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Theft of the golden disk Megatron

Theft of the golden disk Megatron

The name or term Megatron refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Megatron (disambiguation).

Megatron is the main antagonist of Beast Era of the Transformers series, serving as the main antagonist of Beast Wars: Transformers and its sequel Beast Machines Transformers.

Megatron began with one goal: restoring glory and power to the Predacon race, with himself at the helm. What distinguishes Megatron from the countless others who share this goal is his chutzpah. He is willing to risk everything—time, space, himself—if need be. And there were times he would have made it happen were it not for Optimus Primal.

Megatron is skillful at orchestrating vast schemes by manipulating others into doing them for him—an idle suggestion here, a conspicuously-planted object of interest there. He knows his enemies, and these include some minions, inside and out and exactly how to provoke them. He has no friends, only pawns, or occasionally, pawns that are too reliable to risk losing. Because of this attitude, this superiority complex, he despises working with the very troops he needs to carry out his plans. His hubris does not make him very popular, and so he must rely on power and fear to rule them. In fact, he prefers mindless drones.

Megatron is a gambler and can sometimes be a ham. (His manner of saying "Yesss..." is practically vaudevillian.) He has a twisted sense of humor and an over-developed sense of drama which rule everything he conceives, both long and short term. When he destroys you, he wants you to know that it was he who did this, and just how badly you were had. This is his greatest weakness. Like a Bond villain, he'll gladly boast to the hero at length about how smart and clever he was, giving his victim time to formulate a counterattack (he admits the Predacons sometimes gloat too much). He often sabotages himself by neglecting the quick and easy solutions for the bigger, meaner, and more complex.

Prior to the signing of the Pax Cybertronia, Megatron was a field commander in the Predacon army, where he learned much about strategy and tactics. Upon ratification of peace with the Maximal Imperium most Predacons laid down their arms. Megatron refused and went rogue.

―"Optimal Situation" [src]

Japanese name: Megalligator (Alligator version)
European-market name: Metal T-Rex (Transmetal version), Dragone (Transmetal 2 version)
Botcon 2008 script reading: Joe and later Joe Convoy
Chinese name (Taiwan): Kǔng-lúng Wáng (恐龍王, "King Dinosaur")
Chinese name (China): Bawang Lung (霸王龍, "Tyrannosaurus")
Korean name: Megatron (메가트론)


Megatron is the ruthlessly pragmatic leader of the Darksyders. He is willing to sacrifice his own teammates to further his own agenda to conquer Cybertron. It is fitting that he has proven to be much more strategic and manipulative than his namesake, in which in his plans to succeed, he plays everyone in order to gain his victory. Whatever opportunity he has, Megatron takes it if it benefits him, like a chance to escape during the transwarp sequence of the shuttle he is strapped to. If anything proves to be a good asset, Megatron will make an effort to claim it, whether it be an alien probe or a powerful being like Protoform X/Rampage, being willing to reprogram Rhinox into a Predacon when knowing about his true strength.

Perhaps the best way to demonstrate how much of an excellent strategist Megatron is is by how well he incorporates his own minions' treachery. Both Tarantulas's status as the mole within his team and Blackarachnia's treachery were needed for Megatron to end up finding the Ark, and he specifically chose Rhinox's spark to be housed in Tankor's body after knowing firsthand how deceptive and treacherous an evil Rhinox can be, allowing him to operate his own agenda to end up gaining the Key to Vector Sigma for him. There are other ways to show how manipulative Megatron is, rather than playing his own treacherous minions. Using the mentally unstable state of Inferno, he manages to spark undying loyalty from the insane fire ant Predacon, and using a usable piece of the destroyed Golden Disk, Megatron plays a transmission of the Decepticon Megatron to reign Ravage to his side in his quest to find the Ark, to which they both form a partnership.

Megatron is also highly egotistical. He blames the Maximals or his minions for mistakes, as his ego makes him believe he is perfect. His entire goal in Beast Machines is to remake Cybertron in his image where he is the superior intelligence that controls the entire planet. The very reason he became a renegade is that he viewed the Tripredacus Council's approach in galactic conquest as far too slow and that his methods are better, and his gloating occasionally led to the heroes getting the upper hand. It should be noted that, despite Megatron's immense ego, he has the skills to back it up, in which they seem more of him viewing his own skills rationally rather than overestimating them. This is demonstrated as he manages to use an opportunity to win the Beast Wars, but to conquer Cybertron itself much more quickly than the Tripredacus Council tried to, already being the more successful strategist. Also despite his big ego, Megatron is willing to accept some flaws or the advantages the heroes have and is willing to adapt to give himself the upper hand.

He also has an immense flair for the theatrical. Megatron talks to himself, engaging in "intelligent" conversations, with his entire transformation into a Transmetal II dragon having led to him being very prophetic, quoting multiple times from the Covenant of Primus when he was causing mass destruction using the Nemesis. He always speaks in a polite tone while engaging in his own activities, like spending time in the Energon tubs or brushing the teeth of his dinosaur head, and has a liking towards saying the word "yes", quoting the word frequently. He even gives Quickstrike an actual trial, in which he is even dressed properly as the judge to show how much he loves to indulge in theatricality. However, following his success in conquering Cybertron, he dropped many of his theatrical antics for most of the series, having a very cold and detached demeanor. However, by the end of Beast Machines, Megatron regains his theatricality.

In Beast Machines, he has somehow developed a deep hatred for organics. This is presumably due to the Decepticon Megatron's spark influencing him. He views them as filth that contaminates his project as he views them as the chaos that is beyond his control. With his desire to be in control of everything, Megatron wants to purge Cybertron of anything organic and replace it with technology as he knows technology is something he can control and something that can fit his image in which he is the superior intelligence and the God of Cybertron that controls Cybertron to his machinations.

Megatron is largely uncaring towards anyone, viewing them as pawns he could dispose of. Even his own men are no exception, as he actively abuses his men to the point where some want to betray him, which won't matter as Megatron will know and will use it to his advantage. The moment there is no use for one of his henchmen for him, Megatron has them disposed of. When Quickstrike couldn't provide any need for Megatron, Megatron attempted to put the trial in a way Quickstrike would be sentenced to death as he is finished being lenient with treachery, only sparing him when his usefulness was renewed when Tigerhawk attacked the base. And when Quickstrike and Inferno were present in the Anthropoid settlement, Megatron is quick to sacrifice them in the attack without any remorse.

Despite his multitude of negative traits and being devoid of positive traits by the time he dies, it doesn't mean Megatron never had positive traits in his entire life, which would anyway be subverted. Megatron was genuinely, understandably hesitant to do such an act for some time, viewing it as a last resort. However, when he does, Megatron feels no remorse for the act despite the costs being the same. He strangely even honors Rattrap's deal, allowing him to leave alive with the weapons he promised him for guarding him for a night. However, even this trait was subverted with his scheme to destroy Cybertron and remake it in his image, in which he has even remorselessly murdered Rattrap to further his goal for rebirth, no longer caring about such honor.

Overall, Megatron proves himself to be a master manipulator and chess master who would aspire loyalty to some of his men and works his own minions' treachery for his own goals, having even succeeded in conquering Cybertron. However, not only is he much more manipulative and strategic than his namesake, he is even more ruthless, going to even bigger lengths and being a threat to time itself to secure his power.


Note: There are many Beast Wars continuities, but all use the Beast Wars and Beast Machines cartoons as a basis. The Beast Wars Metals manga is a slight exception, ignoring everything after the first season of Beast Wars.

Beast Wars II catalog[]

Note: This fiction takes place before "Beast Wars (Part 1)".


On planet Cybertron, Megatron once disagreed with Galvatron over opinions on galactic conquest, and engaged him in battle over it. At the time, Megatron momentarily let his guard down, and was defeated. Galvatron declared "Your era is over, Megatron!"

Later, Megatron noted that while Galvatron was ambitious, he cared for his underlings—and although he was loath to admit it, he acknowledged that Galvatron probably had all the regal bearing of a new Emperor of Destruction. Catalog


Theft of the Golden Disk[]

Note: This fiction takes place before "Dawn of Future's Past".

Megatron steals sacred Maximal cup coaster.

Voice actor: David Kaye (English)

Megatron was the star pupil of the crimelord Cryotek, and successfully carried out his plan to steal the Golden Disk. Cryotek loved him like a son - which didn't stop him setting up Megatron to take the fall for the crime, knowing he'd betray him some day anyway. Unfortunately for Cryotek, "some day" was today—Megatron had everyone on the mission who wasn't loyal to him killed, had the data for the location of the Disk secretly decoded by Tarantulas, and then kept it for himself while directing the Maximals to his tutor. This was the first known time that Megatron would co-opt the plan of someone who thought they were the ones being manipulative and backstabbing, but wouldn't be the last. Theft of the Golden Disk

Dawn of Future's Past[]

Note: This fiction takes place before "Beast Wars (Part 1)".

Megatron's technicolor dreamcoat.

On Cybertron, Megatron wore removable transformable armor, which transformed into a missile-launching armored platform, over his basic bodyframe (which transforms into a hovertank). This quickly-discarded outer shell was possibly used to comply with the ratification of the Pax Cybertronia, which required Predacons to lay down their arms. A Predacon field commander before the peace, Megatron refused to comply with these new regulations and struck out on his own to destroy the Maximal Imperium.

With some help from various sources, he assembled a crew of ragtag criminals and miscreants for the purpose of stealing the Golden Disk and using it to find Earth. Succeeding in stealing the disk, he, his lieutenant, and another accomplice fought their way out of the Archives, eliminating one guard and dodging another. They were swiftly picked up by the Darksyde, a ship stolen by the rest of their crew.

Megatron instructed Tarantulas to study the disk for the coordinates of Earth while the Darkside battled its several pursuers. Although they were followed by the Maximal ships Axalon and the Chromia 10, the Darksyde's mission was also aided by a third ship crewed by the Predacon agents Laserbeak and Buzzsaw. Though the Chromia 10 and the Predacon ship were destroyed, the Darksyde was still followed by the Axalon. Megatron removed his transformable armor and patched a video feed through to the Axalon's captain, Optimus Primal. Declaring himself the leader of the Predacons, Megatron opened a transwarp portal through which both ships travelled. Dawn of Future's Past

Bee in the City[]

Somehow ending up at the multiversal hub of Axiom Nexus, Megatron hid out under the alias "Joe". When he ran into Bumblebee and learned of the Key, he pretended to be a heroic character and helped rescue Bumblebee's friends, only to steal the Key. Using his experience with MacGuffins, he swiftly learned how to power himself and create an army. Unfortunately, his army turned on him after learning of bureaucracy and the amount of forms they'd have to fill in now that they were alive. However, before being carried away by his former minions, Megatron promised that he would be back, and that he would get his extremely overwrought and melodramatic revenge. Bee in the City

Dreamwave Generation One[]

Note: This fiction takes place before "Beast Wars (Part 1)".

After stealing the Golden Disk, Megatron broke into Vector Sigma along with Dinobot and reviewed historical files on many of the Autobots and Decepticons from the era of the Great War. He told Dinobot to refer to him henceforth as Megatron. Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye #8

Note: The Golden Disk was wrongly drawn as the Alien Disk. This two-page story is contradicted by many other versions of the story—specifically Megatron's spontaneous renaming of himself—possibly placing it in a version of the Beast Wars that occurs only in Dreamwave's Generation One continuity. Of course, Dreamwave chose that time to fold before this could be explained.

Beast Wars cartoon[]

Voice actor: David Kaye (English), Shigeru Chiba (Japanese), Antonio Moreno (Brazil), Tony Fuochi (Italy)

I thought I told you NO MORE BARNEY JOKES.

After stealing the Maximal relic, the Golden Disk, and a ship, he and his crew were followed through a transwarp portal by the Axalon. After crashing on a planet that was supposed to be Earth, yet seemingly wasn't, both the Maximals and the Predacons took organic beast forms to protect themselves against the massive amount of Energon radiation. Megatron now transformed into a purple Tyrannosaurus rex.

Dinobot chastised Megatron, accusing him of leading the Predacons to the wrong planet and challenged Megatron for leadership of the Predacons. Megatron simply ignored the challenge and had Scorponok dispose of him. Beast Wars (Part 1)

Despite the loss of a formidable crony, Megatron positioned himself on the new world and the "Beast Wars" began. Being on a world filled with Energon allowed Terrorsaur to find a superhorde, and power himself to great levels. With this power, Terrorsaur was able to demolish Megatron in battle and take over the Predacons. However, through the Maximals' actions, the superhorde was destroyed. Terrorsaur was eventually ridden of his newfound power and returned to an furious Megatron, who was rebuilt by Scorponok. Power Surge


Today is a beautiful day to be stomping on things!

Again, Terrorsaur tried to usurp Megatron, this time using an apparently-turned Rattrap, who used a device to paralyze Megatron. The Predacons argued over who would be leader, but agreed to put Rattrap and Megatron away for the time being. Megatron was able to easily escape using his secret voice commands, leaving Rattrap to his fate. Revealing himself to have escaped, Megatron allowed Terrorsaur to lead the Predacons in battle with the Maximals. Terrorsaur failed miserably, showing his ineptitude to the Predacons, which was Megatron's plan all along. Double Jeopardy

Megatron later formulated a plan to get off Earth. First, he had the other Predacons act dissatisfied with his leadership, causing a battle that apparently destroyed the Predacons, using a Maximal spy camera that he was aware of to play out the trick. Then, the Maximals scavenged the Darksyde for parts to repair the Axalon's stardrive. Dinobot discovered the deception and rushed to warn the leaving Maximals. In the scuffle, Megatron snuck aboard. In the Axalon, he managed to knock out every Maximal on the ship but Rattrap, who he started crushing to death. An angered Rhinox woke up and threw Megatron off the Axalon. However, Megatron's tail weapon was stuck in the console, causing the Axalon to crash. Again. Victory


Later, Megatron caught wind of the return of the Vok and called a ceasefire between the two factions, realizing he had more important things to worry about. He carefully manipulated events so the Maximals would find out about the Vok and that Tarantulas's attempt to escape with a modified stasis pod would succeed. Before the Storm The Vok did indeed return, and planned to destroy the planet the Transformers were on with their massive Planet Buster (cleverly disguised as the Moon). Optimus Primal stopped the Buster by using Tarantulas's stasis pod as a kamikaze weapon. Megatron, having planned (via a virus) to hijack the pod for that purpose anyway, decided to take advantage of this and locked the pod door so that Primal could not escape and was destroyed alongside the Planet Buster. Other Voices, Part 2

Megs transmetal

Gimme fuel Gimme fire Gimme that which I desire BOOM!

The quantum surge from the exploding planet buster bathed Megatron in quantum energies, upgrading him into a Transmetal. Megatron quickly rallied his forces and attempted an all-out attack on the leader-less Maximals. Megatron and the Predacons took the upperhand in battle until a Transmetal Optimus Primal (brought back online by Rhinox) saved the day. He was annoyed to find the Disks had been stolen from him by Dinobot and that Blackarachnia had destroyed his back-ups (while lying that Dinobot had done it). Coming of the Fuzors (Part 2)

With both factions now aware that the planet they were stranded on was really prehistoric Earth, Megatron was free to put his full plan into motion. He continued his operations without the Disks and successfully retrieved them, simultaneously plotting to alter history and to exploit any new Vok incident. However, both the Maximals and Tarantulas ruined his attempt to hijack the Vok Metal Hunter Other Visits (Part 2), and Dinobot both destroyed the Golden Disk and ruined Megatron's attempt at eradicating the human race's prehistoric ancestors to alter the Great War. Code of Hero With the humans scattered, only a fragment of the Disk remaining and the quantum surge meaning the Tripredacus Council knew where to send their agents, Megatron could only gamble. The Agenda (Part 1)

Agenda3 MegatronOptimusPrime

A little off the top, sir?

The gamble paid off; the Tripredacus Council sent former Decepticon Ravage to capture Megatron, while Blackarachnia fled to the location of the crashed Ark, having gained its location and Teletraan I's access codes from the Disk back-ups. From behind his cell, Megatron manipulated Optimus Primal into a trap while using the Disk's one last fragment (containing part of the original Megatron's message) to get Ravage to switch loyalties to him. The Agenda (Part 2) While his army fought the Maximals, Megatron arrived at the Ark just as Blackarachnia had done all the work for him and forced her to give him access. He finally took "the ultimate risk", the mission from the first Megatron that he'd been previously been unwilling to completely follow, and attempted to alter history by assassinating the unconscious Optimus Prime. By doing so, he intended to ensure the defeat of the Autobots and thus the victory of the Decepticons and Predacons. The Agenda (Part III)

The Maximals managed to save Prime's life by having Teletraan I repair his body while Optimus Primal kept his spark within his own structure, transforming his body into a more powerful form. The Maximals defeated Megatron and returned Prime's spark to its proper place. Optimal Situation


Two Megatrons for the price of one.

Megatron did not rest. He went on to reverse-engineer alien technology, gained by means unknown, to create the Transmetal 2 process and create himself a loyal clone of Dinobot. Feral Scream Part 1 He also worked towards taking control of Optimus and seizing control of the new Maximal base, allowing him to enter the Ark again. Wanting to replicate the effect Optimus Prime's spark had on Primal, he deliberately took the spark of the original Megatron and placed it in his body. He was transformed into a powerful dragon and able to give Optimus Primal a sound beating, until chased away by the recovered Maximal group. Master Blaster

Megs tm2

Red dragon, without Hannibal Lecter.

Even this power was useless when Tigerhawk arrived and casually destroyed the Predacon base. Other Victories Desperate once again, Megatron investigated the now-deceased Tarantulas's base for anything of value—and found the legendary Decepticon battleship, the Nemesis, rebuilt and with Transwarp capabilities. Bringing it out of the ocean depths, Megatron intended to pilot it back to the future and lay waste to the Maximals on Cybertron. Nemesis Part 1

First, however, he planned to annihilate the entire Ark rather than simply Optimus Prime.

Primal infiltrated the Nemesis and kept Megatron busy until Rhinox could fly a shuttlecraft through the bridge and take the Predacon out. The Nemesis crashed a second time and thus preserved history. After returning the original Megatron's spark to its proper body, the Maximals headed back to Cybertron with the incarcerated Megatron shackled to the outside of their ship. Nemesis Part 2


Tales of the Beast Wars[]

Note: This fiction takes place during the first season of Beast Wars.
I want to tell you about the Transformers!

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Ground Zero

Note: This fiction takes place during the second season of Beast Wars. The Shokaract events ended with them being paradoxed out of existence.
Antagony megatron


Antagony, future-born Herald Maximo of Shokaract, arrived on prehistoric Earth to protect the Dark Essence of Unicron. She attempted to terminate Megatron, who quickly conned her into fighting Optimus and then took her captive when she went into stasis lock. Visitations

He began patiently (and happily) torturing her for information on the future she came from, and when that failed he hacked into her mind using a nanoprobe "mind drill". That triggered a suicide device that killed her before he could gain any information; Megatron was left with no information, beyond that her master would surely try again.

Note: This fiction takes place after "Master Blaster".

Almost immediately after his transformation into dragon form, Megatron detected a temporal breach. Having his troops ambush the Maximals (who had also detected), he attempted to reach the time-traveller (Windrazor) and gain access to the future, not caring what would happen if he took the original Megatron's spark with him. In the process, he encountered the Dark Essence and almost became a willing vessel for it, until it realised Windrazor would be easier to control. When the Fuzor fought the influence off, Shokaract himself emerged. Herald, Covenant, Schism, Paradox

Megatron's reaction to a horrifically powerful spark-devouring demigod, and time and space being shattered into a chaotic maelstrom was to blackmail said demigod by opening fire on the Dark Essence of the Chaos-Bringer, demanding knowledge of the future or he'd cause the erasure of Shokaract's future. Megatron is hardcore. He failed, but this was a crucial distraction that helped bring about Shokaract's defeat. Terminus


Note: This fiction takes place after "Endgame Pt. III: Seeds of the Future".

When Optimus Primal's spark is revived from the within the Matrix to protect the multiverse, this action freed Megatron's spark as well. The reborn Megatron returned to the ranks of the Predacons, but this time, Optimus Primal found himself in an uneasy alliance with him against Unicron. Megatron traveled with his old nemesis from universe to universe, wherever the growing multiversal conflict had spread. But now with Unicron disappeared into the Unicron Singularity, it remains to be seen whether Megatron's insane ambition will resurface.

Prior to the Universe Conflict an alternate dimension's Megatron was killed by a Tigerhawk who was corrupted by the Vok. Yet another dimension's Megatron was killed by it's realities Obsidian and Tankor. All three Megatron-murderers were eventually promoted to the rank of Unicron's General. It seems that killing Megatron may be part of Unicron's criteria for choosing a General.

Beast Wars II cartoon[]

Note: This fiction takes place during the first season of Beast Wars.

Galvatron tried to summon a Megatron to Gaea using a time machine. Maybe this one. Maybe not.

When his brother Megastorm screws up the wavelength calculations and instead summons the titanic Majin Zarak, Galvatron is pleased and declares, "we obtained a weapon far superior to Megatron". Lio Convoy in Imminent Danger

Main Japanese continuity[]

Note: The official Japanese timeline includes the Beast Wars II cartoon but ignores the Beast Wars II catalog and Beast Wars Metals manga.

Robot Masters[]

Voice actor: Toshitsugu Takashina (Japanese)
Note: This fiction takes place after Lio Convoy in Imminent Danger.

Taking advantage of the Blasty Zone as a means of time travel (and apparently size-enhancer), Megatron journeyed to a point in history where the original Megatron had gone missing, leaving the Decepticons without a leader. "Beast Megatron" took command of the Decepticons, leading them on a quest to collect a powerful element, solitarium, from within the Earth. Beast Megatron's plans were quickly thwarted by Optimus Prime and a troop of time-displaced Autobots and Maximals, including Star Saber, Victory Leo, Lio Convoy and Beast Megatron's arch nemesis, Optimus Primal.

Beast Megatron later discovered a large deposit of solitarium beneath New York City, and along with Starscream, Smokesniper, Gigant Bomb and Wingstun, laid waste to the Big Apple. The Autobots, accompanied by Reverse Convoy, arrived and dealt with Beast Megatron's forces quickly. However, Reverse Convoy revealed himself to be the original Megatron in disguise and betrayed them. Now going by the name Rebirth Megatron, he teamed up with Beast Megatron and the pair made trouble for the Autobot commanders. However, the Autobots were able to defeat the two Megatrons, sending the villains into retreat.

Beast Wars Metals manga[]

Note: This fiction takes place after "Other Voices, Part 2" and disregards later episodes.

Megatron was a bumbling oaf constantly leading the Predacons against the forces of the Maximals. Beast Wars Metals

IDW Beast Wars[]

The Gathering[]

Note: This fiction takes place after "Changing of the Guard".
IDW Megatron Magmatron

Go back to anime, Magmatron!

In Lio Convoy's opinion, Megatron was a simple wild card, no real threat when compared with Magmatron. This drives home the fact that Cybertron had no idea of the damage Megatron had and would inflict, or the lengths he would go to becoming arguably the most powerful Transformer since the Great War.

After dispatching Rampage and Inferno to oversee the installation of Sentinel into the Darkside, Megatron was attacked by Magmatron, who had been assigned to arrest him by the Tripredacus Council. Although Megatron proved more than a match for the experienced Predacon general individually, he was ambushed and paralyzed by Iguanus and Drill Bit. Magmatron intended to use a transwarp shunt to transport his prisoner back to Cybertron. The Gathering #3 Thanks to the intervention of Grimlock, Optimus Minor, and Razorbeast, Magmatron was sent home empty-handed. Razorbeast was tempted to dispatch the prone Megatron, but released him instead, due to his desire to avoid interfering with the timeline. The Gathering #4

The Ascending[]

Note: this fiction takes place during and after "Nemesis Part 2".

Oh, we are so dead

Ravage attempted to free Megatron after his capture, but didn't progress very far in his plans. the Ascending #1 Despite this, Megatron arrived to a battle-damaged Cybertron, having finally completed his transwarp journey, and having arrived long before the Maximals responsible for his defeat, thanks to Shokaract's suicide, with little else to stand in his way. Yessssss... The Ascending #4

Beast Machines cartoon[]

Voice actor: David Kaye (English), Shigeru Chiba (Japanese), Francisco José (Portuguese), Jan Spitzer (German)
Megatron for life

"If you've done nothing wrong, you've got nothing to fear. If you've something to hide, you shouldn't even be here..."

Breaking free from his constraints on the Autobot shuttle while it traveled through transwarp space, Megatron arrived back home on Cybertron well before the Maximals did. Revelations Part II: Descent He used the window of opportunity for maximum effect, releasing a virus across the planet that quickly incapacitated the population. Forbidden Fruit He then began extracting the victims' sparks and storing them in a citadel, planning to one day absorb them into his own spark. Sparkwar Pt. III: The Siege Meanwhile, he used factories to rebuild the bodies into mindless drones he called "Vehicons." Revelations Part I: Discovery Eventually, he had almost every spark on Cybertron in his possession.

Clearly Megatron had changed since the Beast Wars, not only in his goals, but also in his mannerisms. Gone was the ham who sought conquest for the sake of glory and power and the Predacon cause. He spoke not of revenge on the Maximals, but rather of the liberation of all Transformerkind from the chaos of free will. He referred outright to his own ascension to godhood. And he had also developed a sense of honor, keeping his word to his enemies even at the risk of future losses. The Weak Component This was quite the change, as right up to the end of the Beast Wars he would flatten a subordinate for even mentioning "the H word." Nemesis Part 2 In that time, he had also positively reveled in his dinosaur and dragon beast modes. But on his return to Cybertron, something convinced him that beast modes and other vestiges of the organic were an abomination which should be scoured from the planet, leaving only technological purity. Despite his pontifications, Megatron himself had not achieved the "purity" of which he spoke. His dragon form remained, and at times, it overwhelmed his control. His unfruitful attempts to remove the organic elements from his own body became a source of constant frustration. This was a new and even madder Megatron.

Note: The time period from when Megatron broke free from the shuttle, to when Optimus Primal and the Maximals arrived on Cybertron, was vastly transformative for both Megatron and the planet, and probably constituted an epic story in its own right. Nevertheless, the period was only vaguely described in the cartoon and barely elaborated upon in secondary media. Many questions remain unanswered.

When the Maximals arrived in their shuttle, they found the planet empty aside from Vehicons who immediately attacked them with canisters of a gas that infected them with the virus. The fully-Transmetal among them "devolved" into their original beast modes but were able to keep moving and escape. The remaining two, Rhinox and Silverbolt (who never received any form of upgrade on earth), were instead paralyzed and quickly overtaken. Their sparks soon joined Megatron's collection. Revelations Part II: Descent

The escaped Maximals would have succumbed to the virus eventually if not for the Oracle reformatting them. This was the beginning of Megatron's undoing, for their new technorganic bodies were both immune to the virus and (while in beast mode) invisible to Vehicon sensors. Megatron's first resulting change in strategy was to imbue three Vehicons with captured sparks so they could think on their feet in battle. The original personalities of these "generals" were deeply buried under shell programs, which allowed Megatron to use sparks of the Maximals' former allies. Thus, if the Maximals discovered who they really were, they would be reluctant to destroy them. The recently-captured Silverbolt and Rhinox were made into Jetstorm and Tankor, respectively. The third general, Thrust, was created from the Predacon Waspinator for reasons that remain opaque.

Megatron considered using the same technology on himself, transferring his own spark to a "pure" Vehicon body. But he decided it not worth the risk to expose his spark, however briefly.

Rhinox eventually awakened and went rogue, planning a grand scheme to usurp Megatron's dominance, but Megatron effortlessly seized control of his traitor-general's evil plan at the last minute and almost wiped out all resistance with the Key to Vector Sigma. At the last moment, Optimus unleashed the Plasma Energy Chamber force End of the Line and the combined energies destroyed Megatron's body. He was presumed dead, but the combined energies had actually succeeded in separating his organic half from his body—unfortunately, his spark went with it and was now trapped in a purely organic Transformer. He took the identity of "innocent" Maximal Noble and, preying on Nightscream's survivor guilt and Optimus's inherent goodness, got the Maximals to help transfer his spark to the Grand Mal, a vessel in the shape of his own head. Prometheus Unbound

With Tankor destroyed and Jetstorm eventually reformatted into Silverbolt, Megatron used the sparks of famous generals Obsidian and Strika to replace them. Sparkwar Pt. I: The Strike He also managed to gain a link to the Oracle itself, stealing the knowledge from Primal. Sparkwar Pt. II: The Search This gave him the ability to move ahead with his grand plan—to consume the captured sparks and eventually consume/replace the Allspark itself—but Nightscream temporarily stopped him by depolarizing Megatron's own spark. Now severed from a body, it jumped between discarded shells and attacked everyone in a zombie like fashion' Rattrap would use a spark extractor to repolarize his spark, allowing Megatron to regain his senses, but trapping him in a Diagnostic Drone. Spark of Darkness


They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Immediately following this, Megatron launched an all-out battle for the sparks and suceeded in capturing them, as well as the sparks of all the Maximals and obliterating their technorganic orchard—leaving just Optimus Primal and himself as the only two Transformers on the entire planet. To add insult to injury, he uploaded his spark into a copy of Primal's old Optimal Optimus form but without a Beast Mode. Over the conflict, his personality had gradually become more like that of his Beast Wars self, and by this point he was once again hamming it up—revelling in his victory, mocking his enemies (his stated reason for copying Optimus' old body) and deliberately not killing Optimus outright, and having melodramatic outbursts when in his new body.

At the end of a fierce one-on-one fight, Megatron won and began consuming his amassed sparks, growing ever more powerful and planning to become both the new Matrix and the new core consciousness of Cybertron. However, he'd made his old mistake—leaving Optimus alive (to make him watch his "ascension") instead of killing him. When he attempted to use the Key to Vector Sigma to transform the planet's organic core into technomatter, Primal managed to dislodge them both. They plummeted into the planet's goopy core and from there, Primal was able to reformat the entire planet, destroying himself and Megatron completely, but freeing all the lost sparks to repopulate their newly redecorated planet. Endgame Pt. III: Seeds of the Future

Beast Wars Reborn[]

Note: This fiction takes place after "Endgame Pt. III: Seeds of the Future".

Reborn on the wagon of a travelin' show, Primal used ta dance fer the money they'd throw! Megatron would do whatever he coooouuuld!

Both Megatron and Optimus Primal awoke inside a bizarre temple-like spaceship which was hurtling through space. Neither had any memory of who they were or how they got there, only their own names and a feeling of discomfort between one another. The pair went about investigating the ship in search of answers. While Megatron's memory was lost, his personality remained mostly intact: he was more concerned with seizing control of the ship before Primal did in order to gain the upper hand.

They eventually found a data log and discovered that their sparks had been taken and they were reborn into new bodies (unbeknownst to them, bodies identical to their original Earth forms). However, their memories were intentionally not uploaded into their new bodies. While searching the log they discovered that the ship's main power source was a Golden Disk lodged within a giant pillar. Megatron immediately raced to obtain the Disk and Primal followed him. The closer they got to the disk the more the ship attempted to thwart their advance by manipulating its atmosphere conditions.

Once they reached the chamber the ship's environment suddenly morphed to that of a decaying planet littered with the corpses of robots. The corpses came to life and began shambling toward them, intent on eating their sparks. They made short work of the zombies, leaving Megatron to obtain the Golden Disk and Primal with a feeling that he shouldn't entirely trust Megatron.

From another dimension beyond time and space, Primus recognized that something was amiss and sent one of his messengers to meet Primal and Megatron within the spaceship.

Transformers Legends Anthology[]

Note: This fiction takes place during "Spark of Darkness".

When Megatron was defeated by Nightscream, the spark of Rhinox attempted to act as a spirit guide and redeem the tyrant. Megatron proved to be a lost cause. While he briefly tempted to move on, his inherent hypocrisy manifested and--despite fervently advocating the eradication of individuality--refused to relinquish his own identity. Rhinox’s attempts at enlightenment were misconstrued, and his efforts only strengthened Megatron’s desire for apotheosis. Repeated returns to Cybertron convinced him that godhood was still within his reach and as he charged his particles with “purity of purpose”, erased Rhinox's spark from existence.

3D Battle-Card Game[]

Megatron leads a ragtag group of Decepticon warriors from various backgrounds (and/or universes) against Optimus Primal and his Autobot allies.


Dinobot Clone

A picture can tell lots without words.

  • It seems curious that Megatron claims to have won the Beast Wars, hating his Transmetal 2 beast mode. Therefore, it can be theorized, that since he actually LOST the Beast Wars, he hated the form that he lost as and wanted to rid himself of everything associated with it, leading to his creation of the Vehicons.
  • In a bit of little known trivia, Hasbro originally intended Inferno to be the new body for Megatron. According to a 1997 interview conducted by fan HooksX, Bob Forward stated: "For a while there Hasbro was planning to make the Inferno toy the new Megatron. We were going to kill Megatron and bring him back as Inferno."
  • Megatron from the Beast-Era of Transformers is noticeable for being the Final Antagonist of the G1-Era of the Transformers series, had Transtech not been cancelled, he would have been the Penultimate Antagonist.
  • Before he became a Transmetal, Megatron seemed to have a habit of treating his "dinosaur-arm-head-thingy" as a pet. He was even seen brushing its teeth in the episode "Before the Storm". Though he never treated it the same, the dragon-head arm of his Transmetal 2 form was seen acting similar.
  • The Japanese dub of Beast Wars chose to interject humor at every available opportunity. Due to this, Megatron's personality and character were taken on a complete U-turn. Instead of being a smooth and charismatic leader, he was a screaming maniac and a bumbling oaf, something that did not go over well with Japanese viewers. His most notable character trait in Japanese was that whenever he was fired upon or startled he would let out a high-pitched shriek like a little girl.
  • Interestingly, despite being the leader, Megatron is the only Dinosaur-theme Transformers to not have the ability to fire energy lasers from his eyes, were as Terrorsaur, Dinobot and his Transmetal 2 Clone had the ability to fire energy lasers from their eyes. This is likely due to the fact that Megatron can already fire energy lasers from either his T-Rex Right Arm in his first form, his Transmetal T-Rex Tail in his Transmetal form and can launch out a flamethower and/or ice stream from his Transmetal dragon right arm in his Transmetal 2 form.
  • Megatron was mentioned in the Sector Seven game, belonging to a Spider T which may or may not be Tarantulas. Megatron was described as "a purple lizard, saying 'Yes!' a lot" and was called a "Silly Tin Tyrant". "Sleeping Dragon" was also refered which could be a mention of Megatron's Dragon Mode.
  • During the show, Megatron said "Yesss..." 166 times and "No..." 54 times. Yet he only once said, "Whatever," and one simple-minded-sounding, "Okay." Someone was clearly bored, yesss. But not that bored, no.
  • Ironically, for someone who said "Yes" so much, his last line was "No".
  • During the entire series, he refers to every Maximal by name at least once, with the sole exception of Cheetor. Maybe he doesn't like kid-appeal yellow character types?
  • After Megatron gains Original Megatron's spark, he began using the phase "Megatrons do not (verb), they conquer!".
  • Although his helmet in the show is black, the helmet of the toy is silver, without a Predacon insignia on it.
  • Megatron is one of the few characters not renaming after arriving on Earth to fit new alternate modes.
    • For the record, though Megatron doesn't appear to be his original name either. He changed it while still on Cybertron.[citation needed]

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