This article is about the Minion of Unicron. For the Robots in Disguise Predacon/Decepticon leader, see Megatron (RID).

Megabolt is a Decepticon Minion of Unicron from the Universe conflict.

Emissary of darkness, Cure Bolt!

For countless civilizations, the arrival of Megabolt means the end of them, though the exact methods vary. Sometimes he appears as a benefactor, though it is only a ruse so his fellow Decepticons can catch the targeted victims by surprise. Other times, he simply wades in like a force of nature, destroying everything in his path. Either way, death and destruction lie in his wake.

Megabolt is utterly convinced of the superiority of the Cybertron race, and sees everything else in the vast multiverse as fuel for the Decepticons' conquest. His incredible strength, massive firepower and troop-carrying abilities make him the first-strike weapon in many of Unicron's plans. He is also a cunning strategist and even a politician when need be, having assimilated data from thousands of subjugated and destroyed worlds. Brains and brawn.


Megabolt has not technically appeared in any of the official fictions. Though he was released under the Robots in Disguise toy line, his character bio from the 3H fan club magazine places him in the Universe series.


Robots in Disguise

  • Megabolt (Deluxe, 2003)
A Kay-Bee Toys exclusive redeco of the original Kay-Bee exclusive Megatron Megabolt, Megabolt transforms from a robot into a large head-shaped tank with six insect-like legs. A gear-wheel mechanism moves the legs up and down as the tank mode is pushed along. Pressing the spark crystal on the tank's top opens its jaw and fires a spring-loaded missile. In robot mode, this swings the entire cannon assembly up over the robot's head, along with a "battle mask".


  • If you remove the insect-legs from Megabolt's tank mode, he fits almost perfectly into the neck-socket of the Fortress Maximus mold.
  • This figure has a mild case of GPS.

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