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Megastorm is the Predacon Duke of Destruction during Beast Wars II. He was later upgraded into Gigastorm.

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Megastorm is the Predacon Duke of Destruction and younger brother to Galvatron, the Emperor of Destruction. He believes in being realistic and conservative when it comes to goals and strategy and hence tends to have a rather different veiwpoint than his more bold and reckless older brother. Finally when Galvatron began his audacious quest for the Angolmois energy the differences between them became too great and Megastorm began to consider how he could seize the reigns of command and stear them back towards sanity. Galvatron is well aware of his younger sibling's attempts at treachery, but looks the otherway purely out of brotherly love.

Megastorm can transform into a tank. He is later upgraded by angolmois into Gigastorm, a giant mechanical Hojoni, which gave him a base mode and a battle station mode, along with a Gigascouter drone. His personality was likewise magnified to drive out all compassion, weakness, and doubt. The upgrade included an enlarged title as Arch-Duke of Destruction.


Beast Wars II and Neo cartoons


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Voice actor: Takashi Matsuyama (Japanese)
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Beast Wars II comic

Megastorm was killed in battle with Lio Convoy. He shared one last, sweet scene with his older brother before dying. Galvatron swore revenge for his brother's death.

Universe Featuring the Wreckers

As the Quintessons sent their forces into a valley that had seemingly been left undefended by the armies fighting for Cybertron, their leader was attacked by Galvatron, who then ordered his brother to spring their trap. A force of Predacons, led by Megastorm, subsequently decimated the Quintesson force. Wreckers: Finale Part II


Beast Wars II

  • Megastorm (Predacon, 1998)
Japanese ID number: D-12
A redeco of the first Generation 2 Megatron toy (which had not been released in Japan previously), Megastorm transforms into a large combat tank. In both modes, his main cannon stocks up to six missiles, and gravity slides the next missile into place when one is fired. Megastorm lacks the electronics present in the Generation 2 toy, however.
  • Apache vs Megastorm (Vs pack, 1998)
Japanese ID number: VS-12
Megastorm was also available in a two-pack with the Maximal Apache.
  • Gigastorm (Predacon, 1998)
Japanese ID number: D-22
Gigastorm is a partial retool of Trypticon, giving him a new dino-mode nose-horn as well as removing the metal ball-bearings from the outsides of the legs. He transforms from a t-rex-thing to a base-form-thing. Gigastorm lacks most of Trypticon's accessories, only coming with Gigascouter, a redeco of Full-Tilt.


  • According to Ben Yee, who wrote his IDW profile, he envisioned Megastorm as having Trypticon's design specs in his database and using those as the basis of his upgraded form when empowered by Angolmois energy.

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