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The name or term Megatron refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Megatron (disambiguation).

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Template:Strength Megatron begins his insurrection during the War in a search for Dark Energon, which he believes will aid him in returning Cybertron to glory. He starts by gathering the right amount of talent to form his Decepticon army. In his optics, he is a hero.

"I am the dominator. I am the destroyer. I am Megatron!"
―Megatron after he absorbs Dark Energon. [src]


Exodus novel

I want to tell you about the Transformers!

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Megatron appears in the novel Transformers: Exodus. It shows that he got his name originally from the original name of the Fallen, Megatronus Prime.

Exiles novel

I want to tell you about the Transformers!

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Prime cartoon

Megatronus, who had named himself after one of the thirteen, was once a gladiator from Kaon on Cybertron, and came to believe that Cybertron was heading into oblivion. He was willing to challenge the current system for equal treatment of all Cybertronians. Leaving the gladiatorial ring to enter the political, he formed a friendship with Iacon historian Orion Pax and gathered around him a group that were willing to follow him into a new age, including Soundwave, as well as shortening his name to "Megatron." He appeared before the High Council and shared with them his ideals for a new Golden Age, as well as demanding to be named a Prime and wishing to overthrow the current guard. However, his ideals were overshadowed by Orion's, and the council rejected Megatron's proposal as a result. Out of spite, he severed his ties with Orion and the council, then led his followers, which he named "Decepticons," in an all out war against those who stood against him. One Shall Rise, Part 3

At one point during the war, at the city of Tyger Pax, Autobot scout Bumblebee was captured and brought to Megatron for interrogation. When he didn't speak, Megatron had his voice box removed and left him for dead. Operation Bumblebee, Part 1


Megatron returned to Earth through the Decepticons' space bridge after three years of being in deep space, searching for an army to conquer Earth with. Darkness Rising, Part 1 While Starscream showed him an impressive Energon mine, Megatron shared his desire to use the power of his recent find, Dark Energon, the blood of the universal dominator Unicron, to create an army of the undead. After initial testing with the recently deceased Cliffjumper proved somewhat successful, Megatron then started pondering how to control such mindless beasts. Despite the arrival of Optimus Prime and his Autobots, Megatron decided he was not yet ready to confront his old friend, and ordered Starscream to destroy the mine. Later on the Nemesis, despite Starscream's protests, he placed a shard of Dark Energon inside his own Spark Chamber. Darkness Rising, Part 2


The dark substance gave him new strength, and he decided to see if he could now control the Terrorcons, heading to the corpse-filled site of an ancient battle site on Earth. Despite Optimus and Ratchet's presence, Megatron threw a second shard of Dark Energon into the ground, successfully raising an army under his control. Darkness Rising, Part 3 Despite the two Autobots decimating them, Megatron revealed it was not his true plan, and flew back to the Nemesis to prepare to open a space bridge to Cybertron in order to reawaken the Cybertronian dead on the planet. However Starscream's machinations had caused his ship's interstellar navigation dish to be damaged, and while berating his second-in-command, allowed him the chance to fix the problem. Darkness Rising, Part 4

Once Soundwave had repaired the problem, Megatron engaged Optimus after he threw all of his remaining Dark Energon through the bridge to Cybertron and awoke millions of Terrorcons. During his battle, the Autobots began sabotaging the space bridge while the Terrorcons began coming towards the bridge, so Megatron waited for them, only for Starscream and the Nemesis to move away from the imminent explosion, imploring for Megatron to do the same. But he refused, and reached out for his legion as the bridge blew up, presumably killing him. Darkness Rising, Part 5 Later on, Starscream, after learning from Soundwave's scans that a faint life signal was coming from the former space bridge site, found him still alive, albeit heavily damaged amongst the rubble. Wanting to take leadership of the Decepticons for himself, Starscream removed the shard of Dark Energon from his chest, which was what had allowed him to survive and prepared to leave him, only for Laserbeak to arrive on Soundwave's orders. Thus Starscream took him back to the Nemesis, where he was placed in a recovery sector. Masters and Students

Megatron had to stay on life support for a while. During the time of his incapacitation, however, Bumblebee and Arcee had to find a cure for the Cybonic plague that Megatron himself had created. They found him in a lab, and Bumblebee linked his mind into Megatron, allowing him to enter Megatron's. After Bumblebee left Megatron's mind, Megatron also left and ended up in Bumblebee's mind. Sick Mind Megatron later took control of him to find Dark Energon to get his body active once more. Using a ground bridge, Megatron is able to get to his body, insert Dark Energon into it, and bring him online once more. Then he went to deal with Starscream. Starscream, in his jet mode, was attacking an incapacitated Optimus Prime when Megatron caught him midair and threw him onto the Nemesis, revealing himself to the stunned Starscream. Realizing that his master was alive and well and knowing all of Starscream's attempts to get rid of him while he was in stasis, Starscream attempted to flee from his enraged master, but he was caught and flung back onto the Nemesis, where Megatron grabbed him by the face and dragged him screaming below deck to face his vicious punishment. Out of His Head

Megatron beat Starscream severely, rendering him to the table where Megatron had once laid upon, and had Knock Out take care of him to ensure he would survive other beatings. Megatron assured Starscream that their positions would never be switched. Shadowzone Despite being in good health, Megatron did not participate in any attempts to collect Energon or to hassle the Autobots for a while. He showed little care for Breakdown's capture from humans Operation: Breakdown, and then ordered him to retrieve a polarity gauntlet, which resulted in him returning with Airachnid. Metal Attraction.

"Megatron asking a human for help? Wuh?"
―I suppose helping those less fortunate would be completely out of the question.

Later, Megatron and Starscream find and enter an abandoned Decepticon mine. Starscream tries convincing Megatron that the mine truly is abandoned, but the Decepticon leader is not convinced. After traversing through the mine for a few minutes, the duo come across a large chamber filled with Decepticon mining equipment. Starscream then blurts out that the equipment should have been removed by that point, to which Megatron suggests is an excellent point. Megatron then reveals that he knew all along about Starscream's projects, and he is about to kill him, but Arcee and her human ally Jack arrive before he can. While Megatron is distracted, Starscream escapes. However, during the battle, he causes a cave-in, leaving everyone minus Starscream, who managed to escape, trapped inside. While drilling for an exit, Jack encounters Megatron, underneath tons of rubble. Megatron then escapes, and eventually comes across Starscream, holding up the ceiling of the part of the mine he is trapped in. He then begins to ponder whether he should help Starscream escape, or leave him to eventually be crushed under the cave ceiling. Rock Bottom

As it turns out, Megatron helped Starscream to escape. Megatron then finds Airachnid, who is talking to him about a secret weapon, the Immobilizer, aboard the Harbinger, a Decepticon ship that had crash-landed on Earth. Starscream enters on them, and the two reveal to him what they were talking about. Starscream then states that he had investigated the site of the crash when the Decepticons first arrived on Earth, and when they asked if he retrieved the weapon, Airachnid mentions that the ship's site was never logged, which infuriates Megatron. Starscream then dismisses this as an oversight, and states that he has the location memorized. In response to this, Megatron assigns him and Airachnid to retrieve the weapon. After they fail to obtain the device, Megatron believes that Starscream has been captured by the Autobots (as he was briefly) and is angered at Airachnid for allowing his second in command to be lost. Partners

Later, the Autobots and Decepticons are fighting over a Cybertronian data cylinder. While the Decepticons are able to obtain the cylinder itself, the human Miko touches the cylinder, causing it to activate; since Bulkhead is holding the cylinder at the time, all the knowledge inside it is transferred into his mind. Breakdown and Knock Out report back to Megatron with the object, explaining to him the reason that it is empty. They then deduce that the knowledge inside the cylinder is currently in Bulkhead. The pair later report to him that they have found the knowledge, though rather than sending them out, Megatron himself, accompanied by an entourage of Vehicons, leave. They arrive to find Optimus Prime, Arcee, and Bumblebee at the location. The Autobot leader wishes to make a deal with Megatron, but before he can reach a decision, Megatron receives a message from Knock Out; he is informed that they found Bulkhead. Megatron then requests that they bring him his head. He then informs Prime that if he wants the object, he will have to take it from him, the Vehicons attacking them. They are defeated, but he leaves, smashing the cylinder before. T.M.I.

Megatron is later at a Decepticon energon mine, scolding Knock Out for not locating a new source of energon. Knock Out replies that they were distracted by the "new Autobot," but when he asks who it is the question is answered when Ratchet and a beaten Breakdown arrive. The two engage each other, with Megatron quickly gaining the upper hand and beating him. Noticing that the is "more spirited" than usual, Megatron leaves him for Knock Out to study. Stronger, Faster

As a prophecy foretold in the Covenant of Primus draws near, Megatron is desperate to attain more Dark Energon to build up an undead army. He states to Knock Out that he can see into the future, seeing himself standing over Optimus Prime at a volcano, and wishes to ensure that this occurs. Knock Out and Airachnid later report that their second space bridge is nearly finished, and requires an ample power source for it to be so, which they locate at a military base. Desperate, Megatron has an army of Vehicons attack the base head on. They are able to secure the power source when the Autobots arrive. When Megatron hears of this, he heads down there himself, ordering Knock Out to have the Nemesis head to the base. While he is heading there, he spots Bumblebee, with the human Raf inside. He shoots at the pair, and is able to hit them; Bumblebee is mostly unphased, but Raf is severely injured. While he is there, Bumblebee arrives with the injured Raf. The Autobots retreat, allowing Megatron to obtain the power source.

Back at the Nemesis, while Megatron is discussing with Knock Out, he receives another vision, and states that "it is as if [he] can hear Unicron's thoughts." He then flies off and heads to the location of the mountain he saw in his vision. However, soon after arriving, he receives a message from Optimus Prime, challenging him, and has the Decepticons Ground Bridge him to the location of the volcano. When Optimus arrives, the two face off. It is even, but in the end the result is the same as the vision Megatron had earlier: himself standing over Optimus, with Dark Energon flying out of the volcano and raining to the ground from above. One Shall Fall However, before the final blow can be struck, the other Autobots arrive and save him. Megatron attempts to strike them as they retreat, though he fails. However, he does not care, as he now has the Dark Energon that he desires.

The Nemesis later arrives, and his troops are digging up the Dark Energon to give to Megatron. While his is observing this, Megatron receives another vision: he sees the entire planet of Earth being destroyed. Soundwave later relays findings to Megatron showing the earthquakes occurring around the world to resemble a beating heart. Even later Airachnid suggests to him that they retreat; the cargo bay is nearly full of Dark Energon and the Vehicons are weak. Megatron, however, names her leader until he returns from a meeting with Unicron. He heads to the volcano, and is able to speak to the dark lord through it. Megatron desires to sit at Unicron's right hand as he conquers the planet, though he is denied this, as he has not slayed the last Prime, and takes it upon himself to kill Optimus. One Shall Rise, Part 1

During the fight between Unicron's avatars and the Autobots, they are saved from a massive avatar by Megatron. He then proposes a temporary alliance to defeat Unicron, their common enemy; Optimus assumes correctly that this is due to Megatron's pride allowing none but him to rule. Additionally, while they have Optimus Prime, who is the only one who can defeat Unicron, the Autobots need him as a guide to Unicron, but before they are able to reach a compromise, Unicron strikes again. Megatron decides to fight it, allowing the Autobots to escape and telling them to consider the offer. As he is facing Unicron's avatars, Optimus informs him that they are accepting the offer.

Upon arriving at the base, Optimus has Ratchet obtain the coordinates to Unicron's location from Ratchet. When this is done, the Autobots and Megatron head through the Ground Bridge to Earth's core, inside Unicron. One Shall Rise, Part 2 However, as they approach his spark they are attacked by his antibodies. The group are able to successfully fend them off, and move on as they do so. However, as they do, Unicron attempts to compel him to kill Optimus, but fails. He then uses the Dark Energon shard inside of him to gain further access into Unicron, and Optimus as the other Autobots hold off the antibodies as he follows.

Inside Unicron's spark chamber, Optimus moves in to destroy it, but the duo are attacked by the spark itself. Unicron then successfully enslaves Megatron, having him attempt to kill the Prime. However, as he tries to, he breaks free from the control, but falls unconscious soon after, allowing Unicron to fully take control of him. Unicron attempts to stop him from activating the Matrix of Leadership to kill him, but fails and is destroyed. Megatron recovers immediately afterward, but when Optimus recovers he finds that he no longer remembers being a Prime, reverting him back to Orion Pax. Taking advantage of this, Megatron brings him back through his Ground Bridge. One Shall Rise, Part 3

Back on the Nemesis, Megatron assigns Optimus the task of decoding the Iacon database that they have stored on the ship's mainframe. Before this, he is convinced by Megatron that the Decepticons are working to rebuild Cybertron, but that the Autobots desire to conquer it. He also has Soundwave place encryptions on certain files on the mainframe to keep Orion from discovering the truth.

After he is set to work, Megatron returns some time later for a status report. Optimus informs that he has decoded three sets of coordinates on Earth, and assumes that they are locations of artifacts or documents from Iacon; possibly even weapons of mass destruction. Before Megatron can leave, however, he is asked about Starscream, since he is referenced in the database as his second-in-command but is not on the ship. Megatron informs him that he died, and leaves. Afterward, he tells Soundwave that it is only a matter of time before their ruse is deciphered.

Arcee is later able to make it aboard the Nemesis through a Ground Bridge after Knock Out and Breakdown flee with the ample power source. When Megatron is told about this, he leaves it to Soundwave to be rid of her, telling Airachnid that Optimus being allowed to see another Autobot, let alone see it being destroyed, would compromise his plan. Orion Pax, Part 1

He later shows up to Optimus after Starscream is dealt with. However, he is asked about why he was told Starscream was dead. Megatron elaborates that he is dead to the Decepticon cause; he was his First Lieutenant until he betrayed Megatron and joined the Autobots.

Megatron later receives a report from Soundwave showing that Optimus has decoded his own file in the Decepticon archives. Angered, he vows to have him complete Project: Iacon, no matter the cost. Orion Pax, Part 2

He once again heads to check on Optimus, who has not made much more progress. Megatron, however, states that he knows about his "after hours research." Having taken everything into account, Optimus asks him for his true identity, though Megatron simply states that he is his clerk, and orders him to return to work, though he denies Megatron, deletes his progress, and attempts to leave. Megatron, however, tells Optimus that they have been documenting all his findings when Soundwave enters to report that one of their sentries on Cybertron has been awakened. He then threatens Optimus with his life to continue working before his return. Outside, he is informed that their Space Bridge has been activated, its coordinates set for Cybertron, and that it is still active. Megatron deduces that the Autobots are attempting to restore Optimus' memory, and heads down to the location of the bridge.

At the location of the Space Bridge, Megatron instantly overhears them speaking of Vector Sigma. He proceeds to defeat all three Autobots present, then stands before the Space Bridge, awaiting the return of Arcee so that he can kill her. However, it is then that Optimus steps through another Ground Bridge to interfere. The two engage each other, though with Optimus in his current state he is easily knocked into submission. Before he can be slain, however, Arcee emerges from the Space Bridge and is able to knock him away. While the two fight, Megatron notices Jack uploading the data from the Key to Vector Sigma into the Matrix of Leadership. He attempts to stop this, but is too late. Now restored, Optimus Prime and the other Autobots retreat. Orion Pax, Part 3

Some time afterward, Megatron arrives at a Decepticon dig site. While they are digging, two Vehicons discover the object they seek. They bring it to Megatron, who opens the canister, but before he can remove its contents Optimus Prime and Ratchet reveal their presence. However, he does not show worry, as he pulls the Spark extractor out of the canister. He then has the Vehicons present face the Autobots as he escapes. However, Bumblebee follows Megatron through the Ground Bridge and is able to claim the artifact for the Autobots. He heads back through to try and reclaim the extractor, but finds his minions defeated and the Autobots gone. Back at the Nemesis, Megatron is angered, but Soundwave reminds him that they still have two more sets of coordinates. He sends Knock Out and Breakdown to the location of the first Operation Bumblebee, Part 1, and they are successfully able to return with the artifact, which is revealed to be a shield generator. The pair are then sent to a mountain range to obtain the next artifact, which turns out to be the Forge of Solus Prime, which has the capability of creating any weapon or piece of technology the user desires out of any material. During the conflict for the hammer, Megatron arrives. He shoots Bulkhead, who is currently holding it, claims the forge, and threatens to shoot him. As a result, he is able to escape with the relic, though when he is trying to use the forge to create a weapon, he cannot, as it requires the power of a Prime in order to be activated. Operation Bumblebee, Part 2

At one point, the Nemesis receives a signal from Dreadwing. After arriving on the ship, Megatron is told the reason that he is present. Megatron tells him that he will receive vengeance for the destruction of his twin Skyquake, but only when he sees fit. However, after he attempts to kill Optimus Prime as well as Wheeljack, Megatron is told by Dreadwing that he is entirely loyal to the Decepticon cause. Loose Cannons

Airachnid later offers her services to Megatron in finding the remaining Iacon relics. However, it is after she leaves that Soundwave reminds her that she attempted to commandeer leadership of the Decepticons for herself. Megatron then assigns Dreadwing the task of eliminating Airachnid, offering him the first lieutenant position if he does. She survives, however, and while Megatron is scolding Dreadwing for the loss of Breakdown he receives a transmission from her, challenging him. Megatron heads out, but when he arrives it is not Airachnid but her Insecticon minion that he is pitted against. He is able to behead the Insecticon, but Optimus Prime, along with Bulkhead and Bumblebee, who arrived during the fight, surround him. Having been weakened during the fight, Megatron falls over, and is about to be killed by Optimus. Dreadwing and several Vehicons then arrive and corner the Autobots. Dreadwing demands Megatron in exchange for Optimus living, and he accepts the deal. However, Megatron commands the Vehicons to attack them as he and Dreadwing escapes. As they fly away, Megatron officially makes Dreadwing his second-in-command. Crossfire

Some time afterward, Megatron receives transmission that Starscream has once again infiltrated the ship. On the bridge, Megatron finds Starscream at the command center, intent on settling their score. He is not worried, but is surprised when the three remaining Starscream clones arrive. Megatron suggests that they join him as his second-in-command and kill Starscream, stating that they will only kill each other to gain the spoils if they destroy him, but it does not work. However, as the clones are about to fire, they hear a noise outside, followed by the ship being blasted, allowing Megatron to terminate three, but another blast gives the fourth the chance to escape. Ignoring him, Megatron heads to the surface, where he sees an army of Insecticons firing upon the Nemesis, sent by Airachnid. However, when she is placed in stasis, the Insecticons fall under Megatron's command.

Moments later, however, the Nemesis is brought down when Bulkhead destroys the power core. Armada They are able to bring the ship back online by implanting Dark Energon within the power core, assuming that he will be able to manipulate the ship with his mind. The ship is brought back up just as the Autobots arrive. However, while they are firing upon them, the ship fires a stasis beam at them all, leaving the Spark Extractor in the open. But before he can claim it, the ship programs a new trajectory, and heads off. It is then that they discover that the ship has a mind of its own. He has the other Decepticons attempt to stop the ship, but they are all immobilized in the process. Megatron heads to remove the Dark Energon from the ship, but is also immobilized right as he reaches the power core. After the Autobot's human allies rid the ship of the Dark Energon, Megatron regains his mobility. Soon after he discovers that the Autobots have obtained all the information decoded by the ship. Flying Mind

Megatron sends several of his minions to retrieve the four relics whose locations were decoded; he sends Knock Out and a few Insecticons to retrieve the first Tunnel Vision, Dreadwing to obtain the second Triangulation, Soundwave the third Triage, and several more Insecticons, one being named Hardshell, to obtain the fourth. Toxicity In the end, only Soundwave is able to successfully claim a relic, the Resonance Blaster, though he hears from Hardshell that he has supposedly killed one of the Autobots, Bulkhead.

Megatron learns from Wheeljack, however, that Bulkhead still functions, and demands a fight with Hardshell. As incentive, he blows up the mine he has captured, and threatens to destroy more if Megatron does not agree. Angered to learn about Bulkhead's survival, he has Hardshell head out to destroy Wheeljack. When Hardshell is destroyed, however, his remains are brought before Megatron by the other Insecticons. He is once again angered when he learns of this, but is surprised to learn that it was the human Miko who actually killed him. Hurt

He later hears that Breakdown's signal is back online, but corrupted. He sends down Knock Out and a team of Vehicons to investigate, and they return with Silas inside Breakdown's body, having renamed himself to C.Y.L.A.S. He is offered a proposition: control of Project Damocles in return for a spot on the Decepticon roster. He sends Soundwave, with several Vehicons guarding him, to obtain the activation code, but the Autobots strike back. CYLAS, however, informs Megatron that Soundwave can control the satellite from where he is. When the Autobot's humans hack the satellite, however, Megatron sends CYLAS to take care of them. When the operation falls apart, he has CYLAS return to the Nemesis, where he is sentenced to be studied by Knock Out for his failures. The Human Factor

At another dig site, the Decepticons are tracking down another Iacon artifact. When one of the Vehicons finally discovers it, he shows its location to Megatron, who is surprised to find that it is the Star Saber. He attempts to pull it from the rock it is imbedded in, but cannot. He then tries to blast the sword free, but this fails as well; it can only be removed by a Prime. Desperate to obtain the Star Saber, he has his minions remove the rock it is imbedded in itself to be transported to the Nemesis. The new Autobot Smokescreen attempts a frontal assault to obtain it for his side, but also fails to remove it and is captured. Just as Megatron is about to slay him, though, Optimus and the other Autobots arrive. Optimus goes for the saber, and, despite Megatron's attempts to stop him, is able to remove it from the mountain. Desperate once again, he orders the entire mountain be dropped on Prime, but is shocked when he sees the mountain sliced in two and his ship struck by a blast from the Star Saber. Legacy

Dreadwing requests an air strike against the Autobots, but Megatron reminds him of the fact that Optimus now has the Star Saber. Dreadwing reminds him that they also possess a powerful relic: the Forge of Solus Prime, though it is useless if it is not in the hands of a Prime. However, he comes to a realization upon hearing these words emerge from his mouth, and he and Dreadwing head through their space bridge behind the moon to Cybertron. Once there, they locate the tomb of a deceased Prime, and Megatron cleaves the corpse's forearm off. Back on the Nemesis, he has Knock Out remove his right forearm to replace with that of the Prime's, then uses the Forge to forge a sword, which he names the Dark Star Saber, out of Dark Energon. As he is creating the blade, Soundwave reveals to him the location of the next Iacon relic.

In Egypt, Megatron shows up just as Arcee and Smokescreen escape a temple with the artifact: one of the four Omega Keys. He uses the blade to knock Smokescreen into one of the pyramids, supposedly disintegrating him, then has Arcee deliver a challenge to Optimus Prime for ownership of the relic. Optimus arrives, and the two clash once again. They are evenly matched, but the scales tip in Megatron's favor when Optimus's Star Saber is shattered. Smokescreen, however, makes himself known right as Megatron is about to kill Optimus by holding the first Omega Key. This distraction allowing Optimus the chance to recover. He attempts to strike them with an energy blast as they escape, but the wave comes too late as they are already through the ground bridge. He is not disheartened, however, as he still possesses great power in the Dark Star Saber. Alpha/Omega

Megatron is later bragging to Soundwave about his victory in destroying the Star Saber when he decodes the next set of Iacon coordinates. However, instead of having Dreadwing retrieve it, he allows Knock Out to obtain the relic, as a test to prove himself.

After he manages to do so, Megatron immediately notices the similarity between this relic and the one previously swiped from his grasp, and has Knock Out study the object to discover its purpose as the next set of coordinates are decoded by Soundwave. Megatron then has Dreadwing retrieve the next relic.

Dreadwing, however, reports back to the Nemesis with failure. After scolding him, Megatron asks for a report from Soundwave on his secondary mission: locating the Autobot base on earth. Soon after receiving his status, however, Soundwave is able to decode the final entry in the Iacon database; however, the result is not set of coordinates, but rather an image of Smokescreen, whom Laserbeak is able to locate. Hard Knocks

Shortly after Soundwave returns with Smokescreen, he is strapped onto a table in Knock Out's laboratory, where Megatron reveals his connection to the fourth Omega Key when he awakens. Knock Out then discovers that the key is actually located inside Smokescreen, and uses the Phase Shifter he stole from his to retrieve it. Megatron then demands to know the purpose of the relics. After Smokescreen refuses to tell him, the pair are hooked up to a cortical psychic patch. Megatron discovers inside Smokescreen's mind that the Omega Keys can be used to rebuild Cybertron. As soon as he is disconnected, he orders Knock Out to search Smokescreen's mind for the location of the Autobot base while he secures the key in their vault. However, Smokescreen is able to obtain the Phase Shifter and escape his bonds, then steals both keys from the Decepticons.

Megatron and several Vehicons are able to catch up to him on the exterior of the ship. With no other option, Smokescreen leaps off the top of the ship. Megatron angrily demands that the Vehicons follow him, but with little success. He attempts to fly through a groundbridge opened up beneath him, but fails rams him, diverting his path. Finally, he uses the shifter to phase through the earth, while the Vehicons following his descent crash. On the ground, Megatron has his remaining Vehicons scour the wreckage, while Smokescreen is able to groundbridge back to the Autobot base.

He later discovers Knock Out's "unique" predicament, but as opposed to freeing him he leaves him trapped in the wall, to be a "[...]constant reminder to those who dare fail [him]." On the bridge, though, they find Starscream, who presents him with the four Omega Keys in order to negotiate. Inside Job Starscream reveals that he really desires to rejoin the Decepticons, though Megatron does not fully trust him. As a result, Megatron decides to enter Starscream's mind via the Cortical Psychic Patch and find out his true motive. In the end, Megatron decides to let him rejoin the Decepticons. Patch

Afterward, Megatron reminds Dreadwing that the Decepticons must work together to win, but later finds him attempting to destroy Starscream. He orders him to stand down, but Dreadwing refuses. However, this results in him being shot through the Spark chamber by Megatron, using his own weapon.

The efforts of Starscream and Knock Out then reveal to him the location of the Omega Lock, the location at which the Omega Keys must be placed to actually restore Cybertron. Megatron and a small army of Vehicons head through their Spacebridge to Cybertron, but they are attacked by the Autobots soon after. Using their relics, the Autobots are able to defeat Megatron's army and recover the keys.

Megatron then shows up at the actual location of the Omega Lock right as the Autobots are placing the keys in it, demanding that they hand him the keys. Starscream, Knock Out, and Soundwave then show up through a spacebridge with Miko, Raf, and Jack, all inside containers. Regeneration Sure enough, the Autobots hand over the Omega Keys, allowing Megatron to restore Cybertron. However, he then uses the Omega Lock to cyberform the earth, leading to Optimus grabbing the Star Saber and destroying the Omega Lock, slicing off Megatron's Prime arm in the process.

However, back on Earth, Megatron establishes his fortress of "New Kaon" (which is eventually renamed Darkmount) in Jasper, the location of the Autobot's base. Using a large cannon equipped onto the Nemesis, Megatron is able to destroy the Autobot headquarters. Darkest Hour

In Season 3, Megatron begins his focus on rebuilding his army, but with the arrival of Shockwave, orders Shockwave to begin cloning the Prehistoric Cybertronians known as Predacons. Project Predacon Megatron also begins to question the loyalty of Predaking so he decides to pull the plug on Shockwave's experiment. Evolution He orders the rebuilding of the Omega Lock and locks onto earth to begin cyberforming the surface but just as things are going according to plan the, Autobots storm the ship and in the process, Megatron is destroyed by the reforged Star Sabre stabbed through his spark. Deadlock


War for Cybertron game

Voice actor: Fred Tatasciore (English)

Megatron's Decepticons are fighting the Autobots for control of Cybertron. Megatron thinks the very thing he needs to give him the edge in the War For Cybertron is Dark Energon, an extremely dangerous and powerful form of Energon. He, Barricade, and Brawl crash land their ship into the heart of the station, Megatron believing that this was the only way to get inside. Starscream confronts Megatron via hologram, telling Megatron that Dark Energon only causes death and destruction, which is exactly what Megatron wants. When Megatron, Brawl, and Barricade finally make it to the Dark Energon source, Megatron exposes himself to the Dark Energon and shows the incredible ability to control the power. Starscream is impressed and joins Megatron on the terms that he teach Starscream to control the Dark Energon and Starscream will show Megatron how to create more of the Energon.


Megatron wanted the Omega Key so that he could gain access to the core of Cybertron. Megatron, Soundwave, and Breakdown travel through Iacon to find the Omega key, only to find it in the hands of Zeta Prime. After a battle in Zeta Prime's personal vaults where Megatron must face off against Zeta's machinery and an army of Energon clones. Eventually Megatron defeats Zeta and gets what he thinks is the key, but Zeta Prime reveals that his key only activates the real Omega key, Omega Supreme.

Megatron's mace

When they go to find him, Omega attacks their ship and it crashes. Omega chases Megatron and his minions through the city and is lured to the top of a tower that has Autobot Anti-Aircraft guns. Using said guns, they attack Omega Supreme, sending him crashing to the planet's surface into a massive arena. There they battle one last time, finally breaching His armor. As Omega loses energy, Megatron takes his opportunity to infuse and corrupt him with Dark Energon. Omega is his and so is the Core.

Rise of the Dark Spark

Voice actor: Fred Tatasciore (English)

Fall of Cybertron game

Voice actor: Fred Tatasciore (English)

Megatron was present in the assault on the Ark in the spaceport executing a few Autobots that were prisoners with Optimus. As he was about to destroy the Ark, Metroplex came back online and mortally wounds Megatron, but the only proof that he was alive was the Dark Energon pulsing through his hand. Later, he is in Soundwave's lab where he recreated and upgraded Megatron's "already perfected" body and systems. His first time "testing" his new systems was when he goes on to ruin Starscream's coronation. Before the assault on the Ark, Shockwave noticed an odd energy signature where Trypticon fell from orbit, so Megatron asked Trypticon and give him to his "Nemesis Protocol" mode.

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  • Cybertronian Megatron (Deluxe, 2010)
Based on the character from Transformers: War for Cybertron, He turns into a Cybertronian tank. The spring-loaded fusion cannon is able to attach to either one of his arms. His light-piping gimmicked eyes have been painted over.
When in vehicle mode, the treads are able to be positioned either vertically like a normal tank or horizontally in a hovertank-ish mode, referencing moments in the game where he hovers in place.
  • Rage Over Cybertron Megatron (Deluxe, 2011)
A repaint of Cybertronian Megatron with painted purple parts in reference to his Dark Energon powerup.
  • Darkside Megatron (Deluxe, 2011)
A repaint of Cybertronian Megatron in black and grey.

Prime: First Edition

  • Optimus Prime vs Megatron ( first edition 5 figure gift set, 2011)
    • Accessories: Fusion Cannon

A deluxe scaled version of the character.

Prime: Robots in Disguise

  • Megatron (Cyberverse Commander, 2012)
    • Accessories: Cyber sword
  • Megatron (Voyager, 2012)
    • Accessories: Cannon, Combat Claw


Megatron's vehicle mode in War for Cybertron


Megatron's new altmode as seen in FOC

  • He is equipped with a Fusion cannon and a Mace. He transforms into a Cybertronian tank. He also possess the ability to drain his enemies of health to refuel his own and to hover in the air for a short while.
    • In Fall of Cybertron, he loses his drain ability in favor of a hover slam attack as well as having his alternate mode changed from a tank to a self propelled artillery cannon similar to the Marauders seen in the game.
  • In Transformers: prime, Megatron is noticeably cross-eyed several times when the camera zooms in on his face.
  • His tank mode, like all the other cons and bots with tank modes in War for Cybertron, rather than having thrusters on the bottom of craft, projects a strange electrical aura on the ground he is hovering over.
  • This incarnation of Megatron resembles his Transformers Animated counterpart by his desire for Decepticon glory as well as the near-religious reverence most of his troops have for him...
  • Megatron has severe contempt for his troops. At one point he witnesses a trapped Decepticon soldier crushed by Zeta Prime's machinery and his only words were "Idiot".
    • Despite this, Megatron has been seen to tolerate and even banter with certain minions, namely Barricade and Breakdown. At one point he even makes a (brief) joke saying, "Yes Breakdown, I am famous for my sparkling sense of humor, NOW GET MOVING BEFORE I DISMANTLE YOU MYSELF!"
  • In direct opposition to most other incarnations, including his game counterpart, Prime Megatron seems to be less likely to harm any of his troops (with Starscream as an exception). Thus far the harshest punishment he has given to any of his troops (who are not Starscream) are a few scolding words... Until Dreadwing who he executed for insubordination...
  • He has a habit of screaming "For Glory!" during battle. Examples include after he has beaten a difficult enemy and after he corrupts the model of planet Cybertron in the Autobot Stellar Galleries.
  • He does not believe in ghosts.
  • Like Optimus Prime, if you closely look at his back, you can see he has a Decepticon insignia.
  • His head being visible in vehicle mode may be a reference to his Movie-verse counterpart the first two films where his head can be seen in both forms.
  • This Megatron is one of the few to actually admit that his actions are indeed wrong or evil, some others even seem to think that their causes are justifive. Megatron has admitted this on at least two occasions, both pertaining to Optimus's opposition to Megatron. First, "It will only be a matter of time before Optimus's innate sense of right and wrong will take over." and second, "Your Spark may be in the right place but...".
  • According to The HUB Promo's, Megatron's favourite kind of cake is Poundcake, and his favourite song is the "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" theme. He has also been diagnosed with Anger Issues.
    • Ironically, in Transformers: Age of Extinction, a throwaway scene had KSI's chief researcher fooling around with transformium to create a My Little Pony plushie around the time Galvatron (Megatron reborn) took control of all the Transformium drone prototypes.