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Mechatron is a vehicle in the Beast Machines portion of the Beast Era continuity family.

Mechatron is one of the Beast Riders, created by Megatron to hunt down any straggling Transformers and collect their sparks; fashioned from sinister recycling, Mechatron is Megatron's personal transport (although Mirage has been seen riding it). Despite his master's fanaticism against organics, Mechatron is shaped in the visage of Megatron's dragon head, owing to one of Megatron's failed attempts at removing his beast mode. Despite his look, he is wholly mechanical.

Mechatron's sole purpose is to plow through resistance, with his two flame-throwers and a fusion cannon at his disposal. He is also equipped with a spark extractor that can tear out the laser core of a Transformer.

He comes in two color choices!


Beast Machines

  • Mechatron (Beast Rider, 2000)
  • Mechatron (Beast Rider, 2000)

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