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Megatron is a Decepticon from the Movie continuity family. He is often referred to as Lord Megatron. Known to humans as both "The Ice Man" and "The Mega-Man" and more formally as N.B.E. - 01


The former Lord High Protector (so much for that) and co-ruler of Cybertron, Megatron is vicious and extremely powerful,and a selfish decepticon since he stole that jawbreaker from starscream in the picture,single-minded in his goals, straight forward and brutally direct in his attempts to seize those goals. He is all "blunt force" in contrast to Starscream's penchant for deceit and trickery. On the downside, Megatron tends to become so obsessed with the object of his desires that he can ignore "secondary" matters, glaring flaws in his plans (otherwise, he likely wouldn't have melted into ice-cold arctic water after being white hot from falling through Earth's atmosphere, and spent ten-thousand years as a popsicle), and even crippling injuries in pursuit of the coveted item. Trying to talk Megatron out of blindly going for his goals is useless. He will risk his world, his troops, and even his own spark to achieve his goals. These things do not matter to Megatron. Even the destruction of the Autobots is a secondary concern. In Megatron's cerebral processor, all that matters is the All Spark.

While some merely dislike or disregard organics (since they have a tendency to get in their way), Megatron feels a violent hatred towards them and seems to view them as only slightly above a virus, with him as the cure. This may be due to having spent decades as their prisoner, but his hatred is still very extreme. If there was no All Spark, it is not that big a stretch to think he'd have come here anyway, just to cleanse one more planet of its infection.

"You still fight for the weak, That is why you lose!"
―Megatron to Optimus Prime, Transformers


IDW Transformers movie comics

I want to tell you about the Transformers!

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Prime Directive prequel comic

MovieMegatron Bumblebee torture comic

Blue canary in the outlet but the light switch, who watches over you?

Megatron once ruled Cybertron side-by-side with Optimus Prime. For generations, the two ruled in peace. Megatron was firm, but Prime was fair, creating a nice, even balance. Sadly, he got a jonesing for the All Spark and the war started. Megatron formed an army of separatists, the Decepticons, while Prime formed his own army, the Autobots. Megatron's forces, while less noble, were more ferocious warriors. Prime eventually made the decision to launch the All Spark into deep space. When Bumblebee stalled Megatron long enough for it to be launched into space, he tore off Bumblebee's arm and crushed his voice box, then took off into space after the All Spark. Prime Directive (IDW) issue 1

Transformers Movie Prequel (Target)

Movie Megatron Targetcomic sure

Sit boy, or I'll beat you to death

During an assault on the Autobots personally led by Megatron and his hound, Blackout, Megatron crushed an opponent's spark before casually tossing his corpse over his shoulder. Megatron declared that the All Spark would be his, to which Blackout assured his leader that he would make sure of it. Megatron was pleased by his minion's loyalty, but dispatched him to assist Starscream's unit in preventing Optimus Prime's reinforcements from entering Tyger Pax. He then left to meet his destiny, but it slipped from his grasp. Planetfall

Note: Megatron's response to Blackout's pledge is mistakenly given to the latter Decepticon.

Transformers: Beginnings

Voice actor: Frank Welker

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UK Transformers Comic

The All Spark had not been blindly launched into space, however - its trajectory was leading it directly towards the Alkaris Anomaly, a wormhole that could potentially transport the cube to any one of an infinite number of locations in the universe. Megatron was fully capable of catching up to the cube before it would enter the wormhole, but as he passed Cybertron's moon, he found himself ensnared by an Autobot tractor beam of remarkable strength that pulled him down to the moon's surface. Enraged by the ignominy of it all, Megatron turned his weapons on the Autobots responsible, but quickly calmed down enough to realize that this was only playing into their hands, and instead ordered Brawl to take his place in the battle. Megatron swooped back into space, hot on the All Spark's heels, but was unable to stop the cube from falling through the anomaly. Determined to have the All Spark's power, Megatron chose to enter the wormhole himself, only to be spat out in some far-off star system, with no trace of the All Spark. Prelude: Megatron

Megatron Bumbleslap

"*sigh* Even mindless violence seems boring today..."

In another reality, he defeated Optimus at Mission City, killed Sam Witwicky and took control of the All Spark. He was fully linked to it and drew on its power - "It is me and I am it!" - giving him greater might and the ability to heal any wound. Transformers Comic issue 12

After conquering an unknown chunk of Earth (including the entire United States of America) with Dropkick as his second-in-command, he used the All Spark's power to start turning Earth from an organic world into a new Cybertron. Optimus Prime lay frozen in the old Sector Seven base, Autobot resistance was scattered, and NATO's threat to nuke occupied America was hardly much of one. The only thing bothering Megatron was those rebels breaking into Hoover Dam... Transformers Comic issue 9Megatron personally arrived to face Bumblebee and hunted for him, trying to bait him into appearing. Transformers Comic issue 10

Realising the Autobot must have come with a human ally, he deliberately threatened to go after the human and thus got an emotional Bumblebee to make a defiant attack... at which point he backhanded Bumblebee into the wall and prepared to eviscerate him. Transformers Comic issue 11He gave the Autobot a chance at a swift death if he begged for mercy, and was quite impressed when Bumblebee merely asked "that all you got?", but was less impressed when Autobot reinforcements arrived. He effortlessly smashed them aside and was about to kill Skyblast when a new challenger arrived: the revived Optimus! Transformers Comic issue 12

Optimus Prime got the snot beaten out of him, every attack he landed on Megatron being repaired by All Spark power. However, he distracted Megatron long enough for Bumblebee to hit him with the other thing they'd broken into the Dam for: Sector Seven's greatest weapon, a nanovirus that targeted All Spark operation frequencies. Infected, the tyrant was consumed from within by his own power and collapsed dead. Transformers Comic issue 13

Transformers: Ghosts of Yesterday

When Megatron came online, it was obvious that some time had passed. Not only was he encased in a primitive transport, but there were lifeforms fighting over him. Before Megatron could properly exterminate them, another crude transport crashed into his, causing a massive (but not spark-threatening) explosion. Megatron would have been pleased to know that the fire only added to his terrifying visage in the eyes of the maggots. Regaining his composure, Megatron noticed Phillip Nolan standing near him. As Megatron reached out to grab it, Thomas Kinnear, this one terminally damaged, began firing crude projectiles which his body armor easily deflected. Waiting until after the creature had expended its ammunition, Megatron grabbed it in his hand, only to discover that it had packed itself with explosives, which threw Megatron to the ground when they detonated. Then, the aforementioned first insect began spraying liquid nitrogen on Megatron, causing him to go back into stasis. Unable to escape, Megatron screamed a dark vengeance upon his captors. Transformers: Ghosts of Yesterday

Transformers film

Voice actor: Hugo Weaving (English), Koutarou Nakamura (Japan), José Santacruz (Brazil), Hans-Jürgen Wolf (German), Daniel Dítě (Czech)

When I get out of here, you are SO DEAD!

Megatron eventually succeeded in tracking the All Spark to Earth, where he rather embarrassingly crash-landed in the Arctic Circle and was frozen solid for thousands of years. In 1897, some 100 Earth-years before the arrival of the other Transformers, he was discovered by an explorer named Archibald Amundsen Witwicky. Captain Witwicky accidentally activated Megatron's navigation system and caused the coordinates of the All Spark to be etched onto the explorer's glasses. Megatron remained imprisoned in the Arctic, until the 1930s, when he was dug out by the United States government and moved to a secret Sector Seven stronghold inside Hoover Dam. In the years that followed, many modern devices (by Earth standards) were supposely reverse-engineered from his frozen body.

In the present day, having searched the galaxy for the All Spark and being drawn to Earth, the remaining Decepticons learned of Witwicky's glasses. Through the Internet, they determined the location of both Megatron and the All Spark inside Hoover Dam. Frenzy infiltrated the dam and shut down the power systems, while Starscream attacked the external powerlines, resulting in Megatron's thawing out. Once again online, the leader of the Decepticons informed the worthless insects of his true name, shouting "I am Megatron!" (to clear up all that N.B.E.-01/Ice Man nonsense), randomly killed a few of them while destroying his former prison, then transformed and flew off after the All Spark again. He met up with Starscream on the outside, and, never one for pleasantries, demanded to know where the Cube was. Upon learning that the humans had moved the All Spark, Megatron berated Starscream for yet another failure.

Movie Megatron breakout

Alright, who was the slagging moron who froze me?

After Starscream and Devastator's opening attacks in Mission City, Megatron arrived, and again declared his name (he really wants people to know who he is). The Autobots were so panicked by the sight of their long lost nemesis that Ratchet called for a temporary retreat. Megatron blasted Jazz away when the diminutive Autobot attempted to attack, then threw him into the air before crushing him on top of a tower with his clawed talons. Jazz vainly fought on, asking if Megatron wanted a "piece", but doing little damage to Megatron. The Decepticon leader killed the Autobot by tearing him in half, callously declaring that he wanted "two".

Movie Megatron jetmode cityfight

ah. Whew! Just had to get that one out!

As the human boy ran off with the All Spark, Megatron ordered the Decepticons to attack. Devastator attacked the armed insects, while Starscream and Blackout fought Ironhide and Ratchet for the All Spark. At that moment, Optimus Prime appeared and challenged Megatron. Millennia in the ice had done nothing to lessen the animosity Megatron felt for his brother, however. Barely managing to growl out Prime's name, he transformed and flew at Prime at full speed. The Autobot leader leapt and grabbed a hold of Megatron, who slammed him into a building before flying right through a skyscraper. Both leaders landed in the middle of an intersection, but Megatron was the first to recover and leaped upon his brother, snarling that the humans were undeserving of life. Optimus Prime replied that they had the right to choose for themselves before he threw his brother off.


So that's why they call it a fusion cannon.

Megatron declared that if Prime wished to defend them, he should "join them in extinction", forming his fusion cannon. Before he could fire, the Autobot leader drew his ion blaster and fired, hitting Megatron. The Decepticon leader shrugged off this attack, spun around from the momentum and fired his cannon, throwing Optimus Prime into the side of a building.

Megatron pursued the young human who had removed the All Spark from Hoover Dam, destroying everything that stood in his way. The boy ran to a dilapidated building that was the designated coordinates for a human military evacuation team, and Megatron smashed his way through, yelling that he could smell the human maggot. Starscream destroyed the helicopter intended to take the All Spark, and Megatron burst through the floor, inquiring if it was courage or fear that compelled him. Finally cornering him on a ledge, Megatron offered that if the human gave him the All Spark, the boy might live as his pet. The Decepticon leader relished the human's defiant refusal and destroyed the ledge the human was standing upon, sending the boy tumbling to the ground.

Movie Megatron maceattack

This would have been so much cooler if it was a chain mine

Unfortunately, the human was caught by Optimus Prime, who then tried to escape down the side of the building before Megatron tackled him and sent all three slamming into the pavement. As a nearby human bystander attempted to run, the Decepticon expressed his disgust at the insect's proximity and flicked it away. Protecting the young boy, Prime declared that their war would end here and it was now just between the two brothers. Though lusting for the All Spark, Megatron decided to indulge his brother's obvious death wish, declaring that only he was in this fight. Despite Optimus Prime's best efforts, Megatron was relentless, matching the Autobot leader with blow after devastating blow until he collapsed. Adding insult to injury, Megatron informed Prime that his defense of the "weak" was the real reason he lost.

Megatron allspark merge

Oh that's it. there's no way this could make him any more powerful.

The Decepticon leader turned his attention back to the human boy, but was suddenly attacked by the human fighter jets and Captain Lennox's ground soldiers firing sabot rounds. Optimus took this chance, striking Megatron and knocking him down. His armor a damaged, shattered mess, Megatron ignored the punishment and focused on the human boy, growling that he would kill the boy and that the All Spark was his. As Optimus Prime ordered the boy to place the All Spark into his chest, the human instead pushed it into the now-exposed spark in Megatron's chest, overloading him with energy and extinguishing the Decepticon's life force. As Optimus Prime stood over Megatron's lifeless shell, watching the light flicker out of his brother's optics, he remarked somberly, yet remorsefully, that Megatron had left him no choice, and removed a shard of the All Spark from his brother's spark cavity.

Megatron's body was dumped into the Laurentian Abyss at its deepest point, along with the remains of the other Decepticons, where the extreme pressure and near-freezing temperatures would -- hopefully-- crush and entomb them forever. Transformers (film)

That didn't work out too well.

Transformers The Game

Voice actor: Frank Welker

Autobot campaign

After arriving at Hoover Dam, Bumblebee saw Megatron and the All Spark being held in the same room, which was guarded by lasers. After bringing down the lasers, Bumblebee managed to shrink the All Spark, while under fire by Megatron. Following the Autobots to Mission City, Megatron ignominiously "flicked" Bumblebee away, then tried to grab the All Spark from Sam. Optimus Prime arrived and the two fought in the Mission City park. After Prime believed that he had destroyed Megatron, Sam handed the All Spark to Prime, but Megatron jumped into the air with his flail, making one last attempt at nailing Prime. Prime caught the flail in its path and yanked Megatron towards him, shoving the All Spark into his chest. Pretty ruthless there, Prime, pretty ruthless.

Decepticon campaign


Guitar Villian.

After learning Megatron's location, Blackout and Starscream sabotaged the dam's power, allowing Megatron to thaw out and awaken. After Megatron emerged, Starscream and Blackout bowed before their Lord, who declared that they had much to do. After the Decepticons dispatched the Autobots, Megatron, hoping to draw Prime out, went on a rampage in Mission City, declaring that the city would burn beneath his feet (this means toastie toes, but he's willing to make that sacrifice). Megatron and Prime played a game of cat and mouse, with Megatron tracking Prime and Sam, until Megatron finally destroyed Prime, then merged the All Spark with his spark, becoming even more powerful in the process (Wait, what?). After decimating Earth, Megatron took the Lincoln Memorial as his throne, then ordered Starscream, Brawl, and Barricade to finish the planet, before going on to conquer the galaxy.

Transformers: Autobots

Having landed on Earth some thousands of years ago, Megatron is thought to be frozen somewhere in the Arctic. As the Autobots look for clues as to his location, they eventually arrive in the frozen desert long enough to realize the humans have found him, as well as the AllSpark (sic). Once they hack into the communications array at the base, they find documentation leading to the Hoover Dam, where the Autobots and Decepticons race. Some wishing to free him, most hoping to destroy him, the Transformers fight over the base until the Decepticon leader is finally freed. Once out of cryo-storage, Megatron proceeds to steal the AllSpark from the Autobots and begin a destructive rampage through Tranquility, until he is finally defeated by Optimus Prime and Create-A-Bot.

Transformers: Decepticons

With Megatron frozen in the Hoover Dam, the Decepticons fight to free their leader. However, as is quickly made apparent, Starscream and his young protege, a Create-A-Bot, seek to eliminate their leader. This quickly changes, as Create-A-Bot is convinced by Barricade to free their commander, as Starscream is a back-stabbing bureaucrat while Megatron is a truly zealous leader. Even though both would kill you in an instant, Megatron would at least do it to your face so you could see it coming.

Once free, Megatron quickly takes the time to wipe out Jazz, who has been left at the bridge to help get rid of Megatron. After a fairly short battle, Megatron smashes Jazz into the dirt, leaving him to die. Back in Tranquility, he chases after Starscream, only to be blocked by Optimus Prime. Once the sibling rivalry is finished, Prime is left in pieces in the streets of Tranquility.

Arriving in the Casino Strip, Megatron finds Create-A-Bot damaged and Starscream flying away. Giving chase, he attacks his traitorous second-in-command, nearly destroying him despite his awesome All Spark driven powers. Starscream uses his last breath to insult Megatron before being killed by the tyrant. Returning to Create-A-Bot's side, Megatron takes a moment to call him a weakling and a failure, completely forgetting about the fact that Create-A-Bot saved him, led him to Starscream, destroyed the Autobots, and served him more loyally than most of his other followers. Taking a moment to let this sink in, Megatron went on to tell him that the weak are made to serve the strong, then ripped the young Decepticon apart and ate his Spark. Megatron then took off into the sky with intentions unknown.

Revenge of the Fallen film

Voice actor: Hugo Weaving

At one point, shortly after stealing the last official All Spark Shard, Ravage, Long Haul, Rampage, Mixmaster, the little one go to the ocean to locate Megatron's corpse. They succeed in reactivating their fallen leader.

After being revived, he then leaves the Ocean ,taking out a Ballistic Submarine in the process, and flies straight to a shipwreck of the Nemesis where he sees Starscream for the first time since his Death. Despite Starscream's apparent loyalty to Megatron and joy at his return, Megatron was not too happy about Starscream leaving him for dead and angrily beats him down for it, despite Starscream's rationale that he did it to help Megatron assemble the Decepticons to Earth. Afterwards, he bows down to his master, reporting that he failed to retrieve the All Spark, and that it's destroyed. His master forgives Megatron, though, and reveals that the All Spark wasn't actually destroyed. As a matter of fact, it transformed and took the host of Sam Witwicky. He also tells Megatron that only a Prime can kill him, and there is only one left.


Tremble with fear... BEHOLD GALV- oh wait, I'm still Megatron... never mind!

Later, Megatron, with Grindor and Starscream, manages to capture Sam Witwicky, Mikalea Banes, and Leo Spitz. With The Doctor , he tries to get a map to an Energon source reading out of Sam Witwicky. Optimus Prime and several of the Autobots manage to save them, though Megatron stabs Optimus Prime behind the back and kills him during the battle, thus allowing his master to enact his plans without fear of being killed. Despite successfully killing Optimus Prime, he ended up losing Grindor in the battle, and Starscream failed to capture Sam, resulting in another beatdown from Megatron, this time with Starscream's own arm.


Starscream, how long do you intend to fail me . . . YET AGAIN?!

Megatron then sees action in Egypt after learning of Sam Witwicky's location, killing a few N.E.S.T. soldiers. Despite the areal bombarding of his entire Decepticon squad, Megatron makes it through, and blasts Sam Witwicky, mortally wounding him during an intense bombing raid. After Optimus Prime's revival and enhanced with Jetfire's parts, Optimus Prime starts attacking The Fallen, Megatron and Starscream, destroying the Solar Harvester as well. Megatron gets his right arm bent backward by Optimus Prime and half of his face blown away by his own fusion cannon on the same arm, then gets his left arm sliced off by Prime's energy blades and is finally blasted away by Prime's jet engines through a tomb, all which leads to Megatron calling out Starscream. When The Fallen's face is peeled off by Prime and his chest punched through, Megatron agrees with Starscream to make a tactical retreat. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Revenge of the Fallen: The Game

Voice actor: Frank Welker
Note: In the game, Megatron has three additional forms: Generation one Megatron, a multiplayer exclusive character downloadable only for the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of the game; Gold Megatron, a multiplayer exclusive character obtainable only by pre-ordering the Xbox 360 or PS3 versions at Gamestop and the PC for entering a cheat code; Megatron (Flight) is a playable character only for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC versions. He does not transform.


  • According to The Movie Guide, Megatron is one of the few Transformers capable of space travel without reverting to a Protoform. This explains how he was capable of chasing the AllSpark immediately after its launch.
  • According to "The Quest For the Allspark" paperback's opening paragraph, "...Most revered were Optimus and Megatron. They were twin brothers of the Prime dynasty." This implies that Megatron may have also had the surname "Prime" at one time. Hmm, Megatron Prime.
  • Early script drafts and a children's picture book featured Megatron consuming the sparks of his fallen foes, but this didn't make it into the final film due to time constraints. The novelisation of the movie, on the other hand, sees him chow down on Jazz in the final battle; similarly, although not outright stated in dialogue, his animalistic pouncing on the fallen bodies of various characters (including Optimus Prime, Starscream, Jazz and the Decepticon Create-A-Bot) in the Movie Nintendo DS games, following by what appears to be rooting around in their innards, seems to suggest he's doing the same there.
  • Similarly, in the Autobots version of the same DS game, it is noted that Megatron "took the spark" of his and Optimus' father. Presumably, this is a reference to both his cannibalistic practices as well as the fact that both he and Prime are in fact brothers, at least in the Cybertronian sense.
  • Despite his undeniable hatred of humans, Megatron is the only Decepticon in the movie who doesn't speak Cybertronian for the majority of his dialogue. In fact, he speaks fluent English upon reviving, despite the fact that Modern English came into existence around the Sixteenth century, when he was presumably still frozen in the ice. This could suggest that he still was somehow conscious when he was studied by Sector Seven (which he also overtly states upon awakening in the IDW comic adaptation). This would explain why his first action after thawing was declaring his name - imagine being frozen for generations being referred to as "N.B.E. 1", or even worse: "Mega-man" and "Ice-man".
  • The Megatron computer generated model consisted of 2411 individual pieces, 433,949 polygons, 8924 rig nodes, and 1437 texture maps. The pieces combined gave a volume of 10,325 cubic feet.[1]
  • There are some problems with Simmons' statement about various techologies being reverse-engineered from Megatron. Cars came about in one shape or form at about the turn of the century, and spaceflight technology was pioneered by German and Soviet scientists. (This is possibly what they want you to think.)
  • His navigation system is on his finger, seriously, what the hell?
  • Two of the nicknames Megatron is referred to, Mega-man and Ice-man, are references to the Mega Man videogame series.
  • It was decided that Megatron would not be renamed Galvatron in Revenge of the Fallen for the sake of the general audience, lest the change confuse them.[2] A good decision.
  • In the intro movie of Revenge of the Fallen: The Game, Megatron's head is the rejected design from the first film. D'oh!
  • Megatron's tank mode slightly resembles the Transtech Megatron's alt mode.
  • Portions of his hatred of humans, most notably the fact that he seems to view them as a virus, is extremely similar to the Matrix Villain Agent Smith's viewpoint of humans. Given who voiced Megatron, this probably is understandable. Though this may possibly be a coincidence.
  • The Fallen states that only a Prime can defeat him...Megatron killed a Prime...why doesn't Megatron just kill The Fallen and take over, or is that just Starscream's job?


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  2. Roberto Orci answers fan questions on the TFW2005 boards.

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