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The name or term Megatron refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Megatron (disambiguation).

"Peace through tyrany"

-megatron on the g1 toy bio

Megatron is the founder of the Decepticon uprising, and their most well-known and feared leader. As a young, charismatic leader forged in battle and the heritage of war, he began to believe in a grand purpose for his race it is the Transformers' glorious destiny to rule an empire which will span the universe. The opposite of his mortal enemy Optimus Prime, he feels great contempt for other Transformers who, he feels, betray their proud heritage by demanding peace and cooperation with weaker life forms. It is the destiny of the Decepticons to bring order to the universe through conquest, though in the millions of years since coining this purpose it remains to be seen how much of his mission statement is altruistic... and how much of it is mere words built to fuel warriors to further his desire for personal power.

Megatron will attempt almost anything to achieve his goals, but his schemes are rarely in any way subtle. This is perhaps due to his arrogance, but his pride is not so strong as to dissuade him from abandoning a battle he is losing. Some would question his sanity, though these few are mostly now dead by his hands...or his Fusion cannon, depending on his mood. Sometimes he uses his energon mace to strike them down. It does not matter how they die. Death by the hands of Megatron is an honor.

His Earth Alternate mode is usually an U.N.C.L.E. carbine. His Fusion Cannon becomes the scope.

Sometimes, Megatron is later reborn as Galvatron.

"Optimus Prime"
―"More Than Meets the Eye, Part 2 [src]
―"More Than Meets the Eye, Part 2" [src]

Chinese name (Taiwan): Měi-jīa Wáng (美加王, "King Mega" or "Mega Throne") / Jǜ Wú Bà (巨無霸, "Extremely Huge" or "Extremely Gigantic")
Chinese name (China): Wei Zhen Tian (威震天, "Extremely prestigious", literally "Heaven-shaking Might")
French name (Canada): Mégatron
Portugese name (Portugal comics): Megatrão
Russian Tv dub name (6th channel): Мегатрон
Serbian name: Megatron



Marvel Comics continuity

Generation One

Note: Events from the UK-only comic stories are in italics.



Four million years ago, rising from his beginnings as a gladiator for the city-state of Tarn, Megatron and the Decepticons developed the ability of transformation, using it to begin the war against the Autobots, who fought back by mimicking the technology. Megatron declared his intent to transform Cybertron into a "cosmic dreadnought" to conquer the universe. The Transformers However, he would only get as far as building massive engines deep beneath the planet's surface. Legion of the Lost!

Megatron also vowed to possess the planet's super database, the Underbase, for himself, so he followed a young Optimus Prime on his quest into the Temple of Knowledge, where he destroyed the temple's curator, Boltax. In order to keep the Underbase out of Megatron's hands, Optimus Prime destroyed the temple and launched the Underbase into space. The Flames of Boltax!


Check out my awesome preproduction model!

After the death of Sentinel Prime, Megatron's troops poised themselves around the Autobot capital city of Iacon, slowly disintegrating its defenses. Emirate Xaaron chose Optimus Prime, a warrior, to take the Council of Autobot Elders' place as leader of the Autobot forces. Optimus Prime and Megatron's armies then met in battle, and Megatron's forces were defeated - with help from an exploding bridge. And There Shall Come...A Leader!

In time, the war grew so fierce that Cybertron itself was shaken from its orbit, and set adrift in the cosmos. Eventually, over a thousand years after Megatron's war had begun [1], the planet fell into the path of an asteroid cluster in the Sol system that threatened to destroy it, and so Optimus Prime led a contingent of his troops in the Ark to reduce the asteroids to rubble, saving Cybertron. The plan was a success, but immediately afterwards, Megatron and his troops attacked, forcing Optimus Prime to crash the Ark into prehistoric Earth.

Four million years later, in 1984, the Transformers were reawakened, and Megatron immediately set about trying to locate a source of fuel for the Decepticons. Unable to ingest common Earth gasoline, the Decepticons kidnapped Sparkplug Witwicky and forced him to develop a conversion process. Megatron soon found his Decepticons and his base of operations under siege by the Autobot Gears and a strange super-powered human named Spider-Man. The pair escaped with Sparkplug, but not before he had managed to convert Earth fuel into usable energy. Prisoner of War!


In early Marvel UK stories, Megatron's colors were blinged up to match his box art.

After an argument with Megatron, Starscream left their headquarters and set about on a plan to position himself above Megatron in the eyes of his comrades. Ravage, sent by Megatron to spy on Starscream, was discovered overhearing Starscream's treachery, and so Starscream tried to eliminate the elusive jaguar. This enraged Megatron, who punished Starscream by having him duel the Autobot Brawn. The Enemy Within! Soon, Megatron and the full fury of the Decepticons under his command laid siege to the Ark itself, but his attack was stopped short by a malfunctioning Auntie, the Ark's computer system. Captured with Optimus Prime in a stasis field, Auntie's fatal intentions towards them prompted Megatron to activate his rarely-used ability to tap into the power of a black hole. This proved unnecessary after Ravage and Windcharger saved them, so Megatron moved to use his cosmic power on Prime - until Windcharger magnetically launched him out of the Ark and into the stratosphere. Raiders of the Last Ark

While Sparkplug was kidnapped, this had only afforded him the chance to poison their fuel, and the Decepticons were forcibly deactivated at the end of a climactic fight between the two factions. The Autobots were not saved, however, as Shockwave suddenly arrived and defeated the Autobots with a single blast. The Last Stand He brought the Decepticons back online to serve him - including Megatron. Chafing under his command, Megatron battled Shockwave, but was soundly defeated. The Worse of Two Evils


Get used to this, Megatron.

This forced Megatron into an alliance with Ratchet Warrior School, who located and reactivated the Dinobots, who had defeated Shockwave in the past. However, Ratchet loosed them on Megatron, and was willing to sacrifice himself to knock Megatron off a cliff. While Ratchet survived, Megatron disappeared for some time. Repeat Performance

Soon, however, Megatron re-emerged, trapped in pistol mode, his higher brain functions disconnected. Used as a weapon by wannabe gangster, Joey Slick, Megatron eventually restored himself, and was impressed enough with Slick for standing up to him that he allowed him to live. Shooting Star But at this point, Megatron was desperately low on fuel, and attacked a coal mine, attempting to locate some, when he eventually completely ran out, and froze in place. He was soon located by Soundwave, who brought him back online, and they subsequently entered into an alliance with the human Donny Finkleberg, who used the alias of "Robot-Master" to con humankind into thinking the Transformers worked for him. I, Robot Master

Shockwave and Megatron entered into a period of shared leadership, but when a two-pronged attack by the Autobots saw Megatron defeated by Omega Supreme, and Shockwave allowing the Autobots to capture the secrets of Devastator, Megatron was able to spin the situation and reclaim his leadership. Command Performances


Megatron! We have to get back... BACK TO THE FUTURE!!!

A mysterious Decepticon called Galvatron, along with his henchmen Cyclonus and Scourge, entered the Decepticon camp and claimed he was the future Decepticon leader from the year 2006. Megatron found this preposterous, but though he tried to destroy the alleged impostor, he and Soundwave were buried under rubble by the powerful newcomers. Megatron was retrieved from the rubble by Ironhide, and he and the Autobots forged an uneasy alliance against Galvatron. This was still not enough, as Galvatron (who was revealed to be Megatron himself from the future) easily disposed of all of them, and was only deterred when he was tricked into believing he had traveled back in time to a past that would not become his own future. Target 2006

Megatron summoned the Predacons to Earth with the intention of having them hunt down Optimus Prime, but Shockwave used the opportunity to try and remove Megatron from the picture. After trailing Prime through a forest and bringing him to his knees Prey, the Predacons turned on Megatron, blindsiding him, stealing his fusion cannon, and absconding. When Megatron came to, he continued hunting Prime, but when the Autobot leader attacked him, he summoned the space bridge in hopes of escaping to Cybertron, only for Prime to be transported with him. On Cybertron, Megatron established contact with local Decepticon commander Lord Straxus, whose body had been destroyed by Blaster, leaving him a head floating in a jar. The Harder They Die

Straxus soon came to consider the irrational Megatron a liability and sought to dispose of him by transplanting his mind into Megatron's body, giving him mobility again while trapping Megatron in his remains. Megatron resisted the transfer, however, and the process went awry, leaving both Straxus and Megatron's minds trapped in Megatron's body together. Outwardly, Megatron seemed to become more and more unstable as the two personalities inside him battled for control; when attacked by Prime and Ultra Magnus, he even proved desperate enough to use his antimatter manipulation powers, nearly destroying the entire Decepticon complex, until Ratbat activated the space bridge and sent him back to Earth. Straxus's consciousness fled Megatron's body, and Megatron himself was left with no memory of the whole affair. Resurrection


You can sue Aaron Eckhart for getting that half on the wrong side

In order to attain possession of a new energy-generating device, the hydrothermocline, Megatron battled Optimus Prime in a video game duel, using a cheat code to continue the fight after he had lost. Prime defeated him again, but at the expense of some of the game's characters, and ruled himself the loser because he would not have committed such an act in real life. Prime was destroyed Afterdeath, and Megatron's elation soon turned into paranoia, as he had not killed Prime with his own hands, and believed he could still be alive. Bringing the Predacons back to Earth, Shockwave had them pose as Autobots and attack Megatron in another attempt to remove his threat, but the plan failed when the deranged Megatron defeated even Predaking. Believing (correctly, as it would turn out) that Prime's mind could have been preserved on computer disk, Megatron descended into outright insanity, and boarded the space bridge, vowing to go where Prime could not follow - right before he blew it up with his fusion cannon, apparently killing himself. Gone But Not Forgotten



Megatron's absence allowed a contingency plan arranged by Lord Straxus to be put into motion. In the event that his attempt to seize Megatron's body failed, Straxus had had a clone of Megatron created, complete with a copy of his brain patterns, into which his consciousness retreated following the previous debacle. Straxus lay dormant within the clone, which was activated following Megatron's seeming demise, and sent to Earth, to the sewers beneath London. Two Megatrons There, the clone - believing itself to be the genuine article - battled the Autobots, Action Force, and the mechanoid Centurion, and wound up submerged in the Thames river. Ancient Relics

Some time later, it was salvaged by Shockwave, who brainwashed it and unleashed it on Galvatron, a recreated future version of Megatron who had traveled back in time from the year 2006 and posed a threat to Shockwave's leadership. Salvage The clone Megatron, however, saw a possible partner in Galvatron, and the two teamed up to battle Autobots and Decepticons from both present and future in the apocalyptic Time Wars. Time WarsSubsequently, the clone returned to Cybertron, where it defeated the ruling Decepticon Triumvirate, The Rise and Fall of the Decepticon Empire but was then confronted with the real Megatron - the Spacebridge explosion had deposited him in the Dead End region of Cybertron, where he had wandered, with no recollection of who he was, until he had saved a Decepticon from Autobots and regained his memories. The clone Megatron subsequently destroyed itself to prevent Straxus, buried inside its mind, from taking over. Two Megatrons

Megs ratch

As you can tell, the Marvel Comics weren't very good to Megatron. Or Ratchet for that matter...

While Megatron's Micromaster Air Strike Patrol created a diversion which pitted Optimus Prime's forces against Scorponok's, Megatron sent his Micromaster Sports Car Patrol to capture Ratchet from the Ark, bringing him to Cybertron. Back from the Dead Threatening Ratchet with the destruction of the Ark and all of his patients aboard, Megatron forced him to recreate Starscream as a Pretender. Ratchet did so, but also restored Grimlock, Jazz and Bumblebee in the same manner, thwarting Megatron's scheme, and also bringing the explosives on board the Ark through a trans-time dimensional portal into Megatron's base. When Megatron then attempted to flee through the portal, Ratchet tackled him as the Decepticon's base exploded around them, apparently killing them both. Skin Deep

Soon after, however, Autobot detective Nightbeat discovered that the explosion had actually blown them through the portal, and he dispatched a probe to pull them back from the gaps between reality. However, when they rematerialized, it was revealed that the explosion had fused the two enemies together, into a hideous, twisted mockery of a being Eye of the Storm, which ran rampant through the Ark. The half that was Ratchet begged Optimus Prime to kill them, but Prime could not, and had the Micromaster Fixit separate their bodies. Unfortunately, Fixit could not separate their minds, as they were bonded at a molecular level; one could not survive without the other. The Price of Life

Their separated bodies lay in the Ark's medical bay until Grimlock pumped them full of Nucleon, though the revitalizing effect took some time to help Ratchet and Megatron come to. The Void Megatron awoke to find Galvatron II, another version of him from the future, wandering the halls of the Ark as it returned to Earth. Galvatron II, driven to insanity, initially tried to kill Megatron to purge the memory of him that haunted his mind. Megatron was in no state to comprehend what was going on around him, and began interpreting Galvatron II's blows as coming from Ratchet.

Though Galvatron II and Megatron eventually came to terms with each other while beating up Shockwave (he and Starscream had stolen the ship), vowing to join forces and take over the galaxy, Ratchet doomed them all by igniting the Ark's engines and spiraling the Autobot spacecraft into the Earth below. Megatron was presumed dead among the remains that constituted the crash site in northern Canada. A Savage Circle

Marvel UK future timelines

In an alternate 1990, Megatron was in control of Decepticon forces on Cybertron, including Bludgeon, Stranglehold, Octopunch, and Warmonger. After they captured a trio of Autobots, the heroes somehow managed to escape custody. They were recaptured, but Megatron realized there must be a traitor in his midst. Accusing Bludgeon of the crime, he attempted to beat the Pretender into confessing. Instead, Bludgeon demanded a trial by combat, as was his right as a Decepticon. Megatron agreed, and sent him out into the wreckage surrounding the base, with his three fellow Decepticons chasing after him, eager for the kill. Octopunch and Stranglehold both tried and failed to destroy Bludgeon, but Warmonger managed to get the drop on him. When Warmonger hesitated to kill a helpless foe, however, Megatron executed him as the REAL traitor. He then revealed this was his plan all along, to draw out the traitor by trusting in the sickeningly honorable Autobot code to make the spy reveal himself. Megatron also made it clear he would have had no regrets if Bludgeon had died in the "testing" process. Aspects of Evil!

Note: The above story is the earliest known account from the Marvel UK alternate "Movie" timeline. The split between the main comic and the future stories almost certainly took place in 1989, either due to the Time Wars, the events of Primal Scream where Primus alerted Unicron to his location 15 years early, or both.
Note: These stories do not fit into the normal Marvel continuity. See Earthforce for details.
Megs earthforce

The real culprit behind global warming.

In an offshoot of the Marvel timeline following the restoration of the Autobots aboard the Ark with Nucleon, but before... uh ... (okay, see Earthforce for continuity notes, it's pretty complicated...)

Somewhere in the Arizona desert, Megatron and the Constructicons built a rocket that would launch into Earth's atmosphere and detonate, converting the atmosphere into energon. The Decepticons were interrupted by Prowl and Wheeljack, and though Megatron insisted they were too late to stop the rocket, Starting Over! Prowl rode the rocket into the atmosphere, and was able to destroy the satellite the rocket carried before it released its gas canisters. Desert Island Risks!

Now that Grimlock's Earthforce had installed itself to counter Megatron and Shockwave's Decepticons on Earth, the two leaders decided to hold an Enclave to foster unity. This event was sabotaged by the Earthforce by staging an assassination attempt on Megatron, and once again, Megatron and Shockwave's respective groups were at each other's throats. The Bad Guy's Ball!

After being ambushed at a secret energon drop by Shockwave and the Triple Changers, an enraged Megatron demanded that Soundwave use his mind-reading powers to find the traitor who betrayed his location to the enemy. Of course, Soundwave WAS the traitor, so this proved difficult. He managed to satisfy Megatron, though, by framing the Stunticon named Wildrider for leaking the information, knowing Megatron would destroy Wildrider before he could explain himself. Secrets When Megatron gained information as to Shockwave's whereabouts, Megatron ambushed him, unaware the information had been deliberately leaked by Starscream. Starscream and Soundwave subsequently deposed their respective leaders and when they came under attack from the Autobots (who had been alerted to their position by Starscream) Megatron and Shockwave were forced to join forces to escape. Internal Affairs!

Megatron and Shockwave soon hired a group of inept assassins to attack Starscream, knowing he would believe Soundwave had sent them and thus initiate a confrontation between the pair. They then hired the surviving members of the Mayhem Attack Squad - Bludgeon, Octopunch and Stranglehold - to kill whichever one of the two survived. The plan failed thanks to the intervention of the Autobots, who needed Starscream's help to save Snarl, and Megatron and Shockwave were forced to retreat again. Assassins External Forces! The Lesser Evil

Another Time And Place


"Another Time and Place" was retconned out of continuity a few years later by the Generation 2 comic books.

Trapped in non-transforming Action Master bodies, Grimlock and the Dinobots snuck a shuttle to Hydrus Four, where rumor had it a new, less destructive brand of Nucleon had been developed. However, the allegedly defeated Decepticons were waiting for just such a trip, and followed the Dinobots to the planet's surface, where they were ambushed and captured. Grimlock woke up to hear endless chants of "Megatron! Megatron! Megatron!" as technicians had strung up the late Decepticon leader's body, culled from his supposed doom on Earth, for repairs. Bludgeon would revive him and revive their fallen, and then the war would begin anew.

But Bludgeon wouldn't get the chance. The cavalry arrived, and Optimus Prime's Autobots quickly quelled the Decepticons' would-be resurgence. As Bludgeon was taken to pieces by a vicious repair spider, a partially-restored Megatron, a visual monstrosity, lunged half-alive at Grimlock and Optimus Prime. With a double-teamed punch, Megatron's undead corpse was easily defeated. The war was truly over. Another Time and Place

Generation 2


Green with evil!

Although thought dead for a year or two, Megatron had actually survived the Ark crash (though his mental link with Ratchet was forgotten), and had quietly worked to repair it, concealing it beneath the ground. From there, Megatron tracked a signal, mistakenly believing it was another Transformer, but instead he found the shape-shifting castle of the terrorist organization, Cobra. He entered into a bargain with its leader, Cobra Commander, offering him the technology of the Ark in exchange for the new weapons his organization was developing. Realignments Reconstructed into a new tank body with a powerful rail gun, Megatron defeated a squad of Autobots sent to stop him, and then turned on Cobra, capturing the scientist who had developed his gun, Doctor Biggles-Jones and escaping in the Ark. Final Transformations

Both Skydive and Spike Witwicky had snuck on board, and following a clearly one-sided battle with Spike's Headmaster partner, Fortress Maximus, Megatron was seemingly killed again when Fortress Maximus threw himself into the Ark's power core, destroying it once and for all. All or Nothing! But Megatron (and a repaired Starscream) rejoined the Decepticons on Earth to challenge the current Decepticon leader, Bludgeon. The Power and the Glory Bludgeon was deposed, fatally, though Megatron continued many of the Pretender's ongoing projects, such as calling the attentions of Optimus Prime to Earth by indiscriminately rampaging across it. When Prime finally showed up, Megatron's old foe at first attempted to talk and join forces against the new threat of Jhiaxus and his Advanced-Decepticons, but Megatron ignored him, ripped the Creation Matrix from his chest, and left to infuse a new generation of warriors with life. The Gathering Darkness His warriors proved to be highly successful, and helped Megatron secure the galvanizing additive known as Rheanimum. Immediately thereafter, however, Megatron's Decepticons came into conflict with Jhiaxus's forces. Many of Megatron's troops were killed in the resulting battle, and Megatron himself was humbled brutally in battle against Jhiaxus, getting knocked out of space and crashing with immense force into the planet below. New Dawn


Megatron's getting a little too self-aware.

In order to gain revenge, Megatron entered into an alliance with the Autobots to "put their house in order." He was forced to deal with Prime's more altruistic streak, but toughed it out for the sake of the alliance. Escalation! But, of course, they were betrayed by Starscream, who joined forces with Jhiaxus' troops, alerted Jhiaxus to the location of the Autobot/Decepticon camp on Earth, and then again betrayed both sides by using the opportunity to steal the Creation Matrix and Megatron's Warworld. Total War Starscream, using the powers of the Matrix, fused himself with the Warworld, which gave Megatron and Optimus Prime great difficulty as they fought their way through its shifting insides. Dark Shadows! Ultimately, Starscream relinquished the Creation Matrix to Optimus Prime when it was discovered that the artifact was making him nice, allowing Megatron to load a ship with canisters of Rheanimum gas and head back to Earth, where the Swarm was beginning its attack. Megatron arrived just in time to coat the remaining Transformers with the gas, which protected them from the Swarm long enough for Optimus Prime to defeat the Swarm with the Matrix. The Swarm departed, changed into a force for good, leaving both Autobot and Decepticon seemingly united for good. A Rage in Heaven!

Fun Publications Classics comics

Note: The Classics comic takes place after the end of the original Marvel Comic, but in a splinter timeline that does not include the events of the Marvel UK-exclusive stories or Generation 2.

I got your child safety right here pal!

Fifteen years had passed since Megatron supposedly died along with Shockwave, Starscream, and Ratchet when the Ark crashed violently into the Yukon. The defeated Decepticon army scattered, and the Autobots were able to return to a peaceful Cybertron.

Inexplicably, Megatron returned (in a new body) and once again stalked the Earth, rallying the remaining Decepticons to him. Megatron rebuilt many of these Decepticons using altered specifications created by Shockwave, shortly before Megatron presumably had Shockwave decommissioned in an unspecified way. Eventually, Megatron, roaming free, stumbled across Skyfall and Landquake, who had traveled from their universe in a fantastic energon/forcefield explosion, but his evil intentions for them were interrupted by human-piloted Armored Robot Hunters (or RUNTs) and subsequently a small team of Autobots led by Optimus Prime. Crossing Over, Part 1

Megatron managed to escape with Landquake and return with him to the Decepticons' base of operations, where he had Landquake restrained, interrogated, and inspected. Megatron was intrigued by Landquake's claims of being from another dimension. He was further intrigued by a radiation wavelength signature detected in South America that exactly matched Landquake's readouts, and so Megatron led his Decepticons to the source of the signature. Crossing Over, Part 2 There, he encountered not only a fleet of jet-piloting RUNTs, but also the Autobots again. This time, with the might of his Decepticons behind him, he eagerly engaged in battle. Crossing Over, Part 3

American cartoon continuity

Voice Actor: Frank Welker (English), Seizō Katō (Japanese), José Santacruz (Portuguese), Gernot Duda (Generation One, German), Manfred Erdmann (German), Thomas Rauscher (Generation 2, German), Elias Zervos (Greece)

And then in 1984, Megatron creates the Constructicons. It all comes full circle.

Transformers:The Movie [src]


Hold on, Prime. Let me equip my +5 Energon Mace!

Under Megatron's leadership, the Decepticons conquered a large portion of Cybertron, but the war drained Cybertron of most of its energy, necessitating that both factions seek out new worlds and new sources of power. Megatron and his elite forces pursued the Autobots' craft in their space cruiser and attacked and boarded the craft, causing it to crash on a prehistoric planet, entombing all on the ship in emergency stasis as it crashed into a dormant volcano.

Four million years later, a volcanic eruption reactivated the ship's computer, Teletraan I, which in turn brought Skywarp back on-line. Skywarp proceeded to drag Megatron into the computer's reconfiguration beam, and the Decepticon leader was restored, with the Autobots soon to follow. Realizing that the Transformers were far from Cybertron, Megatron immediately arranged for construction of a new space cruiser, which would be fueled with energy pillaged from Earth's many natural resources. More Than Meets the Eye, Part 1

Early in his campaign against Earth, Megatron engaged Optimus Prime in a famous battle atop Sherman Dam, where he defeated the Autobot leader and absconded with the plant's energy. More Than Meets the Eye, Part 2

After several further energy raids, the space cruiser was refueled and the Decepticons blasted off from Earth, but an attempted coup by Megatron's treacherous lieutenant Starscream aboard the ship allowed Autobot stowaway Mirage the opportunity to sabotage the vessel and send it crashing back to Earth. More Than Meets the Eye, Part 3

The Autobots believed the Decepticons to be destroyed, but in reality, they had survived the crash and repurposed the hulk of their spaceship as a sub-oceanic staging base and bunker. Megatron re-established contact with the guardian of Cybertron, Shockwave, and began construction of an intergalactic transport system called a "space bridge," although the early tests nearly resulted in his destruction when he was sucked into the portal and teleported to Cybertron. Transport to Oblivion, Roll For It, Divide and Conquer

Over the following years, Megatron's schemes to obtain Earth's energies continued, growing ever more convoluted, imaginative and outlandish. His assorted plans included various attempts to harness the power of Earth's core, Fire in the Sky, S.O.S. Dinobots, Fire on the Mountain, War of the Dinobots

The technology was eventually stabilized, however, and used in a grand scheme to transport Cybertron through space into Earth's orbit, where the natural disasters its gravity wreaked created tremendous energy that Megatron and the Decepticons gathered. The Ultimate Doom, Part 1, The Ultimate Doom, Part 2

The Earth was saved, however, when the stockpile of energy aboard a transport craft being piloted by Megatron was detonated by the Autobots, the explosion forcing Cybertron out of orbit. The Ultimate Doom, Part 3

Although caught in the explosion and left adrift in space, Megatron was again able to cheat death, and soon found himself forced to team up with Optimus Prime in order to stop Starscream's attempt to destroy Earth. Countdown to Extinction

In his next scheme, Megatron absorbed all the separate powers of the other Decepticons into himself, and challenged Optimus Prime to one-on-one combat. With the added abilities of all his minions, Megatron easily defeated Prime in the battle, but when his deception was revealed, he and his followers were defeated in a group attack. Heavy Metal War, A Plague of Insecticons

The manipulation of the Autobots' minds and bodies to his own evil ends. Changing Gears, City of Steel, Attack of the Autobots

Stealing or taking control of various new weapons, devices and energy sources from both humans and the Autobots Traitor, The Immobilizer, The Autobot Run

Trying to conquer key human cities. Atlantis, Arise! , The Immobilizer , Day of the Machines , Enter the Nightbird, A Prime Problem, The Core, The Insecticon Syndrome, Blaster Blues

The draining of energy from a time-lost prehistoric island. Dinobot Island, Part 1, Dinobot Island, Part 2, The Master Builders, Auto Berserk

supercharging himself with the Heart of Cybertron, Microbots

Partnership with a human politician that actually allowed him to force the Autobots off Earth and temporarily conquer Central City. Megatron's Master Plan, Part 1, Megatron's Master Plan, Part 2, Desertion of the Dinobots, Part 1, Desertion of the Dinobots, Part 2, Blaster Blues, A Decepticon Raider in King Arthur's Court, The Golden Lagoon, Make Tracks, Child's Play, Quest for Survival

Using a device called the Robo-Smasher to permanently reprogram Autobots and Decepticons into servitude of his cause, Megatron swelled the Decepticons' ranks into a true army. Among the robots forced into servitude were the Constructicons. The Secret of Omega Supreme

The creation of many new creatures, weapons and Transformers. Kremzeek!, Sea Change, Triple Takeover, Prime Target, Auto-Bop, The Search for Alpha Trion, The Girl Who Loved Powerglide, The Key to Vector Sigma, Part 1, The Key to Vector Sigma, Part 2

For whatever reason, the aggressive actions of Megatron and the Decepticons were not made public knowledge, and young robots like the naive Orion Pax still looked up to Megatron and his followers because of their new robot-mode flight powers. However, Pax soon learned the error of his ways when Megatron approached him about the possibility of using one of his warehouses for storage, only to turn on him once he had gained access to the energon stored within the facility. Megatron fatally injured Pax in a scuffle, but thanks to the actions of the time-displaced Aerialbots, the young Autobot was rebuilt by Alpha Trion into a new configuration that could truly stand up to Megatron's power. Now, Orion Pax was Optimus Prime, leader of the Autobots and Megatron's sworn opponent as the civil war erupted again. War Dawn, Trans-Europe Express, Cosmic Rust, Starscream's Brigade, The Revenge of Bruticus, Aerial Assault, Masquerade, B.O.T.


No, not drawn by Pat Lee—that's actually battle damage.

Eventually, at some point over the following twenty years, Megatron turned his attention away from Earth, and succeeded in completely conquering Cybertron by the Earth year 2005. The Autobots, however, were able to maintain control of two of Cybertron's moons, while the majority of their forces were relocated to the new Autobot City on Earth. Learning the Autobots were planning a decisive strike against the Decepticons, Megatron and the Decepticons intercepted the shuttle sent to Earth to acquire energy to power the raid, and unleashed a mighty assault on Autobot City. In the course of the conflict, word was sent to Optimus Prime, who arrived the following morning after the slaughter and confronted Megatron in another one-on-one struggle. Megatron appeared beaten, but spying a discarded pistol, stalled for time by pleading for mercy as he attempted to reach it. The young Autobot Hot Rod then intervened, tackling Megatron, but the powerful Decepticon proved too much for him, seizing him and using him as a shield as he grabbed the pistol and opened fire on Prime. The wounds were fatal and sent Prime to the grave - but not before he delivered his own final blow to Megatron, seriously damaging him and forcing the Decepticons to flee.

On the return trip to Cybertron aboard Astrotrain, it became necessary to jettison excess mass, or the Decepticons would be unable to reach the planet. The wounded Decepticons were voted out, and set adrift in space, with Starscream personally jettisoning Megatron. Before long, however, Megatron's drifting body was found by the planet-eating Unicron, who offered to rebuild his body if he would destroy the Autobot Matrix of Leadership for him. As Megatron don't know about anyone's servant, Unicron asked him that he successful kills Optimus Prime then reformatted him as new and improved Galvatron. The Transformers: The Movie, Five Faces of Darkness, Part 4

Also, at one undefined point, he was known to have battled Optimus Prime in a laboratory, causing an explosion that disfigured Gregory Swofford. The Return of Optimus Prime, Part 1

Japanese animated continuity

Note: The events of the American animated series occur in Japanese continuity as noted above. This timeline, however, inserts a large number of additional storylines, told through various different media, into the timeline (in particular, between Season 2 and the movie), as detailed below.

Fight! Super Robot Lifeform Transformers manga

In the late 1980s, Megatron turned his attention away from North America, and chose to focus on stealing the energy of Japan. In addition to ordering many attacks, he transformed himself into the gigantic "Super Megatron Gun" (a non-shrunken version of his pistol mode, operated by Starscream riding atop Blitzwing!) F!SRLF #4 and ordered the construction of the Decepticon city, Trypticon, to counter the Autobots' Scramble City. F!SRLF #3 F!SRLF #6

Scramble City OVA

To hide the continuing construction of Scramble City from prying Decepticon optics, the Autobots moved the project to a concealed cavern, but when the Decepticons detected magnetic fluctuations emanating from the caves, Megatron dispatched Soundwave's cassettes to investigate, and Ratbat discovered the facility. Hoping to destroy the fortress before it was completed, Megatron sent his entire army of combiners to attack the Autobots. The plan met with failure, as the Autobots and their combiners were able to hold off the Decepticons long enough for Scramble City to be completed and transformed into its robot mode of Metroplex. Metroplex dispatched the Decepticons, but Megatron then revealed his trump card - Trypticon! Scramble City

The Headmasters cartoon

Megatron together with Decepticons attacked the Autobots. Four Warriors Come out of the Sky

Note: This storyline was never concluded, as a second installment of Scramble City was never produced.

Star Gate War

Continued Autobot and human interaction led to a joint project to create an interstellar transport system in the late 1990s. When Starscream fused with the mechanism and attempted a coup, Megatron and Prime were forced to team up to stop him, and went missing following the battle that ensued. Star Gate War

Note: This manga's cliffhanger was never resolved, but was retroactively exploited to insert the Robots in Disguise animated series into the Japanese Generation One continuity, by claiming that its events took place when Prime and Megatron were absent and most of the Autobots and Decepticons were injured and off-planet.


After the Autobots' Earth-based forces were decimated by a Cosmic Rust plague unleashed by Swindle in 2003, Megatron made his big push to fully take over Cybertron in 2004. The vast majority of the Autobots were occupied battling Megatron's forces on Cybertron, leading to the creation of new "Binaltech" bodies for the injured Autobots on Earth to protect the planet.

In the midst of this Binaltech affair, the time-tossed Decepticon Ravage attempted to alter history by using the Kronosphere time-machine. In the middle of a decisive battle between the Autobots and Decepticons, Ravage used the Kronosphere to transport Megatron and the Decepticons through time, altering history so that the Autobots were left to face the looming threat of Unicron alone. This disruption of the natural order of time proved almost catastrophic, but reality was saved by the appearance of a mysterious entity known only as "The Protector," which restored the timeline as it should have been, but also preserved the "Binal-Time" timeline as an alternate universe.

In this alternate universe, Unicron was ultimately defeated, but the weakened Autobot forces were then overwhelmed by the fighting-fit Megatron and the Decepticons when they reappeared in 2006, and Cybertron was conquered by them once again. Megatron then turned his attention on the Sol system, and launched an attack on the Earth Defense Command base on Mars. At the same time, however, the Autobot spy Mirage had been dispatched to Cybertron, where he was instructed to locate and throw a large switch that the Autobots had received information on. This switch effectively froze every non-Binaltech Transformer throughout the entire universe, including Megatron and his armada on Mars. The only active Decepticons in the area, Nemesis Prime and Shockwave, staged a full retreat while using drones to gather up as many of the frozen Decepticons as possible. Since Nemesis Prime was last seen taking Megatron's throne for himself, it is unknown if he took the frozen Megatron to safety, or left the former Decepticon leader to be taken into custody.

Robot Masters


HAH! I fooled you for all of five seconds!

Voice Actor: Jirō Saitō (Japanese)

In the year 2004, Megatron disappeared through unknown circumstances, leaving his time-displaced descendant from the Beast Wars to take his place as Decepticon leader in the battle for the mysterious element solitarium. Precisely what happened to Megatron was never explained, but the Decepticon leader was later able to effect his return by using his inter-dimensional black hole uplink powers to take over the body of Reverse Convoy from the planet Vehicon. Posing as an ally to the Autobots, Megatron proceeded to betray them by revealing himself as the aptly-named "Rebirth Megatron". Eventually, however, Optimus Prime returned all the Autobots and Decepticons to their proper place in time and space through the power of solitarium and rid the Earth of Decepticons.

The Transformers manga

Note: The Transformers manga takes place concurrently with the third season of the animated animated series. However, while that series took place in 2006 in American continuity, in Japan, its events were moved back to 2010.

At some point in 2010, Galvatron attempted to destroy the Autobots with a legion of Megatron clones dubbed "The Megatron Military". Each clone was equipped with its own unique fusion cannon and they were capable of combining the blasts into an intense attack. As a unified force, the Megatron Military crushed Rodimus Prime, Arcee, Springer, Blurr and Kup. Their victory was assured until Rodimus managed to deduce that the Megatron Military was being controlled by Galvatron, who was, as it turned out, actually disguised as one of the Megatron clones himself. Once Rodimus defeated Galvatron, all the Megatron clones lost power and were easily vanquished. The Transformers issue #2

The Battlestars

Note: With his transformation into Galvatron, Megatron departed from the animated continuity until this storyline, five years later.


Mister and Mister Overdesigned, 1991.

During his time as Galvatron, Megatron had been seemingly vanquished forever when he was crushed beneath an iceberg. The Emperor of Destruction Vanishes on an Iceberg Over fifteen years later, an evil force named Dark Nova recovered Galvatron's body from its ice tomb, and recreated him as Super Megatron, pitting him against Star Convoy, the reborn Optimus Prime, and his Autobots. Super Megatron didn't fare too well against his old adversary and was swiftly defeated by the Battlestars and their Triple Combination Battlestar Attack. Dark Nova then upgraded him into Ultra Megatron, who had a similar success rate.


The Pointy Objects Convention is that way.

For the final battle, Dark Nova merged with the remains of Ultra Megatron and formed the massive Star Giant. Star Giant was virtually invincible from the outside, so Star Convoy, Grandus and Sky Garry traveled inside his body and began tearing up the joint. As soon as they'd inflicted enough damage, the trio escaped just as Star Giant detonated, leaving only his head somewhat intact. Fortunately for Megatron, his body was stored within the head, allowing him to survive the explosion.

Generation 2 story pages and mini-comics


He hasn't lost his knack for monologuing in his old age

Recovering from the Star Giant incident, Megatron abandoned his evil ways and was upgraded into a new Action Master body. His new peaceful intentions were genuine, and he joined with Optimus Prime to form the Cybertron Alliance, ushering in the Second Generation of Transformers. However, after human soldiers killed one of his dearest comrades, he adopted a new body and began the war anew.

Megatron coordinated an onslaught of attacks which mortally wounded Optimus Prime (who had adopted a new missile trailer mode to counter Megatron). Megatron then delivered the fatal blow personally and believed his enemy dead. Killing Optimus Prime wasn't so easy, as the essences of the previous Autobot Supreme Commanders within the Matrix of Leadership used the Reconfiguration Matrix to transform Optimus into Laser Optimus Prime. The fight raged on for a while until Prime managed to drive the Decepticon forces to retreat into outer space.

Comic Bom Bom Generation 2 manga

In the year 199X, the Decepticons had learned of a powerful new energy source known as forestonite which just happened to be located (surprise surprise) on Earth. Megatron sent his trio of Cyberjets to Earth first to draw out the enemy Autobots. The Cyberjets made quick work of Electro but were soon halted by the appearance of Optimus Prime.

Megatron then entered the fray and fired his Black Hole Burn attack from his fusion cannon, narrowly missing Optimus Prime but vaporizing Hooligan in the process. Prime fought fiercely but Megatron began to take the upper hand in battle.

However, Prime was encouraged to keep fighting by the cheers of a human boy named Junpei. Megatron, surprised at Prime's resilience, attempted to finish his foe off with his Tornado Axe attack. Prime countered with his Double Wheel-Torque Mega-Ton, which trumped Megatron's attack and injured the Decepticon badly. Megatron teleported back to his ship and left Earth's atmosphere, vowing to return.

Beast Wars II cartoon

Hundreds of thousands of years into the future, on the planet Gaea, The Predacon Galvatron attempted to use a time-and-space-warping gate to summon Megatron to his aid. It is not clear whether he was searching for the Predacon Megatron or the original Decepticon to bear that name.

Galvatron's brother Megastorm screws up the calculations and instead summons the titanic Majin Zarak. Galvatron proudly declares "we obtained a weapon far superior to Megatron".

Dissed, Megsey. Dissed! Lio Convoy in Imminent Danger

Kid Stuff Talking Story Books continuity

Voice actor: Earl Hammond(?)

Megatron calls Soundwave a "blundering tape-filled idiot." When Continents Collide This is notable because it is hilarious. Also, Megatron totally sounds like "Mumm-Ra" from Thundercats. Megatron had an odd obsession with drills, mole machines, and other burrowing devices, as he used them frequently in his plans for energy gathering and conquest.

Marvel Books Big Looker Storybook continuity


MTV pimps Megatron's ride.

A bunch of humans set up a race for charity, and the victor would receive a year's supply of oil and gasoline. Well, the Decepticons desperately wanted that bounty, so rather than just steal it, they decided to sneak into the race. Cliffjumper was one of the Autobots driving in the rally and was unaware that the scary black Cadillac was actually being driven by Megatron! Megatron dogged Cliffjumper for quite a while but ended up losing to the Minibot. Cliffjumper won the race and everybody smiled, even Optimus Prime. The Great Car Rally


Dreamwave comics continuity


Gladiators can afford extra paint applications.

Young Megatron was a rising star in gladiatorial combat in the depths of Cybertron. As victory upon victory mounted, he began to realize that the games were nothing more than an elaborate conspiracy by the Council of Ancients, particularly Ratbat, to divert the attentions of the masses from the dangerous truth of Cybertron’s history. When Megatron began to show interest in Cybertron's buried past through exploration and research, the Council of Ancients attempted to have him assassinated - a plan that only resulted in stirring up even more discontent among Cybertronians, allowing Megatron to begin recruiting for the Decepticon movement.

First his "inner circle," then many of the gladiators, and then finally disgruntled civilians answered his call to action. The Decepticons were born. The Route of All Evil Megatron Origin


Megatron is so grass-roots.

Megatron's forces began a civil war of Autobot against Decepticon in order to mask his reactivation of the ancient planetary engines buried beneath Cybertron’s surface. As a result, Cybertron would be transformed into a massive warworld that would cut a swathe of destruction through the galaxy. What he required, however, was a power source for the engines, which he believed could be found in the Matrix. He personally killed Sentinel Prime, but found the Matrix was not with him. He sent two assassination squads after Optimus Prime, the new Autobot leader, before going for him personally. During the fight, Megatron's lieutenant, Starscream, shot both leaders into a deep hole. During their subsequent battle, Megatron explained his goals, and urged Prime to join him. His attack on Prime also cracked the Matrix's casing, causing both Transformers to see visions of the future. Unfortunately for Megatron, Starscream activated the planet mechaforming process too soon, resulting in the destruction of the machinery, and Prime erased Megatron's memories of the future, and of the engines. The War Within

Roughly 7.4 million years BCE, Megatron and Optimus Prime disappeared in an early test of the then-unstable Space Bridge matter-transport system. Spending an undisclosed time on the planet Quintessa, Megatron returned with an overwhelming army of lifeless seeker clones, quickly subjugating Cybertron. (This story was never finished due to the closure of Dreamwave, though the seekers and presumably Megatron as well were eventually defeated.)

Four million years BCE, Cybertron was threatened by a massive approaching asteroid, so Optimus Prime led a contingent of Autobots aboard the Ark to blow the rock to fragments, which were transported away by an orbital Space Bridge network. When this task was completed, Megatron chose this moment to strike, attacking the Ark with his troops. Crippled, the craft flew through one of the Space Bridge portals, and was transported to prehistoric Earth, where it crashed, entombing the occupants in stasis for four million years.

The Autobots and Decepticons were reactivated in 1984, but specific details of their battles in the 1980s and 1990s are unrecorded. (Presumably, they broadly resembled the G1 cartoon and comic books.) In 1999, a Autobot/Human military alliance succeeded in capturing and deactivating the Decepticons. However, the Ark II spaceship carrying them back to Cybertron exploded shortly after liftoff, and the Transformers were believed destroyed. In actuality, they had been scattered back to Earth, where they lay in stasis lock across the globe for three years. This slumber was brought to an end when Adam Rook (aka Lazarus), a rogue military scientist who had devised a method of controlling Transformers, salvaged many of the fallen Cybertronians and reprogrammed them as mass killing machines, which he then attempted to sell on the black market. Megatron was first to break free of the human's control, overriding the new programming and capturing Lazarus during an auction. Megatron forced Lazarus to watch as he unleashed a technorganic virus designed to transform all of Earth into a new Cybertron. It also served to lure Optimus Prime and the Autobots, also now reactivated, to his location. Megatron, tired of the war, continuously asked Prime to join him. After his first failed attempt, Megatron unleashed Devastator on San Francisco, ensuing in mass slaughter, in an attempt to show Prime the humans were not worth fighting for. However, the selfless sacrifice of several firemen restored Prime's faith in humanity and allowed him and the Autobots to beat back Megatron.


Megatron's a bottom.

Several months later. Megatron was subliminally summoned to a remote area in Alaska along with the other Earthbound Transformers. There they battled until Megatron's former second-in-command, Shockwave, arrived and revealed that in their absence the war on Cybertron had ended. He arrested Megatron, Prime, and their troops as war criminals. Megatron, weakened by battle, was quickly defeated by Shockwave and loaded aboard his shuttle for return to Cybertron, only to have Starscream seize the opportunity by jettisoning him into space on the return trip. Megatron used the time floating in space to contemplate his existence and the Decepticon goal. Realizing that he had wasted millennia in his feud with Prime, Megatron resolved to once again conquer Cybertron as a means of enhancing the Transformer race and strengthening it from outside threats. It seemed as through he would not live to accomplish this goal, however, as death closed in on him... only for him to be retrieved by the Junkion Wreck-Gar. Wreck-Gar took Megatron to the planet Junkion and repaired and re-armed him, as well as digging up and reactivating a number of seeker clones that had wound up there after being dumped through space bridge portals. Megatron returned the favor by stabbing him in the back with an energy dagger.

Traveling to the Planet Beest, Megatron defeated the exiled Decepticon warlords, the Predacons, and rebuilt them into the mightiest of all combiners, Predaking, to serve as his ace in the hole in his quest to reclaim leadership of the Decepticons. Moving in stealth on Cybertron, Megatron defeated Shockwave, severing his laser arm and forcing him into servitude. He then returned to Earth to collect the remaining Decepticons under Starscream's command, and to teach Starscream a lesson long in coming.

While it was alluded that Megatron had a grand goal in mind that also included the subjugation of the Quintessons, the remainder of the story has yet to be told due to the closure of Dreamwave. However it has been stated by representatives of IDW publishing, the current holders of the Transformer comic license, that once Dreamwave has exited bankruptcy court, they intend to finish the story.

Dreamwave Transformers/G.I. Joe continuity

Megatron and the other Decepticons were unintentionally revived by Major Bludd. Bludd's leader, Cobra Commander, used Megatron as a weapon of global conquest. Megatron took the opportunity to harvest energy from the conquered human establishments. To enforce Megatron's loyalty, the Commander was willing to use his possession of The Matrix as a weapon capable of causing Megatron great pain. Megatron eagerly awaited the Commander's death.

When Cobra Commander's legs were crushed during Bruticus's rampage, Megatron suggested the Commander use Megatron's gun mode as a means of killing himself to relieve the pain, but it was Baroness who was bold enough to fire the killing shot.

Then Snake-Eyes broke the Matrix and Megatron died. He remained dead. Transformers/G.I. Joe

Devil's Due G.I. Joe vs. The Transformers continuity


Joey Slick > Cobra Commander

After Cobra, a ruthless terrorist organization determined to rule the world, found a crashed spaceship full of Transformers in stasis lock, these beings were rebuilt into Cobra vehicles and reprogrammed to serve Cobra. One exception to the latter detail was Megatron, who was rebuilt to transform into a Walther P38 handgun, but was only locked in this mode and not reprogrammed. He mocked Cobra Commander's decisions, especially deciding Starscream, Megatron's traitorous lieutenant, would serve as the Commander's choice of transport.

Megatron was able to bargain for his freedom when the Transformers were cleared of their reprogramming, including a very stern Optimus Prime. The two leaders clashed, but ultimately Megatron was defeated. Unbeknownst to the victors, Megatron's remains were seized by the United States government. G.I. Joe vs. the Transformers

Megatron's remains were eventually used to create Serpent O.R., a synthetic creature that combined the personalities of several of Earth's most famous warmongers and Megatron. During a Cobra raid, Serpent O.R. was prematurely activated. After discerning his origins, Serpent O.R. considered himself the son of Megatron. The Art of War

IDW comics continuity


You should have gone to IKEA.

Long ago, before the war, Megatron was an Energon miner, a member of the lower class, in Mine C-12. One day Senator Decimus arrived at the mine to announce that the mine was being closed immediately and the workers would be relocated. However, one of the Senator's guards killed a worker for insubordination and claims of Senate corruption, which spurred Megatron into action. He attacked Senator Decimus and killed the guard in self-defense, and was shocked to find he had done so. He and the other miners were en route to imprisonment when Rumble and Frenzy broke free and started a riot aboard their ship. They escaped and made their way to Kaon. Megatron Origin issue 1

After evading law enforcement, Megatron joined a team of underworld gladiators under the tutelage of Clench. Initially repulsed by killing his opponents, the games eventually turned him more brutal and excessive, and he took control of the entire operation from Clench. The opportunistic Senator Ratbat, after seeing how much money there was in the underworld matches, sent his agent Soundwave to offer Megatron weaponry and technology to upgrade himself and his comrades. Megatron Origin issue 2 Sentinel Prime's Autobots were sent to investigate the gladiatorial games, but when two Autobots were personally killed by Megatron, Prime's forces stepped up their pursuit. Megatron used the gladiatorial games to drum up an army of violent malcontents and spread chaos throughout Cybertron. He then deliberately allowed Sentinel Prime's forces to capture his burgeoning army, Megatron Origin issue 3 so that Starscream (pretending to defect) and Soundwave and his hidden cassette army could exterminate the Kaon Senate and then free every last prisoner. Megatron led the army of prisoners against the Autobots, beat Sentinel Prime nearly to death, and took control of Kaon. Megatron Origin issue 4


450 years ago, his helmet was black, but now it's gray. The difference time makes, huh?

Over time, the war between Megatron's Decepticon army and Optimus Prime's Autobots covered the entire planet and soon beyond to the rest of the galaxy. Optimus grew to respect and fear Megatron as a calm, calculating and measured opponent, a contrast to his almost sociopathic personality in Origin Escalation issue 5. Megatron also constructed Sixshot, a living weapon with frightening amounts of power that only he had the "off-switch" for. Devastation issue 5 The conflict became so great that it created an impending energy crisis and threatened the stability of Cybertron itself. When Shockwave left Cybertron, secretly pursuing alternate energy sources, Megatron ordered Bludgeon to investigate his files, secretly assigning Soundwave to investigate Bludgeon. Spotlight: Shockwave

Later, a Decepticon scientist, Thunderwing, came to Megatron with a revolutionary, controversial plan to stave off this energy death by polydermal grafting, a process where they encased themselves in "symbiotic carapaces," or shells created from living tissue. When Megatron dismissed him angrily and cut him down, Thunderwing did not abandon his research, but instead experimented on himself. As a result, Thunderwing became so powerful that Megatron had to join forces with Optimus Prime to stop him. This battle at Thunderhead Pass accelerated the apocalypse destined to befall Cybertron, leaving it an uninhabitable, radioactive husk and forcing both armies to continue their war on other worlds. Megatron advocated that they simply destroy Cybertron to ensure that Thunderwing was destroyed, but Prime refused, and threatened to stop Megatron if he tried. Megatron agreed not to destroy the planet, but warned Prime that whatever happened was on his head.


I also wonder.

Seven hundred stellar cycles later, in current times, it was discovered that as a result of digging through Shockwave's files, Bludgeon had resurrected Thunderwing's dangerous project, as well as Thunderwing himself. After being informed of Thunderwing's attack on Nebulos, Megatron dispatched the Predacons in a ship to Cybertron, authorizing Razorclaw to do whatever was necessary to destroy Thunderwing, including the destruction of Cybertron. However, Optimus Prime and the Wreckers were able to thwart both Bludgeon and Thunderwing, and so destruction of the planet was averted. Stormbringer

Megatron, meanwhile, was on Earth, investigating Starscream's infiltration team. He discovered that Starscream had stumbled across Ore-13, an incredible energy source which had been mysteriously seeded there, and that the Air Commander was planning to use it to usurp Megatron's command — this annoyed him, as he had thought they were beyond such power games. After seriously damaging the hesitantly rebellious Skywarp and Blitzwing, Megatron ordered the AWOL team to stand down and then took on a super-powered Starscream. Though the Ore-13 made Starscream a formidable adversary, Megatron was still more deadly than he, and Starscream was destroyed. All throughout, he acted eerily calm & measured and made both Autobot and Decepticon wet themselves in fear. Infiltration

Megatron took stock of Starscream's progress on Earth in light of the discovery of Ore-13, repaired Skywarp and Blitzwing, and made Starscream's former troops aware, in no uncertain terms, that any further insurrections would be met with deadly force. But instead of leaving Earth in the hands of a new commander, Megatron stayed to guide the second stage of the Decepticons' plans, wishing to try out his new mass-displacing handgun alt mode and the Ore-13 power. He personally took charge of the Decepticon subterfuge in Brasnya, guiding the facsimile of Georgi Koska in an attempt to escalate an international incident into a full polarizing war, and acting as Koska's personal weapon. (His alt-mode only works when a human is holding and firing him, which left him at a disadvantage against the Autobots, who could simply pin him down in that form. Maybe Megs just wants to be held.)

When Optimus Prime arrived, Megatron transformed and started a full-blown to-the-death melee with his longtime foe for all the nuts and bolts - this surprised Optimus, who accused Megatron of letting the Ore-13 power go to his head and causing him to be "some raging braggart". Even with his fusion cannon disabled almost right away, Megatron gained the upper hand due to his Ore-13 high. Beating his foe down, he squeezed Prime's Spark and seemingly killed him; aghast, the Autobots moved into a full but ineffective counterattack, their only edge being that Megatron had no long-range guns left. However, Prime's death was a desperate ruse, and the Autobot leader countered with a surprise attack on Megatron, able to exploit Ore-13's weakness — the more it's used, the faster it burns itself out. Megatron almost collapsed from power loss and was forced to have Skywarp take him to safety before the Autobots could kill him.

Upon returning to base and being refueled and repaired, Megatron was hopping mad. Mad enough to prematurely call in his ultimate living weapon—Sixshot—despite Astrotrain's panic attack on hearing that. Escalation

During this time, he discovered a plot by Ramjet to overthrow him. Without saying a word, he beat the living slag out of the attempted traitor. Spotlight: Ramjet

Upon Sixshot's arrival, Megatron ordered him to utterly destroy the Autobots, throwing out the methodical "Phase" strategy. The other Decepticons were worried that Megatron was losing his grip - and since they were too scared to tell him that, they decided to revive Starscream to do it for them. Devastation issue 1 Before Sixshot could obliterate the Autobots, Megatron recalled him to deal with a new threat—the Reapers. Devastation issue 4 Megatron deduced that the other Decepticons betrayed him by awakening Starscream, but decided not to punish them yet, due to the present task of destroying the Reapers. Devastation issue 5 After these foes were dead, Megatron was forced to accept Starscream and the others when it became clear the humans were aware of them now. Devastation issue 6

Spoiler jazz

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details for All Hail Megatron issue 1 follow.


Megatron's urban renewal program was off to a flying start.

At some point, Megatron and Optimus' forces faced off during a violent storm on Earth.

One year later, Megatron arrived on the front lines as the Decepticons attacked New York. Starscream's status and influence had gone down over the past year, and former dissenters like Skywarp were big Megatron fans, eager to see him in action. Starscream tried to make himself look good by pointing out the destruction they'd caused; Megatron responded by leveling a tower block with one shot from his fusion cannon. Not long after this show of strength, Soundwave reported that several human fighters were incoming. As a further show of strength, Megatron had Soundwave disable the human's missile targeting, followed by the Decepticons just standing there shrugging off bullets before making their attack. After one jet was damaged by Skywarp, its pilot attempted to take out Megatron with a suicide run, but the Decepticon leader calmly swatted the incoming plane, causing it to explode. As flames rose from the wreckage, Megatron emerged, completely undamaged, laughing maniacally. All Hail Megatron issue 1

Megatron and his forces quickly and easily conquered the planet with little trouble as the Autobots were stranded on Cybertron at the mercy Of the cannibalistic Swarm, Insecticons that had been created malformed and insane.

While the Autobots dealt with that, Megatron declared the Decepticons the masters of Earth and delivered a speech to many of his Earthbound troops declaring how they had emerged victorious and how he was proud of them. While most were enthused by his words, Thundercracker was noticeably unimpressed.

Megatron’s glory was dulled when Starscream pointed out the growing unrest in the ranks and noted that now the only true threat to the Decepticons had been defeated, there was nothing to stop the more power hungry Decepticon’s from making a powerplay. He also noted that Megatron seemed aimless without a war to fight, and angrily demanded to know what Megatron’s intentions were. However Megatron remained tight lipped.

In a flashback it was revealed that the new Insecticon’s, Bombshell, Kickback and Shrapnel had been created under Megatron’s orders by the Decepticon scientist Deluge. The Swarm were byproducts of the process, as out of all those created only three had emerged marginally sane and stable enough to serve in the Decepticons. Thundercracker was disgusted by what Megatron had done, noting that the experiments conducted on the newborn Decepticons to turn them into Insecticons were monstrous and feeling that it was a betrayal of what the Decepticons stood for.

Megatron was revealed to have stolen the Matrix from Optimus Prime and had kept it with him in the main Decepticon citadel.

Starscream chose the moment in which Megatron’s victory was total to launch another betrayal, gathering the Insecticons and the Constructicons to his side. However it was revealed that Megatron had known of this all along, having employed Soundwave to spy on Starscream. He also revealed that he intended to allow such betrayals as a way to weed out the more brutal and psychotic Decepticons. He needed soldiers like that during wartime, but now he was victorious he planned to eliminate them, leaving only his perfected vision of the new Decepticon empire to rule the universe.

However one thing Megatron hadn’t expected was the Autobots escaping Cybertron with aid from Omega Supreme. Optimus confronted Megatron and the two clashed once more. They proved to be evenly matched at first but eventually Megatron felled Optimus once more. But before he could make good his escape one more unanticipated element entered the fray: Spike Witwicky, armed with a Cybertronian weapon based on Shockwave’s cannon. He hit Megatron with a blast from it that left him severely injured, compounded when Prime struck a mighty blow against him as well.

Starscream took Megatron from the site of the battle and the fallen leader was placed on life support. Severely debilitated and with Starscream assuming command using the Matrix of leadership, he was tended to by Soundwave.

It has been revealed recently that Megatron has healed a great deal, his brain functions full restored, his shattered body repairing itself with help from Soundwave. He also plans to resume his path of conquest, believing only he can bring peace to the Universe: Peace through his tyranny.

Two Years later, Megatron was on life support on a barren asteroid, his decepticon were all fighting for themselves and survival, quite ironic to Optimus Prime on cybertron in 2008, where he was on life support and the autobots were fighting amongst themselves. He eventually returned when Shockwave (who was freed from Garrius 9)recovered materials and equipment from Sixshot, rebuild into a Stealth Bomber, Megatron sent weapons to earth, to delay the autobots. But first he killed Rodimus who took the Matrix, and taught Starscream a lesson, he got his decepticon leadership. Back on earth, a protestor used a pistol based on Megatron's old form from Escalation, and shot Bumblebee clean. Megatron then made his move on the autobots who escorting Bee to Omega Supreme, the autobots led by Ultra Magnus made a stand against Megatron, but were shot down by his Rail Gun, Megatron then made a set up, where Prime found him and Soundwave holding Magnus hostage, so then Prime shot Soundwave in the face. Megatron promised to make Prime suffer, Megatron then surrendered after another fight with Prime and was taken to Omega Supreme and later cybertron to help counteract Galvatron and the D-Void. Galvatron's combined D-Void fought against the warlord, and torn through his armor, valenty Megatron continued to fight, and blasted him with his Rail Gun, but D-void consumed him, not whole when D-Void was eradicated by the Restoration of the Vector Sigma chamber, it was unknown if Megatron was saved in time.

Megatron dark cybertron

Following Bumblebee's death, Megatron would placeBumblebee's Autobot insignia onto their chest to try and stop Shockwave. Optimus Prime would ask if Megatron was serious about this and Megatron would respond saying that this was not a trick. Megatron would then join the Lost Light as co-captain with Rodimus. Shortly after Megatron's arrival onboard the ship, the crewmembers would attempt to follow Thunderclash as they believed that Thunderclash may have known the locations of the Knights Of Cybertron, who they had been searching for since they had first set off on their journey and before Megatron had arrived. A while later, after beginning to take therapy with Rung, and meeting Whirl, Megatron would come across a coffin in space and attempt to investigate its contents which turned out to be Rodimus' corpse from the future. Other Cybertronians, and the Lost Light itself would begin to go missing.

Fusion Cannon

They would enter the Rodpod, and Tailgate would suggest that Megatron may be the one taking the others away, which would lead to Ravage being found on board the ship who had been sent by Soundwave to check on Megatron. Those left on the ship would find a duplicate Lost Light, which had been destroyed, with duplicate bodies appearing in the ship. Megatron would then lock themselves in a room with Ravage after talking to Skids. Megatron would mention during this conversation with Skids that they no longer had their fusion cannon, it had been burned. After a discussion with Ravage,they would come across more bodies of other members of the Lost Light crew, Megatron would mention the Decepticon Justice Division, he would state that there are no survivors before finding and picking up a duplicate Rewind. Nautica would mention that they had worked out why their Lost Light had disappeared and where the ship they were in had come from. They would say that quantum engines let you jump from point a to point b, bypassing the distance in-between and that point a is always fixed when the jump is made but that there are potentially billions of point b's and by selecting one, the others are eliminated. They thought this meant when the Lost Light originally took off and exploded it caused the engines to malfunction, narrowing the point b's into two and meaning that the ship chose both.

Discovering that the ship's leaking quantum foam may rip a nearby planet to shreds, Skids would convince Megatron to use their mass-displacement abilities to enter and turn off the duplicate's engine, stopping the planet's possible destruction and returning their Lost Light. They would find out that Trailcutter's brain module had been crushed by Kaon, and that Brainstorm had travelled back in time using their briefcase. Megatron would say that 'he's going to kill Orion Pax.'

IDW Hearts of Steel continuity

He is referred to (as a leader Starscream wants to replace, big surprise), but does not appear. Hearts of Steel issue 2

IDW Hearts of Steel Concept Art micro-continuity

Megatron is depicted with three different altmodes: a giant cannon (with big studded wheels that become shoulder-shields), a 19th-century Colt revolver, possibly a Colt 1851 Navy, and another very similar revolver, with an anachronistic scope and a bulkier muzzle. Since these altmodes have no place in the story, these sketches constitute a micro-continuity in which Optimus and Megatron are active in the late 19th century.

Beast Wars

Voice actor: Gary Chalk (English)
G1Megatron MasterBlaster stasislock

I know we all need our beauty sleep, but 4 million years, now that's taking the piss.

After the Autobot/Decepticon war moved to Earth, Megatron hunted down the Voyager probe as it traveled through the Solar System and encoded a message on its disc. Should his efforts fail, he left detailed instructions to any Decepticon descendants who recovered the disc, instructions which apparently condoned use of transwarp technology to alter history in his favor by locating the Ark before it is reactivated, with access codes to the Ark stored in the disk, and killing Optimus Prime before the Autobots and Decepticons reawaken. The Agenda (Part 2)

G1Megatron Disc Agenda part2

Now that's what I call a smile.

The disk (dubbed the Golden Disk) eventually fell into Cybertronian hands and was stolen by a Predacon who shared Megatron's name. Beast Wars (Part 1) This new Megatron, later stranded in Earth's past, was able to use a recording of the original Megatron to sway one of the original Megatron's most loyal troops, Ravage, to his cause. The Agenda (Part 2)

G1Megs Nemesis part2 deletedclip

I was cut out?! This is Starscream's doing!

The original Megatron himself was stranded in Earth's past on board the Ark, offline. Before long, Predacon Megatron was able to approach the comatose body of his namesake and steal his Spark, integrating it into his own system. Almost immediately, however, during Predacon Megatron's painful reaction to this integration, he was thrown into a pool of lava by his treacherous underlings. In spite of—or perhaps because of—this, Predacon Megatron emerged from the lava, with a new body that could now transform into a fire-breathing dragon. It is unknown how much influence the original Megatron's Spark had in this metamorphosis. Master Blaster At the end of the Beast Wars, after Predacon Megatron was overcome, the original Megatron's Spark was returned to his body, restoring the flow of history. [2]

A Megatron is mentioned in the Covenant of Primus, an ancient sacred text which claims to prophesize future events, including the Beast Wars. It is implied that both Megatrons took their name from here. Nemesis Part 2

War For Cybertron Trilogy

Chapter 1: Siege

Megatron joins his forces in sector seven, where they have surrounded Bumblebee and Wheeljack. Starscream wants to execute every Autobot on sight, but Megatron reminds him the war started as a revolution, not a genocide. He wishes to see an end to the war and asks Bumblebee and Wheeljack to join them. However, Wheeljack refuses. Megatron then looks to Bumblebee, referring to him as a coward afraid to choose a side. Megatron leaves, but not before instructing Jetfire and Starscream to execute them both.

The Decepticons take aim, but Optimus Prime arrives just in time to save them from execution. Megatron returns and demands that Optimus surrender, but he refuses. Megatron reminds Optimus of the energon mines and gladiatorial pits. And how his brothers and sisters were pre-determined to suffer whilst no one did anything. With Optimus refusing his offer, Megatron attacks. Alpha Trion put them all of the path to freedom, and for that, Megatron has betrayed him. Megatron grows upset and continues his attack on Optimus. As Megatron attempts to kill Prime, Elita One arrives, taking fire at the Decepticons, allowing Optimus, Bumblebee, and Wheeljack to escape.

Megatron rallies the Decepticons against the Autobots. They must answer their aggression with force, claiming that Optimus tried to assassinate him. Megatron realizes now that there can be no treaty with the Autobots, and so, they must be wiped out. Starscream applauds, having gotten his hand reattached. Jetfire asks if he wants to lose it again. Jetfire then goes to Megatron to report that his Seekers are on the hunt, though Starscream argues that he should be commanding the Seekers. Megatron warns him that his ambitions will be his undoing. Megatron then informs his men that the only way to find Prime is to hurt him. They must forge weapons from his weaknesses. Episode 1

Megatron orders the Decepticons to search every sector until they find the Autobots. Skywarp interrupts Megatron to inform him of an unexpected arrival. Jetfire warns him to come no closer. When he continues, Starscream demands that he reveal himself. Barricade even fires a shot but misses. Megatron smacks him for firing without being instructed to. The bot under the hood reveals himself as Ultra Magnus. He’s come to surrender.

Ultra Magnus recalls the battle of Tarn-Hauser Gate, where he saved Megatron’s life. And together, they won that battle. They fought as brothers back then. Ultra Magnus has grown weary of endless war. However, Prime won’t listen to Ultra Magnus. He was hoping the three of them could sit down together. Megatron wants Ultra to order the Autobots to stand down, but he won’t order them to do what they feel is not right. And so, Megatron tells Jetfire to put Ultra Magnus in a cell.

Shockwave informs Megatron of his team that has been searching for ancient relics and weapons. His research of the ancient code suggests that the AllSpark can help them end the war permanently. If they can acquire it, Shockwave can manipulate it to create a reformation wave that will de-rez every Autobots. And then, he could reformat them as loyal Decepticons. Jetfire argues it would be a victory without honor. But still, Megatron takes it into consideration.

Soundwave informs Megatron that he detected a low frequency transmission from the holding cells. He plays a recording of the transmission — Ultra Magnus informing the Autobots of Megatron’s plan to find the Allspark. Megatron suggests that they help Prime find the Allspark.

Megatron visits Ultra Magnus in his cell and tells him that he’s lost any chance of peaceful coexistence when he sent that transmission to Prime. However, they did manage to use it to their advantage. They hacked his comm frequency and are planning to kill the Autobots.

Megatron demands that Ultra Magnus tell him Optimus’ location. When he refuses, Megatron punches him and orders Shockwave to begin his preparations to reformat the Autobots. Episode 2

Megatron reports to the Decepticons that the Autobots killed Impactor. He claims that it’s for the good of Cybertron for the Autobots to surrender.

Shockwave tortures Ultra Magnus for the location of Autobot Command. Ultra Magnus tells Megatron that Optimus will end this war. With Ultra refusing to give up, Shockwave will have to turn to more unorthodox methods. However, Ultra Magnus steals a blaster from a Decepticon and points it at Megatron, ordering him to turn around. But, Megatron refuses as he knows that Ultra Magnus has too much honor to shoot someone in the back. And so, Jetfire destroys Magnus’ gun and captures him. Shockwave resumes his torture of Ultra Magnus, who is resilient. He tells Megatron not to make Cybertron suffer and not to become those they rose against. Ultra Magnus gives in and agrees to give them the location of Autobot Command.

Megatron rallies the Decepticons and tells them about Optimus’ plan to destroy the Allspark. So, he enlists all the Decepticons in search of the Allspark so that they can end the war once and for all. Episode 3

Megatron takes Ultra Magnus to Tarn-Hauser Gate. More Cybertronias fell at Tarn-Hauser than at any other conflict in history. Alpha Trion sparked a revolution and the Autobots corrupted his message, or so Megatron claims. Ultra Magnus has taken them to Alpha Trion’s memorial, claiming this to be Autobot Command. Megatron asks Jetfire if the Seekers are ready and then asks Barricade if the ground forces are ready. Ultra Magnus opens the door to reveal an empty room. Megatron realizes that he’s been deceived and points his blaster at Ultra, who he kills by shooting a whole in his chest. Jetfire arrives. Suddenly, Ultra Magnus’ eyes light up and the Alpha Trion Protocols release from within him.

Megatron orders Soundwave to find out what it was that left Ultra Magnus and where it went. And so, Soundwave tells Laserbeak to track the anomaly. Megatron then tells Jetfire to take Ultra Magnus to Shockwave. However, Starscream arrives and shoots Jetfire, informing Megatron that he murdered Skywarp. Jetfire admits this is true. He has no desire to be involved in the genocide of the Autobots. Megatron orders Starscream to kill Jetfire, but before he can get the chance, Jetfire shoots missiles at them and flies away. Starscream is right behind and shoots him down. Starscream assures Megatron that they killed Jetfire. And for that, Megatron grants him command of the Seekers. Episode 4

Soundwave reports to Megatron his findings; the death of Ultra Magnus initiated a protocol containing a hidden code. Megatron realizes that it must involve Alpha Trion. Shockwave claims that it’s inconceivable this would evade their scans of Magnus. Megatron demands that they stop it. Shockwave has a virus that can be programmed to eradicate the Autobot code. The virus will destroy all processors and mainframes. However, the Decepticons would be affected as well. Soundwave advises him against it, but Megatron wants to proceed.

Shockwave and Soundwave inform Megatron that the virus has achieved 87% contamination. It will soon eradicate Alpha Trion’s code.

Starscream tells Megatron about his Seekers engaging in combat with the Autobots at a derelict Spacebridge. Megatron’s noticed increased activity near this area. Shockwave and Soundwave then report that the virus has proven efficient. Multiple explosions in sector seven have revealed a vanguard-class spaceship. Megatron commands that every Decepticon is sent to ship. Episode 5

Megatron learns that Optimus is on route to sector seven. Megatron realizes that Optimus has the AllSpark and intends to take it off-world. After instructing Soundwave to tear the ship apart, Megatron and Barricade head to sector seven. They cut Optimus off. Megatron accuses Optimus of going mad. Destroying the entire planet in hopes of stopping him. Megatron believes that what has happened so far was necessary. His war led them from the pits to conquer their oppressors. Optimus accuses Megatron of going blind with power and revenge. Leadership and the Matrix were thrusts upon Optimus when Megatron murdered Alpha Trion. Optimus refuses to allow him to turn the Allspark into a weapon, so Megatron orders the Decepticons to kill Optimus and Hound. Fortunately, Jetfire comes to their rescue, allowing them a window to escape.

Megatron catches up to Optimus at sector seven. Megatron manages to recover the Allspark after Optimus is struck down by a Decepticon. Bumblebee joins them on the ledge and fires at Megatron, allowing for Optimus to get the upper hand and throw the Allspark into the Spacebridge. Omega Supreme then emerges from beneath the ground and takes out the Decepticons, joining forces with the Autobots. He informs Megatron that his actions are his own, not that of the Guardians. He’s doing what’s for the best for Cybertron. Episode 6

Chapter 2: Earthrise

Megatron voices his concerns to Ultra Magnus’ decapitated head. He blames Optimus Prime for them being trapped on a dying world, waiting as death slowly surrounds them.

Shockwave informs Megatron that section 12 has fallen below satisfactory output. At their current rate of power rate, they face death very soon. So, Shockwave suggests that they take section 12 offline and recycle their resources for Project Nemesis. Megatron wishes to think about it further.

Megatron arrives in Sector 12 and is welcomed by his local Decepticon. Shamble takes Megatron on a tour of Sector 12. He explains how shortly after the Battle of the Spacebridge they put their efforts into recycling munitions for blasters. However, they’re at 22%. Shamble remembers when Megaton was a fighter in the arena. He recalls how exciting those were. Even back then, he knew that Megatron was the bot to follow. Shamble then reveals that they have 57 bots stationed at Sector 12. Shockwave then calls Megaton to remind him that they require the resources of Sector 12 to keep Project Nemesis in schedule. Shamble takes Megatron to the infirmary, where 92% of their workforce is injured. Megatron leaves sector 12 and tells Shockwave to take it offline.

Shockwave informs Megatron that the harvest is on schedule and thanks to their resources at Sector 12, Project Nemesis will be a success. Project Nemesis consists of them harvesting ineffective Decepticons and turning their sparks into energy. This is the only means of their survival. Starscream then returns with Jetfire, Elita, Red Alert, and Chromia. Megatron is somewhat impressed with Elita leading the Autobots. He remarks that he may have even followed her at another time. Barricade then beats on Shamble and forces him into one of the harvesting capsules. Megatron then orders Shockwave to drain their energy, explaining that this is their reality thanks to Optimus Prime. He then tells them that the next harvest will be powered by four Autobot sparks. Episode 1 (Earthrise)

Megatron speaks with Elita One privately. She questions how he can murder his own kind. Megatron reasons that he’s trying to save what’s left of them. Project Nemesis sacrifices a few so that generations can live. Megatron wonders why Elita didn’t leave on the Ark with Prime. He suspects that she disagreed with his actions. Elita believes that the rivalry between them is antiquated and pointless in the face of extinction, and Megatron agrees. But they have different ideologies.

Megatron speaks with Elita One privately. She questions how he can murder his own kind. Megatron reasons that he’s trying to save what’s left of them. Project Nemesis sacrifices a few so that generations can live. Megatron wonders why Elita didn’t leave on the Ark with Prime. He suspects that she disagreed with his actions. Elita believes that the rivalry between them is antiquated and pointless in the face of extinction, and Megatron agrees. But they have different ideologies.

Megatron discovers that the Autobots have escaped. Shockwave informs him that with the Autobots gone, they must consider harvesting another Decepticon sector. Soundwave then informs Megatron that he has an incoming transmission from the ark.

Project Nemesis is an ark, built and fueled by the sparks of a thousand Autobots and Decepticons, initially meant to lead them on their search for a new world. However, Megatron explains to Starscream, Shockwave, and Soundwave that they have a greater mission after learning that Optimus is still alive. Episode 2 (Earthrise)

Megatron and the Decepticons arrive at the Spacebridge, where they find the Autobots. The Decepticons attack Scorponok while Megatron goes after Optimus. Optimus tries to explain that there’s still time to save Cybertron, but Megatron isn’t interested in his claims. Optimus then picks up the explosive and launches it at Scorponok, which causes a large explosion.

Megatron wonders how Optimus keeps cheating death while he suffers the consequences. Optimus doesn’t answer, simply stating that he needs to remove the pipe from his chest. Optimus then admits that he was wrong to send the Allspark through the Spacebridge. However, he’s determined to bring it home. He then asks Megatron how he even got to the station. Megatron reveals that he built a ship using the energon of Decepticons before telling Prime that Elita One is likely dead. She’s leading a thinning rebellion with very few resources. Optimus is willing to set aside their differences in order to get out together, but Megatron would rather die than to join forces with Optimus. However, he has very few options. So, Optimus proposes that they retrieve the Allspark, bring it home together, and go their separate ways afterwards. He then removes the pipe from Megatron’s chest.

Megatron and Optimus to are taken back to Optimus' funeral. Starscream questions Megatron’s leadership given his allegiance to the Autobots. He tries to convince the Decepticons to join him but fails and is shot by Megatron.

Megatron saves Optimus from Scorponok only so that he can sentence Prime to death for his actions against Cybertron. Optimus points out how Megatron sounds like a Quintesson. Scorponok overhears this and wonders if they are of the creators. Scorponok reveals that unlike the Autobots and Decepticons, his people never rose up or fought back against them. He says that he’s the last of the Scorponok before charging at Megatron, whose actions resemble those of a Quintesson. The Autobots then proceed to escape while the Decepticons fight off Scorponok. Episode 4 (Earthrise)

A large rift has formed where the Spacebridge once stood after Starscream blew up the ship. Megatron confronts him for his treachery and orders Starscream off his bridge. Barricade then reveals that the Autobots’ Ark was drawn into the rift. So, Megatron then orders Barricade to take them into the rift as well.

Galvatron appears on Megatron’s ship, the Nemesis. He explains that should Megatron succeed today, then Galvatron won’t exist. He says that he will help Megatron focus his rage and guide him to his rightful destiny. He’s come to change the future and Megatron’s destiny, which includes Megatron killing Optimus.

Galvatron explains that he is from a place of only agony and that Megatron must get his hands on the Matrix. Galvatron claims that they both will them rise to power and that he’s come to make sure that Megatron never loses that power. Galvatron is a slave to his timeline, which is why he needs to teach Megatron as much as he can before “he” comes for Galvatron.

Megatron and Galvatron watch as Optimus opens a rift to escape. Galvatron instructs Megatron to use his mind to strike Optimus out of the stars. Megatron then unleashes a blast of energy directed at the Ark. Sky Lynx sacrifices himself, intercepting the blast, thus allowing for Optimus to escape on the Ark. Before being pulled back to his time, Galvatron tells Megatron that there’s still a way to stop Prime. Episode 5 (Earthrise)

The Decepticons lock onto the Ark using a tractor beam and smash into the ship. Megatron leads Starscream, Soundwave, and the other Decepticons onto the Ark, where they walk into an ambush.

Megatron chases after Optimus and a battle ensues. Optimus draws his blaster on Megatron. He saw the future and the unending pain and suffering Megatron will cause. He can end it now before any of it happens. Cog interrupts, which distracts Optimus long enough for Megatron to get the upper hand. However, not for long, as Doubledealer and his band of mercenaries blow a hole into the side of the Ark, which causes Cog to be pulled out into the Atmosphere.

Optimus and Megatron argue over who will retrieve the Allspark from earth. Optimus fears that Megatron will enslave their world and attacks Megatron. Megatron begs Optimus to show mercy. When he does, Megatron electrocutes him to gain the upper hand. With Optimus down, Megatron steals the Matrix.

Optimus awakens to discover that Megatron has taken the Matrix from within him. Megatron reveals that he has foreseen certain events, for which he needs the Matrix to accomplish. Just as Megatron is about to kill Optimus, Bumblebee intervenes, causing the Decepticon leader to flee. Episode 6 (Earthrise)


  • Early in the Transformers series preproduction, Megatron's look was based not on the toy, but on concept art for an unproduced prototype version. This early version, sporting a different, black head, a very different scope/fusion cannon, and the gun's barrel on his back, managed to make its way into not only early commercial animation and licensed material, but into the art of the early Marvel Comics. Though the model was altered before the animated series was produced, elements from the first model were perpetuated such as the back-mounted barrel in both the comic and the cartoon. The Marvel Comics continued to color Megatron's helmet black (well, blue) until the end of its run.
MegatronOrigin2 Megs hair

He's very proud of his crest. He's beauuutiful. And kinda looks like the Statue of Liberty. Well. He IS a "freedom fighter".

  • The name "Megatron" was originally used by Marvel Comics for another robot that appeared long before the Transformers toyline came about, in issue 18 of the Shogun Warriors series (written by Doug Moench, art by Herb Trimpe, released in July 1980)[3]. Bob Budiansky stated in an interview that the name "Megatron" is a portmanteau derived from "Megaton" and "Electronic".[4] He suggested the name "Megatron" for the Transformers line (it's unclear if he was aware of the existing Marvel character, though as an editor it seems likely that he at least had a subconscious memory of it) but Hasbro initially rejected it, claiming that "mega" conjured images of nuclear bombs. Budiansky reminded them that the name was supposed to sound evil, because he's the leader of the bad guys. Hasbro responded, "Oh, right," and then approved the name. [5]
  • In the UK comics, Dreadwind explains that Megatron is the equivalent of a 'blueblood,' possessing some royal lineage.[6]
  • After his fight with Optimus Prime in the animated movie, Megatron appears to have energon leaking from his eyes and mouth. Either that or he's been crying, which seems unlikely.
  • In Megatron: Origins #2, we see that Megatron's helmet is, in fact, a helmet and not part of his head. Upon removing his helmet, Megatron then briefly unfurls a crest. The significance of this moment is not explained, nor is it ever revisited.
  • Megatron once crushed Brawl's head with his bare hands!
  • Some Québécois loved his shiny body so much they named their postal service after him. [7]
  • Calvin Johnson, wide receiver for the Detroit Lions, was once nicknamed Megatron by teammate Roy Williams due to his large hands. Roy Williams has since changed it to "Bolt", in reference to the Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt because of his speed. Maybe if Calvin Johnson had a Fusion Cannon...[8]
  • He is available in a download pack for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen game. His primary weapon is a machine gun of purple energized orbs. His secondary weapon is a charge cannon that fires a beam of purple energy. He does not have a vehicle mode weapon. His vehicle mode is him flying via two purple jets on his back. His special ability fires his fusion cannon, which instantly kills anyone except for Optimus Prime, Gold Optimus Prime, Powered-Up Optimus Prime, and G1 Optimus, when their special is enabled.
  • Megatron made a cameo appearance in the Family Guy episode "Ocean's Three and a Half"; Joe ordered Peter to put back the money they were about to heist when Peter objected to doing so. Joe then asks Megatron, who was standing nearby, to convince him otherwise. Megatron, in his traditional authoritarian tone told Peter "Do as I command!", and Peter cooperated. Frank Welker reprised the role of Megatron.
  • In a sketch in another episode of Robot Chicken, Megatron, who was once again voiced by Frank Welker, was at a villains seminar, where he complained about working with Starscream. Frank also did the voice of Megatron's equivalent, the Renegade leader Cy-Kill from Challenge of the Gobots.
All In Marcy Puzzle room29

Hey look, there's my megatron.

  • In the "Amphibia" episode "All In", a Megatron toy is seen on a pile of puzzles that Marcy Wu solved and finished.


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