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|Image = [[Image:Wfc-megatron-1.jpg|300px]]
|Name = Megatron
|Japanese Name =
|Affiliation = [[Decepticon]]s
|Continuity = [[Transformers: Prime]]
'''Megatron''' begins his insurrection during the War in a search for [[Dark Energon]], which he believes will aid him in returning [[Cybertron]] to glory. He starts by gathering the right amount of talent to form his [[Decepticon]] army. In his optics, he is a hero.
{{quote|I am the dominator. I am the destroyer. I am '''Megatron!'''|Megatron after he absorbs Dark Energon.|[[War for Cybertron]]}}<!--
{{quote|Starscream you halfwit, I still function! A fact you will regret when I ''choke the life out of you!''|Megatron needs to keep his [[Starscream (Prime)|pet]] on a shorter leash.}}-->
In the twilight years of the Golden Age of Cybertron, there rose a gladiator with strength and charisma like no other. This (at the time) heroic Cybertronian called himself [[Megatronus]] after one of the [[Thirteen]] and sought to bring down the unfair caste system that shackled all sentient beings of Cybertron. But power corrupts and as the revolution went on, Megatron began to show a deep hatred and lust for power, likely fostered by his days fighting in the pits of [[Kaon]]. Blinded by his ambitions, Megatron poisoned and deadened [[Cybertron]] through his use of [[Dark Energon]]. Now, the last of his sanity left behind in deep space, this tyrant seeks to exert his rule over another planet, Earth, blind to the fact that he has become more evil than the thing he once fought to destroy.
He also apparently once had a friend named [[Optimus Prime (Prime)|Orion Pax]]...
===''Exodus'' novel===
===''Exiles'' novel===
===''Prime'' cartoon===
Megatronus was once a gladiator on Cybertron, and came to believe that Cybertron was heading into oblivion. He formed a friendship with [[Optimus Prime (Prime)|Orion Pax]] and gathered around him a group that were willing to follow him into a new age, including [[Soundwave (Prime)|Soundwave]]. Upon seeing the leaders of Cybertron, he demanded to be named a Prime so that he could lead Cybertron, but was refused, and Orion was chosen instead. Megatronus renamed himself Megatron and formed the Decepticons, and led an all out war against those who stood against him. {{storylink|One Shall Rise, Part 3}}
<!--"Oh you look nervous. Is it the scars? Do you want to know how I got them?"-->
Megatron returned to Earth through the Decepticons' [[space bridge]] after three years of being in deep space, searching for an army to conquer Earth with.{{storylink|Darkness Rising, Part 1}} While {{p|Starscream}} showed him an impressive Energon mine, Megatron shared his desire to use the power of his recent find, [[Dark Energon]], the blood of the universal dominator [[Unicron]], to create an army of the [[Terrorcon (Prime)|undead]]. After initial testing with the recently deceased [[Cliffjumper (Prime)|Cliffjumper]] proved somewhat successful, Megatron then started pondering how to control such mindless beasts. Despite the arrival of Optimus Prime and his Autobots, Megatron decided he was not yet ready to confront his old friend, and ordered Starscream to destroy the mine. Later on the ''[[Nemesis (Prime)|Nemesis]]'', despite Starscream's protests, he placed a shard of Dark Energon inside his own Spark Chamber.{{storylink|Darkness Rising, Part 2}}
<!--"Am I supposed to eat it?"-->
The dark substance gave him new strength, and he decided to see if he could now control the Terrorcons, heading to the corpse-filled site of an ancient battle site on Earth. Despite Optimus and [[Ratchet (Prime)|Ratchet's]] presence, Megatron threw a second shard of Dark Energon into the ground, successfully raising an army under his control.{{storylink|Darkness Rising, Part 3}} Despite the two Autobots decimating them, Megatron revealed it was not his true plan, and flew back to the ''Nemesis'' to prepare to open a space bridge to Cybertron in order to reawaken the Cybertronian dead on the planet. However Starscream's machinations had caused his ship's interstellar navigation dish to be damaged, and while berating his second-in-command, allowed him the chance to fix the problem.{{storylink|Darkness Rising, Part 4}}
Once {{p|Soundwave}} had repaired the problem, Megatron engaged Optimus after he threw all of his remaining Dark Energon through the bridge to Cybertron and awoke millions of Terrorcons. During his battle, the Autobots began sabotaging the space bridge while the Terrorcons began coming towards the bridge, so Megatron waited for them, only for Starscream and the ''Nemesis'' to move away from the imminent explosion, imploring for Megatron to do the same. But he refused, and reached out for his legion as the bridge blew up, presumably killing him. {{storylink|Darkness Rising, Part 5}} Later on, Starscream, after learning from Soundwave's scans that a faint life signal was coming from the former space bridge site, found him still alive, albeit heavily damaged amongst the rubble. Wanting to take leadership of the Decepticons for himself, Starscream removed the shard of Dark Energon from his chest, which was what had allowed him to survive and prepared to leave him, only for {{p|Laserbeak}} to arrive on Soundwave's orders. Thus Starscream took him back to the Nemesis, where he was placed in a recovery sector. {{storylink|Masters and Students}}
Megatron had to stay on life support for awhile. During the time of his incapacitation, however, {{p|Bumblebee}} and {{p|Arcee}} had to find a cure for the [[Cybonic plague]] that Megatron himself had created. They found him in a lab, and Bumblebee linked his mind into Megatron, allowing him to enter Megatron's. After Bumblebee left Megatron's mind, Megatron also left and ended up in Bumblebee's mind. {{Storylink|Sick Mind}} Megatron later took control of him to find Dark Energon to get his body active once more. He then used a ground bridge to get to his body, slammed the Dark Energon into his body and he was online once again. Then he went to deal with {{p|Starscream}}. Starscream, in his jet mode, was attacking an incapacitated [[Optimus Prime (Prime)|Optimus Prime]] when Megatron caught him midair and threw him onto the ''Nemesis'', revealing himself to the stunned Starscream. Realizing that his master was alive and well and knowing all of Starscream's attempts to get rid of him while he was in stasis, Starscream attempted to flee from his enraged master, but he was caught and flung back onto the ''Nemesis'', where Megatron grabbed him by the face and dragged him screaming below deck to face his vicious punishment.{{Storylink|Out of His Head}}
Megatron beat Starscream severely, rendering him to the table where Megatron had once laid upon, and had {{p|Knock Out}} take care of him to ensure he would survive other beatings. Megatron assured Starscream that their positions would never be switched.{{Storylink|Shadowzone}} Despite being in good health, Megatron did not participate in any attempts to collect Energon or to hassle the Autobots for a while. He showed little care for {{p|Breakdown}}'s capture from humans {{Storylink|Operation: Breakdown}}, and then ordering him to retrieve a polarity gauntlet in which he brought back [[Airachnid]]. {{Storylink|Metal Attraction}}.
{{quote|I suppose helping those less fortunate would be completely out of the question.|Megatron asking a [[Jack Darby|human]] for help? Wuh?}}
Later, Megatron and Starscream find and enter an abandoned Decepticon mine. Starscream tries convincing Megatron that the mine truly is abandoned, but the Decepticon leader is not convinced. After traversing through the mine for a few minutes, the duo come across a large chamber filled with Decepticon mining equipment. Starscream then blurts out that the equipment should have been removed by that point, to which Megatron suggests is an excellent point. Megatron then reveals that he knew all along about Starscream's projects, and he is about to kill him, but Arcee and her human ally Jack arrive before he can. While Megatron is distracted, Starscream escapes. However, during the battle, he causes a cave-in, leaving everyone minus Starscream, who managed to escape, trapped inside. While drilling for an exit, [[Jack Darby|Jack]] encounters Megatron, underneath tons of rubble. Megatron then escapes, and eventually comes across Starscream, holding up the ceiling of the part of the mine he is trapped in. He then begins to ponder whether he should help Starscream escape, or leave him to eventually be crushed under the cave ceiling. {{Storylink|Rock Bottom}}
As it turns out, Megatron helped Starscream to escape. Megatron then finds [[Airachnid]], who is talking to him about a secret weapon, the Immobilizer, aboard the [[Harbinger]], a Decepticon ship that had crash-landed on Earth. Starscream enters on them, and the two reveal to him what they were talking about. Starscream then states that he had investigated the site of the crash when the Decepticons first arrived on Earth, and when they asked if he retrieved the weapon, Airachnid mentions that the ship's site was never logged, which infuriates Megatron. Starscream then dismisses this as an oversight, and states that he has the location memorized. In response to this, Megatron assigns him and Airachnid to retrieve the weapon.{{Storylink|Partners}}
===''War for Cybertron'' game===
Megatron's Decepticons are fighting the Autobots for control of Cybertron. Megatron thinks the very thing he needs to give him the edge in the War For Cybertron is Dark Energon, an extremely dangerous and powerful form of Energon. He, [[Barricade (Prime)|Barricade]], and [[Brawl (Prime)|Brawl]] crash land their ship into the heart of the station, Megatron believing that this was the only way to get inside. Starscream confronts Megatron via hologram, telling Megatron that Dark Energon only causes death and destruction, which is exactly what Megatron wants. When Megatron, Brawl, and Barricade finally make it to the Dark Energon source, Megatron exposes himself to the Dark Energon and shows the incredible ability to control the power. Starscream is impressed and joins Megatron on the terms that he teach Starscream to control the Dark Energon and Starscream will show Megatron how to create more of the Energon.
<!--Say hello to my little friend!-->
Megatron wanted the Omega Key so that he could gain access to the core of Cybertron. Megatron, Soundwave, and Breakdown travel through Iacon to find the Omega key, only to find it in the hands of [[Sentinel Zeta Prime|Zeta Prime]]. After a battle in Zeta Prime's personal vaults where Megatron must face off against Zeta's machinery and an army of Energon clones. Eventually Megatron defeats Zeta and gets what he thinks is the key, but Zeta Prime reveals that his key only activates the real Omega key, [[Omega Supreme (Prime)|Omega Supreme]].
[[Image:wfc-megatron-game-mace.jpg|thumb|left|180px|Megatron's mace]]
When they go to find him, Omega attacks their ship and it crashes. Omega chases Megatron and his minions through the city and is lured to the top of a tower that has Autobot Anti-Aircraft guns. Using said guns, they attack Omega Supreme, sending him crashing to the planet's surface into a massive arena. There they battle one last time, finally breaching His armor. As Omega loses energy, Megatron takes his opportunity to infuse and corrupt him with Dark Energon. Omega is his and so is the Core.
===''Fall of Cybertron'' game===
Megatron was present in the assault on the ''[[Ark (WFC)|Ark]]'' in the spaceport executing a few Autobots that were prisoners with Optimus. As he was about to destroy the ''Ark'', [[Metroplex (FOC)|Metroplex]] came back online and mortally wounds Megatron, but the only proof that he was alive was the [[Dark Energon]] pulsing through his hand. Later, he is in [[Soundwave (Prime)|Soundwave]]'s lab where he recreated and upgraded Megatron's "already perfected" body and systems. His first time "testing" his new systems was when he goes on to [[The Transformers: The Movie|ruin Starscream's coronation]]. Before the assault on the ''Ark'', [[Shockwave (WFC)|Shockwave]] noticed an odd energy signature where [[Trypticon (WFC)|Trypticon]] fell from orbit, so Megatron went to retrieve Trypticon and enacts the "[[Nemesis (WFC)|Nemesis]] Protocol".
*'''Cybertronian Megatron''' (Deluxe, 2010)
**''Accessories'': [[Fusion cannon]], Missile
:Based on the character from ''Transformers: War for Cybertron'', He turns into a Cybertronian tank. The spring-loaded fusion cannon is able to attach to either one of his arms. His light-piping gimmicked eyes have been painted over.
:When in vehicle mode, the treads are able to be positioned either vertically like a normal tank or horizontally in a hovertank-ish mode, referencing moments in the game where he hovers in place.
*'''Rage Over Cybertron Megatron''' (Deluxe, 2011)
**''Accessories'': [[Fusion cannon]], Missile
:A repaint of Cybertronian Megatron with painted purple parts in reference to his Dark Energon powerup.
*'''Darkside Megatron''' (Deluxe, 2011)
**''Accessories'': [[Fusion cannon]], Missile
:A repaint of Cybertronian Megatron in black and grey.
==='''Prime: First Edition'''===
*'''Optimus Prime vs Megatron''' ( first edition 5 figure gift set, 2011)
**''Accessories'': Fusion Cannon
A deluxe scaled version of the character.
==='''Prime: Robots in Disguise'''===
*'''Megatron''' (Cyberverse Commander, 2012)
**''Accessories'': Cyber sword
*'''Megatron''' (Voyager, 2012)
**''Accessories'': Cannon, Combat Claw
<!--Clean up:
:A Voyager scaled version of the cartoon character. There is a sword on the fusion cannon which when flipped out activates an LED that accents the translucent purple plastic. His jet mode is fairly show-accurate. In humanoid mode, he is also very accurate, tough instead on his dark scratched silvery paint scheme, he has a white-ish grey scheme. It looks a lot better than it sounds. The figure received mostly positive reviews from fans, praising the overall figure, but he received a bit of criticism for his slightly lacking jet mode.
[[Image:wfc-megatron-alt.jpg|thumb|right|180px|Megatron's vehicle mode in ''War for Cybertron'']]
<!--How much you wanna bet the toy looks [[Megatron (Animated)|nothing]] like this?-->
[[File:Foc-megatron-0-2.jpg|thumb|180px|Megatron's new altmode as seen in FOC]]
*He is equipped with a [[Fusion cannon]] and a Mace. He transforms into a Cybertronian tank. He also possess the ability to drain his enemies of health to refuel his own and to hover in the air for a short while.
**In ''Fall of Cybertron'', he loses his drain ability in favor of a hover slam attack as well as having his alternate mode changed from a tank to a self propelled artillery cannon similar to the Marauders seen in the game.
*His tank mode, like [[Brawl (Prime)|all]] [[Warpath (Prime)|the]] [[Demolishor (Prime)|other]] cons and [[Scattershot (Prime)|bots]] with tank modes in ''War for Cybertron'', rather than having thrusters on the bottom of craft, projects a strange electrical aura on the ground he is hovering over.
*This incarnation of Megatron resembles his [[Megatron (Animated)|''Transformers Animated'' counterpart]] by his desire for Decepticon glory as well as the near-religious reverence most of his troops have for him.
* Megatron has severe contempt for his troops. At one point he witnesses a trapped Decepticon soldier crushed by Zeta Prime's machinery and his only words were "Idiot".
**Despite this, Megatron has been seen to tolerate and even banter with certain minions, namely {{p|Barricade}} and {{p|Breakdown}}. At one point he even makes a (brief) joke saying, "Yes Breakdown, I am famous for my sparkling sense of humor, NOW GET MOVING BEFORE I DISMANTLE YOU MYSELF!"
*In direct opposition to most other incarnations, ''Prime'' Megatron seems to be less likely to harm any of his troops (with Starscream as an exception). Thus far the harshest punishment he has given to any of his troops (who are not Starscream) are a few scolding words.
*He has a habit of screaming "For Glory!" during battle. Examples include after he has beaten a difficult enemy and after he corrupts the model of planet Cybertron in the Autobot Stellar Galleries.
*He does not believe in [[Starscream's Ghost|ghosts]].
*Like [[Optimus Prime (Prime)|Optimus Prime]], if you closely look at his back, you can see he has a Decepticon insignia.
*His head being visible in vehicle mode may be a reference to his {{m|Megatron|Movie-verse counterpart}} the first two films where his head can be seen in both forms.
*This [[Megatron (disambiguation)|Megatron]] is one of the few to actually admit that his actions are indeed wrong or evil, [[Megatron (Animated)|some]] [[Megatron (Movie)|others]] even seem to think that their causes are just. Megatron has admitted this on at least two occasions, both pertaining to Optimus's opposition to Megatron. First, "It will only be a matter of time before Optimus's innate sense of right and wrong will take over." and second, "Your [[Spark]] may be in the right place but...".
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