This article is about the team of meddling do-gooders. For the roving band of stone-cold killers, see Mayhem Attack Squad.

The Mayhem Suppression Squad is a Decepticon subgroup in the Shattered Expectations version of the Shattered Glass portion of the Timelines continuity family. Most of the character links are to their Bad Guy-version-selves, because they're the ones that actually have any characterization.
Mayhem suppression squad

All sorts of insanity.

The Mayhem Suppression Squad is some sort of squad of heroic Decepticon warriors dedicated to, well, suppressing mayhem. They might work for the Quintesson Federation.

Known Members:



Responding to Razorclaw's signal, the members of the Mayhem Suppression Squad leaped out of Astrotrain and descended upon Jazz, Grimlock, and Goldbug. Shattered Expectations


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