This article is about the Robots in Disguise Commando leader. For the Generation One Triple-Changer Decepticon, see Octane.

Mega-Octane is the cruel, cold-blooded, cool-headed commander of the Commandos. He orders his troops into battle with militaristic stoicism, as if they were his own limbs, but actually spends more of his time keeping the hot-headed Scourge in check. Scourge claims to be leader of the small Decepticon faction, but in reality it is Mega-Octane who holds the group together. But all great bots have their personal quirks -- he is not satisfied unless he takes his bath before everyone else. [1]

He merges with the other Commandos to form Ruination, who he completely controls.

Mega-Octane is one of the many Decepticons under the command of Unicron in the Universe conflict, though at this time it is unknown if it is the "original" Mega-Octane or an alternate-universe incarnation.

Japanese name: Dolrailer (ドルレイラー Dorureirā)


Robots in Disguise cartoon

Voice actor: Bob Papenbrook (English), Holly Kaneko (Japanese)
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Robots in Disguise

  • Mega-Octane (Deluxe, 2000/2001)
    • Japanese ID number: D-010
    • Accessories: Rifle, Twin Laser Cannons, chestplate, Ruination parts (head, chestplate, left & right fists, left & right footplates)
RID Dolrailer MegaOctane toys

"One Of These Just Doesn't Belong..."

A retool of the Generation One Onslaught toy, Mega-Octane transforms into a flatbed truck and trailer with a twin-barreled cannon. The twin-barreled cannon has a hole to store his large rifle in vehicle/base mode as well as his retooled ramp (which can also be held in his hand as a shield) in robot or combined mode. (This hole was actually added for Generation 2 Onslaught to hold his missile launcher.) As the toy uses the Scramble City style of connection, he can form the torso to any combination of similar robots, though naturally he is normally the torso to the combined robot Ruination. He also came with the combiner kibble to Ruination.
He was first released as part of the Takara Car Robots line in 2000. In 2001, Hasbro released the toy as part of the Robots in Disguise series. There are several very noteworthy differences between the two. The Takara version uses a very light olive-green base plastic, mustard-gold plastic for the robot chest, cannons and combiner kibble, plus the black-and-gold camouflage is sometimes done as metallic decals, one of which has the "Anti-Cybertron" symbol on it. The Hasbro version uses a much darker green plastic, silver-gray chest/cannon/kibble plastic, muddy-tan-and-black camo (in the same pattern), uses no decals (leaving those areas blank), and has a Decepticon insignia on the truck roof. Additionally, Hasbro shortened the length of Mega-Octane's rifle, and all subsequent releases of this toy from Hasbro or Takara/Sonokong used this version of the tooling.
This mold was also used to make Great Cannon.
  • Valdigus (Multi-pack, 2000)
    • Japanese ID number: D-011
In Japan, Mega-Octane/Dolrailer was also made available as part of a complete team multi-pack with his teammates Armorhide, Movor, Rollbar and Ro-Tor. All toys were identical to their individual Japanese releases, but the set only came with a bio card for the combined form.
  • Ruination (Ultra, 2003)
RID MegaOctane Urbancamo toy

"Boombox and Spinners Not Included"

The entire Commando team was redecoed in various shades of gray with "urban camo" patterns as part of a Wal-Mart exclusive gift set, oddly released well after the end of the Robots in Disguise line. Movor was also slightly retooled, blunting his nosecone significantly.


  • Ruination (Ultra, 2004)
The entire Ruination team was redecoed again to make another Wal-Mart exclusive set (why?), this time with a unified "desert camo" theme under the Universe banner. It came out at the same time as five other Wal-Mart Transformers exclusives, which led to a glut. Ruination seemed a particularly slow mover in this batch.


  1. No joke. This is from Mega-Octane/Dolrailer's Car Robots bio.

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