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Optimus Prime describes the megalomaniac Deception leader that is Megatron


Optimus Prime –"His name is Megatron He's the leader of the Deceptions and up until recently mealy an ancient legend amongst most Autobots, I'm one of the few who have faced down his lethal swords and powerful fusion cannon, and stayed online to tell the tale.

Since coming to earth Megatron has adapted the earth vehicle mode of an assault helicopter he's also managed to develop a signal dampener that masks his distinctive Deception energy signature from our scanners which means when he's in copter mode Megatron truly is a robot in disguise.

As far as I can tell Megatron maintains his power base through a combination of curtly, treachery and ruthless action, he claims to be a freedom fighter seeking to restore cybertron to its rightful Deception rule, but I've seen enough of Megatron to know that his rule is nothing to do with freedom."


This voice of Optimus Prime talk about this Megatron.

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