Mega-Dinobot is an Autobot from the Energon portion of the Unicron Trilogy.
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Mega-Dinobot is the combined form of the heavy-assault Autobots Grimlock and Swoop. Though the two greatly enjoy splitting up to confuse and crush the Decepticons, Mega-Dinobot mode is perfect for taking out anyone who managed to survive the initial onslaught.



  • Grimlock & Swoop (Mega, 2005)

Me Grimlock supposed to be in Universe line!

Mega-Dinobot combines the individuals Grimlock and Swoop into a single robot mode. Both components came in a single Mega-class multi-pack.


  • This set was not "mech-designed" or engineered by Takara employees, a rarity for normal-series Transformers toys.
  • This set mercifully bears no relation to the other Dinobot-combiner storyline, The Beast Within.
  • Mega-Dinobot's robot mode face has molded-in teeth similar to War Within Grimlock's.

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