Megatron has a lot of toys, yessssss. Many of them are purple dinosaurs... no, not that one. NNNOOO.


Beast Wars

  • Optimus Primal VS Megatron (Basic 2-pack, 1996)
    • Japanese ID number: VS-6
    • Accessories: Gun/tail
The initial version of Beast Wars Megatron transformed into a green alligator.
Whether this toy can be considered the Beast Wars Megatron character as seen in the primary fiction is a matter of debate. Released before the animated series began, which established Megatron as a separate entity from G1 Megatron, the accompanying profiles and mini-comic seem to assume that the Beast Wars are a progression of the same characters from the Autobot/Decepticon war. Whether the animated series' retcon affected this set of toys is probably a matter of personal preference. It can be interpreted as representing one of the more interesting micro-continuities.
More recently, the Beast Wars Sourcebook has asserted that, in IDW's version of Beast Wars continuity, Megatron's alligator body was suggested by the Darkside's computer as a potential alternate mode, but he rejected it in favor of the more powerful T-Rex, without ever actually reformatting into it. Thus, this micro-continuity posits alligator-mode Megatron as an essentially theoretical alternate form that never actually came to be. Suuure.
The toy is a retool of Iguanus with new alligator and robot heads, and no frill. The screw hole for the frill bracket remains. Both toys were released at roughly the same time. This mold was additionally used to make the purple-recolored Megalligator (who may or may not be a separate character to either Megatron or G1 Megatron). It was also proposed for Albitron.
  • Megatron (Ultra, 1996)
    • Japanese ID number: D-1
    • Accessories: Two missiles, water squirter
Bwmegatron toy

Don't call him Barney.

This Megatron transformed into a purple organic Tyrannosaurus dinosaur. He has limited articulation in beast mode, but his dinosaur head can shoot water. In robot mode, he has no hands, as his right arm ends with his dino head, and his tail, folded into a pincer, forms his left arm. The outer shells of his dinosaur thighs conceal spring-loaded missile launchers that fire anchor-shaped projectiles.
His robot head features two bat-like wing adornments that fold to become a battlemask.
This mold was also used to make Beast Machines Dinobots T-Wrecks.
  • Megatron (Basic, 1997)
    • Japanese ID number: D-6
    • Accessories: Gun/tail
This is a release of the basic Megatron toy alone. It possesses no difference to the multi-packed toy.
  • Convobat vs Megaligator (Basic 2-pack, 1997)
    • Japanese ID number: S-1
    • Accessories: Gun/tail
This figure is a purple redeco of Megatron's alligator form and was sold with a red and blue redeco of Bat Primal. This may or may not be intended to be the same character as Megatron or G1 Megatron.
  • Megatron (Transmetal Mega, 1998)
    • Accessories: Tail/whip
BW Megatron Transmetal

Ducky not included. Bummer.

The third Beast Wars Megatron toy transformed into a mechanical Tyrannosaurus. In beast mode, he has some useful articulation, located in his legs, jaw, and tail. As with all Transmetal toys, he has a 'third' vehicle mode, in this case, a tyrannosaurus with roller skates (which flip out from his legs) and jet engines on the sides on upper thighs.
In robot mode, he finally has two hands, with his tail becoming a flexible, segmented cutlass weapon, though it was depicted in most media as a new version of his main cannon. This cutlass/cannon weapon can be stored at his side on the connector piece it was attached to when in beast mode.
He is one of the many victims of the crippling disease known as Gold Plastic Syndrome
This mold was retooled used to make Armada Predacon.
They should totally retool this into Grimlock.
  • Megatron (Transmetal 2 Ultra, 1999)
    • Accessories: Three missiles
BWdragonmegs toy

Don't call him Puff, either.

The final version of Beast Wars Megatron transformed into a mostly mechanical dragon, with articulation in his legs, little dragon arms and his flexible, rubber neck with vacuum metalised overlapping plates attached on top. The neck was flexible able to be controlled and locked into position by a small lever located at its base. Two projectiles stored in his wings can be fired from a spring-loaded launcher inside his dragon's mouth.
In robot mode, Megatron resembles a winged demon, appropriate given his characterisation. His chest is dominated by a small cockpit with a control chair inside (see Trivia). Megatron's dragon neck and head replaces his left arm, with an additional missile launcher above his helmet.
Transmetal 2 Megatron has a third 'vehicle' mode, which appears to be an afterthought, as it basically involves the dragon sitting very low to the ground so the wheels mounted on the legs and body can make contact and roll.
This mold was also used to make Robots in Disguise Cryotek.

Beast Wars Metals

  • Metals Megatron (Mega, 1999)
    • Japanese ID number: D-40
    • Accessories: Tail/whip
The Japanese version of Transmetal Megatron is slightly different. The Japanese version uses black instead of the brown of the American version (enabling it to not suffer the frequent breakage problems), the American version had a light purple-ish glittery plastic for the beast-mode hands, tail, and skates while the Japanese had simple light gray instead, and the copper was darker on the Japanese version. This mold was retooled used to make Armada Predacon.
  • Dragon Megatron (Ultra, 1999)
    • Japanese ID number: D-47
    • Accessories: Three missiles
The Japanese release of the Transmetal 2 Megatron toy is exactly identical to the original American release.

Beast Machines

  • Megatron (Mega, 2000)
BMMegs toy

He's a flasher! Mangle!

The first Beast Machines incarnation of Megatron is based on his Transmetal 2 dragon form, but with Beast Machines design style at a lower price point. The result was a weak copy of the larger, much more detailed predecessor.
Like his television counterpart, his wings can fold around himself to create the control armour/cloak.
  • Megatron (McDonald's Happy Meal, 2000)
Transforms from cloaked robot mode to a very weak dragon mode. Much of the toy is made of translucent plastic, and he uses light piping to light up the spark crystal on his dragon mode's tummy. He doesn't do it very well, though -- you sorta have to hold him up sideways to the light and hope it's working.
  • Megatron (Little Red Rooster Meal, 2000)
The McDonald's Happy Meal Megatron was also released in Australia through the Red Rooster restaurant chain. Like the other three toys, it came in four color schemes. He was also retooled to remove the light piping on the original. Strangely enough, the toy was labeled as "Nightscream" on the plastic baggy it came in.
  • Beast Changer (Deluxe, 2001)
A toy version of Savage/Noble, he transforms from a wolf-creature to a dragon creature, with no robot mode.
It was later redecoed in show-accurate colours for the Japanese Beast Wars Returns toyline.

Robot Masters

  • Beast Megatron (2004)
    • Japanese ID number: RM-02
    • Accessories: Claw/tail

"Utahraptor, maybe in an alternate timeline I'm being less of a jerk right now, but that's just rampant speculation, okay?"

Beast Megatron is a simplified version of the 1996 Ultra Beast Wars Megatron. Much smaller, it had a very similar transformation and had a sculpt resembling the television series CGI model, but a paint scheme similar to the original toy. He also came with a small laser rifle and a removable tail weapon.

Beast Wars Returns

  • Megatron (Mega, 2005)
    • Japanese ID number: BR-05
This release is the same as the American Beast Machines Mega toy.
  • Noble Savage (Deluxe, 2005)
    • Japanese ID number: BR-11
A toy version of Savage/Noble and a redeco of Beast Changer, he transforms from a wolf-creature to a dragon creature, with no robot mode. The difference lies in that select red plastic parts were changed to a blue color.
  • Megahead Megatron (Deluxe, 2005)

You will have to pay a lot for this, yessss...

    • Japanese ID number: BR-12
    • Accessories: Missile
This is a Japanese-exclusive redeco of Robots in Disguise Megabolt Megatron. Megahead Megatron transforms into a head (its design based on the Grand Mal) with scuttling spider-leg action, opening jaw, and a hidden spring-loaded missile launcher in its mouth. In robot mode, the launcher swings over his head, placing a battle mask down over his face.
If one removes the toy's spider-legs in head mode, it fits into the head socket to the Fortress Maximus main body. Though this is likely unintended, it is pointed out here as an extra play feature.

Titanium Series

  • Beast Wars Megatron (3" Robot Master, 2006)
Titanium RM BWMegatron

"... my crazed crustacean, do you realise what this means?"

For the Titanium series, the initial 3" Megatron toy was based off his 1996 Ultra version. He's kind of squat.


  • Megatron (Ultra-class, 2006)
Representing Megatron before his crash on Earth, Timelines Megatron is a redeco of the Cybertron-series Cybertron Defense Red Alert, Megatron transforms into a large, purple, eight-wheeled armored vehicle equipped with a cannon and a a new head sculpt.
Megatron was an at-show souvenir for BotCon 2006, coming in a two-pack with Waspinator.

Beast Wars 10th Anniversary

  • Megatron (Deluxe, 2006)
    • Accessories: Gun/tail, missile, Jungle Planet Key
BW 10th Megatron

"Grape-faces don't give up, they conquer!"

For the 10th Anniversary of Beast Wars, Hasbro created an all-new Deluxe-size tooling based mostly upon his original 1996 Tyrannosaurus form, but with technorganic detailing. When a Cyber Planet Key is inserted into his butt tail, it opens up to reveal a missile launcher.
He is also packaged with a mini-comic-sized reprinting of IDW Publishing's The Gathering #1, a small Darksyde ship figurine, and a Jungle Planet style Cyber Planet Key without a Cyber Key Code stamped on it. On its packaging, "Predacon" is misspelled as "Preadcon," but a sticker was placed over it with the proper spelling.
This mold was redecoed and released as Cybertron Megatron. It's worth noting that the sculpts for both leader toys were intentionally designed to blend in with the Jungle Planet aesthetic, "in case" they didn't get a Beast Wars Anniversary release (according to Aaron Archer's statements at BotCon 2005).
  • Optimus Primal vs. Megatron (multipack, 2006)
    • Accessories: Two missiles, water squirter
BW Megatron BWReborn

Is it me, or does his tail-weapon-thing have teeth?

The same figures as the Beast Wars Reborn two-pack released in the United States as a Toys "R" Us exclusive and packaged with "Possession".

Beast Wars Reborn

  • Convoy vs Megatron (2006)
    • Japanese ID number: BWR-01
    • Accessories: Two missiles, water squirter
For the 10th Anniversary of Beast Wars, Takara retooled the original 1996 Ultra-sized Megatron toy, giving him a new head sculpt and a new paint scheme based upon the appearance of the CGI model used in the Beast Wars television series.
The 1996 Ultra-sized Optimus Primal was also retooled and redecoed in the same manner.

Beast Wars Telemocha Series

  • Megatron (Deluxe, 2007)
    • Japanese ID number: TM-02
    • Accessories: Claw/tail
A redeco of Robot Masters Megatron, with extensive paint details based upon the larger Ultra class Beast Wars Reborn reissue. He came packed with a DVD of an episode of the japanese Beast Wars dub.
  • DX Megatron (Ultra, 2007)
    • Japanese ID number: TM-SP
    • Accessories: Two missiles, water squirter
An extensive show-accurate redeco of the original Ultra-class Megatron mold, even more so than the Reborn toy - without the recently remolded show-accurate head. What the hell?


Metal Monument

  • Metal Monument Megatron (TAKARA, 1999)
As the name suggests, the product is a die-cast statue of Megatron. The head is convertible/removable in order to change the normal one with the battle mask/mutant head. The box art and the design of the product are both done by Hirofumi Ichikawa.

3D Battle-Card Game

  • Predacon Megatron (2007)
Megatron Predacon Battle Card

"I dare you not to make fun of me."

A 52-point "rare" character in the 3D Battle-Card Game's "Energon Wars" expansion, Megatron "transforms" into a purple approximation of a T. rex. He uses the same parts layout as Grimlock and Cruellock, although his robot mode is assembled differently. Megatron is nominally the leader of the Decepticons in the set.

Robot Heroes

  • Rattrap vs. Megatron (2008)
  • Silverbolt vs. Transmetal Megatron (2008)

This item is currently scheduled for release, but is not yet available.



TM2 Megatron's control art. Look! Spark figure! Painful amounts of detail!

  • The concept art for the original Ultra class figure was largely the same, except in one minor difference: The left arm would have housed an open three clawed hand. The idea of that wouldn't be revisited until the 10th anniversary Deluxe Megatron.
  • Originally, Transmetal 2 Megatron, along with Optimal Optimus and Tigerhawk were to have small driver-like figures sitting on control chairs located in cockpits on their bodies. These drivers were meant to represent their sparks. But Hasbro then later realized that kids might confuse these spark representations as drivers controlling the robots, so they were abandoned, but the cockpits remain.
The spark pilot was eventually used in the Japanese release of Cryotek.

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