwave. Now that Kaon has been taken, the next step is clear—the rest of Cybertron shall be conquered.

Creative team

Megatron Origin was written by Eric Holmes and drawn by Alex Milne, with assistance on issue #2 by Marcelo Matere.


Bonus material includes images of each cover and design sketches of Megatron, Sentinel Prime, and Soundwave.
Note: The TPB corrected some color errors throughout the series, as well as changing/adding some dialog.
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