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  • Megatron with Leader-1 (Ultra, 2002/2003)
Japanese ID number: MD-01
Armada Megatron toy

G2 Megatron gets pimped.

Armada Megatron transforms into a green and purple Cybertronic tank. His turret is able to rotate freely and pivot the main cannon up and down (which can also fire a spring-loaded missile). One of the most-Mini-Con play pattern-intensive toys in the Armada line, Megatron has many gimmicks and features designed to exploit Mini-Con collectability. Plugging a Mini-Con onto the Powerlinx Mini-Con port in the L-shaped trench, then pulling back down the length of the trench and locking it in will flip up a double missile launcher on the opposite side of the turret, with two spring-loaded missiles ready to fire. Plugging a Mini-Con into the turret hatch Powerlinx port, then pulling left (assuming one is behind the turret) will activate a sound clip which says "Decepticons, Attack!", followed by machine gun sound effects and will light up the Decepticon sigil panel on the front of the turret. He seems to be somewhat of a brick in humanoid mode. His legs barely move except the parts for transformation.
Armada GalvatronTidalWave combined

Keep that in your pants, Galvy!

The right-side forward hull protrusion has a flip-out "launch pad" for Mini-Cons, with a sliding Powerlinx port. The left-side forward hull three spring-loaded, flip-out panels that have Powerlinx ports that reveal themselves at the push of a button. The rear right-side hull has a flip-out ramp for Mini-Cons, and a slide-out capture claw to ensnare them, while the rear left-side hull has a holding compartment for Mini-cons, although most are too large to fit inside.
In robot mode, Megatron has decent articulation in his arms, but has exceptionally limited articulation in his legs owing to stability concerns when his various gimmicks are used. Plugging a Mini-Con onto his left forearm Powerlinx port and sliding it forward will reveal a small knife in his spring-loaded left hand, though this gimmick can be activated without a Mini-Con. The entire turret assembly can be rotated around to face forward, then all his weapons can then be pivoted to face forward as well for his Full Blast Mode.
Megatron can also combine with Tidal Wave, with Tidal Wave's aircraft carrier and battleship clipping onto his arms and his troop transport clipping onto Megatron's back (after the turret has been positioned in Full Blast Mode configuration) as a jetpack.
While the American version had a metallic purple face, the Japanese had a plain silver face and more detailed Decepticon symbols.
This mold was used to make Universe Megazarak.
  • Megatron (McDonald's Happy Meal, 2002)
Megatron is a simplified version of the Ultra toy that could combine with the other McDonald's Armada Decepticons in vehicle mode, to form a massive... thing.
  • Galvatron with Clench (Ultra, 2003)
Japanese ID number: MD-08
Armada Galvatron toy

The exact opposite of Captain Planet.

Galvatron is a predominantly purple and white redeco of the previous Gigacon class Megatron toy, covered in black 'battle damage' scorch mark decos and a paint wash on this torso and tank treads. Functionally the only difference is that the sound clip played when a Mini-Con is used on his turret hatch Powerlinx port now says "The Power is mine!" (which was also a line spoken by Megatron in an episode of the Armada cartoon.
The Takara release has slight paint-shade difference from the Hasbro version and a metallic gray face instead of flat black, plus fictionally, he comes with a powered-up version of Leader-1 rather than the separate character Clench. Clench, however is not seen in the show.
  • Black Megatron (Ultra, 2003)
Black Micron Megatron

You are a lucky bastard if you own this.

For the June 2003 issue of TV Magazine in Japan, 100 special redecoes of Megatron were given as Lucky Draw prizes. This coloration was primarily black with dark olive and purple shades.
  • Megatron with Leader-1 and Cyclonus with Crumplezone (Built to Rule, 2003)
Armada BTR MegatronCyclonus

Nice legs.

Part of the largest Transformers series Built to Rule set, Megatron can be assembled into a battle tank, a robot, or whatever your imagination can do with the blocks provided. Megatron is armed with a dual missile launcher based upon the Mini-Con activated version on the regular Ultra class toy. He came with a block-version of his Mini-Con partner Leader-1, as well as Cyclonus with Crumplezone model.


  • Megatron (Super, 2004)
En Megatron toy

Minty fresh mouthwash laser cannons!

Energon Megatron transforms into a off-white gray and blue Cybertronic jet. Included is a small representation of Armada Megatron's tank form, which can plug onto the top of the vehicle mode and can also fire missiles out of its spring-loaded main gun, which also activates an (oddly) machine gun sound effect. Hyper Mode can be activated by raising the upper gray parts of his wings in an 'X-wing' configuration, which extends the translucent green weapons underneath.
In robot mode Megatron greatly resembles Generation One Galvatron in general appearance and in that character's original toy's Megatron-based color scheme. The two cannons on his shoulders are typically displayed pointing upwards to evoke the appearance of Megatron's previous Armada body, but they can be lowered into firing position. The small tank accessory can be attached to either of his arms as a cannon, or it can be flipped around and have a sword attached to the rear of its turret. The sword connection is spring-loaded, and movement front the sword will activate a sword clashing sound effect and light up an LED inside.
In the United States, this figure was initially only available at Wal-Mart stores, and saw a wider release shortly after.
  • Megatron (European McDonald's Happy Meal, 2004)
Megatron is a simple toy based on his ultra sized Energon toy, with no moving arms. He came with a green energon cube (called a missile, bizarrely) in his body that could be taken out, and could light up by flipping a switch.
  • Galvatron (Super, 2004)
Energon Galvatron toy1

This repaint brought a tear to the eye of somebody. Specifically the user who uploaded this image. Shaddap.

As part of the "Powerlinx Battles" line refresh, Hasbro's Super class Megatron was extensively redecoed to resemble Generation One Galvatron as much as possible. His predominant color is (naturally) purple, with black plastic and extensive use of metallic silver and metallic red paint for detailing. All translucent plastic was replaced with orange. It seems to be a complete homage to the G1 Galvatron.
  • Powerlinx Optimus Prime vs. Megatron (Multi-pack, 2005)
This two pack, released in American Toys "R" Us stores, included the Ultra version of Megatron and the Deluxe version of Energon Optimus Prime. This two-pack was the only method to obtain those toys outside of Japan, without importing.


  • Galvatron (Ultra, 2004)
Japanese ID number: SD-07
This (initially) Japanese-exclusive toy is a down-sized version of the Super class toy. The features are the same, and the dark and light blue have switched positions, with the white and green a different tint. The electronic lights and sounds were different as well.
This mold was also used to make Shattered Glass Megatron
  • Black Galvatron (Ultra, 2004)
An ultra-rare Lucky draw prize item available only to Japanese residents, this Ultra class Megatron was repainted predominantly black and crimson with orange translucent parts.
  • Galvatron General (Ultra, 2005)
Japanese ID number: SD-20
Galvatron General, shortened to "Galvatron G", is a somewhat garish redeco of the Ultra toy in a different, more pinkish shade of purple to the larger Hasbro release. It also includes a purple version of the Energon sword originally found with Cruellock.


  • Megatron (Leader, 2005)
Japanese ID number: GD-01
Cyb Megatron toy

Megatron's Unicron cosplay did not turn out well.

Cybertron Megatron transforms into the Batmobile a multi-colored Cybertronic race car and jet. In car mode he resembles a dragster, with large rolling wheels and a comparatively small cockpit. Separating the front halves of the car and flipping them to the sides, connecting them to the hole in the middle of his real wheels transforms him into his jet thing. Okay. Inserting a Cyber Planet Key into his central slot above his cockpit canopy activates a spring-loaded, pop up engine with red LEDs.
In robot mode Megatron's design is partially based upon Armada Unicron's design, with very similar shoulders and arms, though the retention of Unicron's trademark orange leads to a rather chaotic color scheme (how appropriate). In contrast to the previous two major Unicron Trilogy toys Megatron has had, Cybertron Megatron features excellent articulation, though his top-heavy design puts some strain on the ratcheting joints in his ankles. Inserting a Cyber Key into the slot on the vehicle half behind his right shoulder opens up a panel to access a rotating gatling gun weapon made up of his left front car wheel (this weapon was called a Death Machine Gun in Japan). Inserting a Cyber Key into his slot on the vehicle half behind his left shoulder opens up another panel and detaches his Unicron Spines melee weapon, which can attach onto his left forearm. He can also combine with Nemesis Breaker for the Dark Claw Mode seen in like, one episode, though his balance in this form is tenuous at best.
The Japanese version of this figure uses different paint applications and a significantly lighter purple than the American version released months later.
  • Megatron (Legends of Cybertron, 2005)
Cybertron Legends Megatron

I'm not show accurate...

Megatron is a simplified version of the Leader class toy. He can only transform into his car mode and has rather limited articulation, sculpt and paint detail.
GalaxyForce EZ MasterMegatron

...BUT I AM!

As usual, the Japanese version, released under the 'EZ Collection' banner features much more intricate paint operations for a closer resemblance to the Leader class toy.
  • EZ Collection Clear Set (Multi pack, 2005)
  • Megatron (Burger King, 2005)
Burger King's Megatron is very simplified version of the Leader toy that could only transform into the jet mode.
  • Galvatron (Leader, 2005)
Japanese ID number: GD-14
Cyb Galvatron toy

Na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na BATMAN!

Cybertron Galvatron is a silver and black redeco of Leader class Cybertron Megatron. The color scheme is based upon Generation One Megatron. It is notable that in contrast to most Transformers toys, most of the parts designated silver are fully painted silver. His arms contain a hard point for connecting Nemesis Breaker, just like that one time they did it and never mentioned it ever again.
The Takara version uses yellow paint details (and was also packaged in a "special" box), while the Hasbro release used metallic gold.
(Note: Japanese hobby magazine articles noted that the Galaxy Force release of Master Galvatron's silver paint was based upon the hard-wearing silver paint used on cell phones. It is unknown if Hasbro's version used the same paint, but it is likely due to their similar feel and appearance.)
  • Master Galvatron (EZ Collection, 2005)
GalaxyForce EZ MasterGalvatron


Released as an exclusive for Dengeki Hobby magazine in September 2005, this redeco of the Legends of Cybertron class Megatron is a fairly intricate recreation of the Leader class Galvatron's color scheme and paint operations. He was presented in a miniature version of the leader class Master Galvatron's box.
  • Galvatron (Legends of Cybertron, 2006)
Cybertron Legends Galvatron

NOT SHOW-ACCURATE (Unless we're talking about Batman.)

Released several months after the Japaneses version, the Hasbro Legends of Cybertron Galvatron has considerably less paint operations in terms of intricacy and quantity resulting in a less accurate resemblance to the larger Leader class figure.
  • Megatron (Deluxe, 2006)
Cybertron Deluxe BeastMegatron

This looks ME NO GRIMLOCK!!

A green redeco of Beast Wars 10th Anniversary Megatron. He transforms into a robotic Tyrannosaurus rex in the pseudo-technorganic-looking style of the other Jungle Planet toys. His tail hides a spring-loaded missile launcher that revealed when a Cyber Key is inserted into the slot.
It is worth noting that while this mold was first released earlier in 2006 as part of the Beast Wars 10th Anniversary line and is obviously meant to be Beast Wars Megatron, it was developed to fit in with Cybertron's Jungle Planet aesthetic, "in case" the Beast Wars Anniversary release didn't pan out (according to Aaron Archer's statements at BotCon 2005).


  • A black and green redeco of the Super Energon Megatron mold was planned to be released with Smallest Transformers Soundwave as a Target exclusive, but was ultimately canceled.


  • Megatron (Booster, 2006)
Attacktix ID number:TF16
Special:Transform - 8/26 (31%) success ratio
Point Cost:40
Base Speed:4
Attack Type:Shooter (Energy Blast)
This version of Attacktix Megatron is based on his Cybertron robot form. Despite being called an "Energy Blast" (Attacktix terminology was all created based on Star Wars), his missile is actually designed to resemble the tire section of his gatling gun. The angled missile works best by positioning it to oppose the angle of the stance of the figure you're aiming at.
Megatron is designed to work with his Vehicle Mode figure, bringing a Vehicle Mode Megatron into play from your back-ups. He has four points of articulation (head, waist and shoulders), which he can use to form a defensive tripod by angling his gun arm down behind him.
  • Megatron (Vehicle) (Booster, 2006)
Attacktix ID number:TF17
Special:Transform - 20/26 (77%) success ratio
Point Cost:30
Base Speed:8
Attack Type:Shooter (Small missile)
Megatron's Vehicle mode is based on his jet form rather than his car form. In this form he has a ridiculously huge cannon (it's almost the size of the jet) which can swivel at its base - the only point of articulation on the figure.
Megatron's speed is unusually high for a shooter, and his very reliable power makes him an effective support figure. Because of the wording of his power he can bring into play any figure named Megatron, including the Generation One Megatron figure, from your backups.
  • Megatron (Intergalactic Showdown, 2006)
Attacktix ID number:SVT06
Special:Sacrifice - 12/26 (46%) success ratio
Point Cost:40
Base Speed:4
Attack Type:Shooter (Energy Blast)
Basically the same deco as the TF16 robot mode figure, this guy has a gold base and a new power. This version was available only in the Star Wars vs. Transformers Intergalactic Showdown pack.
SVTO6 Megatron can be summoned into play using his vehicle mode figure, getting the 40 point figure into play for only 30 points. His Sacrifice special power allows him to return to play, replacing one of the other Decepticon figures on the field. How very Megatron.
  • Galvatron (Booster, 2008)
Attacktix ID number:TF18
Point Cost:40
Base Speed:??
Attack Type:Shooter (Energy Blast)
This item was originally intended to be in a wave-1 carry-case/battlefield, but that item was canceled based on low sales of the Star Wars equivalent.

Proceed on your way to oblivion.
This item has been canceled, with no current plans for release.


Super Figure Collection

  • Micron Legend Megatron (normal) (2003)
  • Micron Legend Megatron (Cybertronian) (2003)

Mega SFC

  • Micron Legend Micron Megatron (2003)


  • According to Aaron Archer as ORSON on the now-defunct "Orson's World" forum at, Armada Megatron's "antlers" were part of an aborted Mini-Con grabber gimmick. The gimmick didn't make it, but the antlers remained.

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