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Starscream talks about himself.


Starscream narrates about how he is (or rather, will be) leader of the Decepticons, his alt mode, and how he can survive anything thrown at him.


Starscream - "The name, is Starscream! Exalted leader of all Decepticons!

...Well, at least I will be, as soon as I get rid of that useless bucket of bolts Megatron. After all I, Starscream, posess all the qualities for a Decepticon leader. Deadly sonic pulse canons that can slag Autobots and cause lots of spectacular property damage; A sleek, highly maneuverable and extremely lethal earth vehicle mode in the form of a harrier jet; Not to mention a deeply deceitful nature... And a knack for surviving the worst punishment any bot can dole out.

OWWW! Particularly Megatron!"

Animation and/or technical glitches

  • Not exactly a glitch but, Starscream sounds strangely aroused when speaking about himself...curious.
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