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Maximum Dinobots is a 5-issue miniseries that was published by IDW Publishing starting in December 2008, set in the primary IDW continuity. It features Scorponok, the Machination, Headmasters, Sunstreaker/Hunter, Hot Rod, Skywatch and the Dynobots.[1]

Maximum Dinobots issues:

Preceded by: Revelation
Followed by: All Hail Megatron


Creative team

Maximum Dinobots was written by Simon Furman and penciled by Nick Roche.[2]

Items of note

  • Originally, the series was to be issues #27–31 in the IDW overarching "sub-numbering", filling more than half of the previously confirmed eight-issue gap between the four Revelations Spotlights and All Hail Megatron. The following 3 issues are as-yet-unknown. However, according to Simon Furman, these 3 issues are "to be confirmed" and the sub-numbering may not still apply.[3] Chris Ryall later iterated that this was the case; "The sub-numbering was just getting too confusing, so we decided it best to stop that before everyone's heads exploded trying to keep track. Overlapping storylines set at different points in the continuity seemed confusing enough."[4]


  • Maximum Dinobots TPB (unknown date) unknown ISBN
Bonus material unknown.


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