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Bulkhead depicts Prowl's personality, arsenal and interests.


Bulkhead - "If there was one bot I wish I were more like, it's Prowl.

He's a sleek, acrobatic ninja-bot, trained in the cybertronian martial arts. If that weren't cool enough, Prowl comes equipped with a hologram decoy projector to fool his enemies; jump-jets for that extra boost; and shurikens that he can throw with deadly accuracy.

Even his vehicle mode is sleek, the police motorcycle that can slip through bumper-to-bumper traffic without leaving so much as a scratch. It even comes with it's own holographic policeman!

Prowl has also really taken an interest in Earth's organic creatures. He always gets something from observing nature... Although, sometimes he gets more than he bargained for." (Birds sitting on Prowl's head and shoulders fly away to reveal one left him a present on his helmet.)