Meathook is a Mutant from the Classics portion of the Generation One continuity family.

What a load of bull.

The bestial Meathook has a face — and a body, and a personality, and probably an odor — that only a mother could love. This malevolent minotaur roams the sublevels of Cybertron, looking for unwary upworlders to beat — and eat.


Marvel Comics continuity


Meathook and his fellow Mutants, Guttersnipe and Sawtooth, came across the lone Mini-Con Broadside in their Underworld domain. After the diminutive robot slew Sawtooth, Meathook attacked him, only to have his knee torn apart by one of the Mini-Con's allies, the feral Snarl. Arms flailing, he managed to keep the feline from inflicting any more damage — at least, he did until Dreadwing liberated his bovine head from his body. The New World

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