Mayor Edsel is a human in the Transformers Animated continuity family.

I'd like to have a beer with him.

The people of Detroit can always rest assured that Mayor Edsel is looking out for them.

When one considers that his city gets destroyed every week, yet gets rebuilt in time to be destroyed again, he must be a very good politician. When one considers that he is maintained in public office despite his apparent total unwillingness or inability to speak at all, he must be an incredible politician. Or he's got dirt on every other candidate.

He has an aide, who can translate his body language and emotional state for everyone else.


Transformers Animated cartoon

Surprisingly, Mayor Edsel was not the one to welcome the Autobots publicly to Earth on behalf of all Humanity. That honor went to Isaac Sumdac, for reasons untold and mysterious.

The Mayor was shortly thereafter present at the dedication of Detroit's new Fully Automated Rapid Transit System outside Michigan Central Station. He was shortly thereafter kidnapped by Starscream and then rescued by the Autobots, during which time he maintianed his usual stoic silence. Transform and Roll Out!

Edsel, now in the company of his young lady-friend—er... his aide—then showed up again at a press conference held by Sentinel Prime and Optimus Prime. When they realized that Sentinel Prime was a jerk and was only there to condescend to them, she apologized for wasting his time. The grand gesture of shaking hands and posing for photographs was more eloquent than any words could have been... yeah, that's it. Return of the Headmaster

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Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details for Garbage In, Garbage Out follow.

Because of a contract dispute with Sumdac Systems' new CEO Porter C. Powell, trash disposal in Detroit was halted for a prolonged period of time, leading to public anger at the Mayor. He consented to viewing a demonstration of Powell's new garbage-destroying microbots, and seemed to express a willingness to renewing the Sumdac sanitation contract. But when the aggressive, all-consuming nature of the microbots became clear, Mayor Edsel's mood soured, making a negotiated compromise less likely. Only when Ratchet threatened to throw both Edsel and Powell into the river did the two forge a new deal—sealed, of course, with a silent handshake. Garbage In, Garbage Out


  • The Mayor's name refers to one of the most infamous failures of the automotive industry.
  • No word on whether he's related to movie star Harold Edsel.
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