230px-RBBook Meet Chase the Police-bot

Meet Chase the Police-bot is a storybook that ties into Transformers: Rescue Bots.


An alert has Chief Burns dispatching the Rescue Bots to the museum for their first mission. While Boulder goes inside to look at the neat stuff, Chase is assigned to clear the area of humans. He does so, but finds two humans that don't respond, so he places them under arrest. Chief Burns explains carefully about Egyptian mummies. Heatwave saves the chief and another human from a falling dinosaur robot.

Chief Burns asks Cody to help the Rescue Bots with their robot acting, so that night he takes them to a drive-in movie. They soon spot something that isn't part of the movie—a rogue T. rex which Chase has to distract with his flashing lights. Once Heatwave body-slams the T. rex and Blades drops a cage on it, Cody is able to reach the off switch and deactivate the robot. A delighted Chief Burns adds Cody to the rescue team and takes a photo of the whole family.

Featured characters

(Numbers indicate order of appearance.)


  • Chase 
  • Optimus Prime
  • Heatwave
  • Boulder 
  • Blades 


  • Chief Burns
  • Graham Burns
  • Kade Burns
  • Dani Burns 
  • Cody Burns 


"When the mummies do not move, I arrest them!"

Chase's experiences confusion over the way humans treat their dead.

"Next, we need the T. rex to sit down."

Chase on proper robot dinosaur capturing.



  • Technically it's only an error in the context of the show as the Rescue Bots keep their visors down when pretending to be robots—page 31 features a picture of Heatwave with his visor up in front of a crowd of humans, an artifact of it being a composite of several screenshots.


  • This book is an adaptation of "Family of Heroes", told in first-person by Chase.
  • Graham is referred to as "a human" rather than by name.
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