The Megastar is a Predacon starship in the Robots in Disguise continuity family.

Oddly enough, not the only spaceship that can do punchbuggies.

The Megastar is the Predacon starship and mobile command center. It is equipped with transwarp cells and also capable of moving underwater and underground; the versatile craft is constantly on the move to avoid detection by Autobots. The ship has a throne room for Megatron, living quarters for the crew, energon smelters, and special vats for converting other energy sources into energon. The ship's arsenal includes missiles and beam weapons, and it also has a shield that can reflect incoming beam weapons back at attackers. With this technology, the huge vessel is able to defeat even the hitherto-undefeated Omega Prime. The Megastar's most obvious physical characteristics are its two huge, humanoid arms, one of which ends in a five-fingered fist, the other in a two-pronged claw.


Robots in Disguise cartoon

During a heated battle, Galvatron expanded until he was able to graft his hand mode onto one of the Megastar's arms. Thus augmented, the ship was able to brawl Fortress Maximus into an apparent stalemate. However, Maximus's tremendous firepower was apparently enough to destroy the Megastar, and it was last seen bursting into flames and crashing and sinking beneath a lake. So much for fisting.


The Spychangers battled against the Megastar in "Mirage's Betrayal", yet many episodes later, when they encountered the ship again in "Surprise Attack" they appeared to have no memory of it and were--surprised!

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