The Maximal Imperium is a group of Maximals in the Beast Wars portion of the Generation One continuity family.

We spent so much on the video screens, we couldn't afford a table.

The Maximal Imperium is the governing body of the Maximals on Beast Era Cybertron.

The three members of the Imperium are the "Right Honorable":

They combine to form Magnaboss

Note: How it relates to the Maximal Elders and whether the two groups might in fact be the same is unclear.


IDW Beast Wars comics

The Imperium is concerned about rising strife threatening to blossom into a new civil war. They send their aide Ikard to bring them Big Convoy. He refuses to come, citing the importance of getting some control in the field but sends Ikard back to let them know that Angolmois energy lies at the heart of the problem. The Ascending #2


  • In IDW's Beast Wars Sourcebook, the function of all three are Maximal Elders, which would settle the connection above.
  • In German, "Imperium" means "Empire", which comes from the Latin "imperium".
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