The mayor of Detroit is a human in the Transformers Animated continuity family.

He's definitely got the bowtie-and-sash vote.

He's the mayor! Of Detroit! He has an aide.

When one considers that his city gets destroyed every week, yet gets rebuilt in time to be destroyed again, he must be an incredible politician. Or he hates his life.


Transformers Animated cartoon

Surprisingly, the Mayor was not the one to publicly welcome the Autobots to Earth on behalf of all humanity. That honor went to Isaac Sumdac, for reasons untold and mysterious.

The Mayor was shortly thereafter present at the dedication of Detroit's new Fast Automated Rapid Transit System (spell out the acronym to get an insight into Isaac's twisted mind) outside Michigan Central Station. Strangely again, the Mayor did not speak, and seemed to be there solely for purposes of decoration. He was shortly thereafter kidnapped by Starscream and then rescued by the Autobots, during which he did not utter a single line of dialog. Either this guy is really stoic or there's something weird going on. Template:Storyline

The Mayor, now in the company of his young Aide, then showed up again at a press conference held by Sentinel Prime and Optimus Prime. When they realized that Sentinel Prime was a jerk and was only there to condescend to them, she apologized for wasting his time. Once again speaking did not seem to be part of the agenda, but the opportunity was taken to pose for photographs. Return of the Headmaster

I cannot remain in this unacceptable operational status!

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