Mayor Luskey Clock Tower (Ceremony day)

Running on a magno-fusion power core, the Mayor Luskey Clock Tower incorporates the very latest in timekeeping technology. Not only will it keep perfect time, but it will also synchronize the town's time pieces as well, though not analog devices.


Transformers: Rescue Bots 

"Time After Time"

Unknown to anyone, a squirrel decided to make its nest in the clock tower, piling the nuts it found around the clock's power core and nibbling on the wire. During Mayor Luskey's dedication of the clock tower, the structure was shaken by the impact of Mrs. Rubio's car, damaging it and bring masonry down. Additionally the squirrel's damage to the wiring caused a power surge that reacted with a pocket watch Cody Burns was carrying, sending the boy back one hour in time. He was able to get the rescue team to prevent Mrs. Rubio's car from impacting the clock tower, however the clock again experienced a power surge. On the third repetition, Cody had Kade and Graham check out the clock's power source. He later realized the squirrel was the cause of the problem, and was able to scare it off before it bit through the wiring.

"Vanishing Returns"

Sabotage resulted in a gas main near the clock tower exploding, though the tower itself remained intact.

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