This article is about the artist who goes by the online handle "Jackpot". For the Transformer he took his online handle from, see Jackpot.


Pronounced "Throatwobbler Mangrove."

Matt Kuphaldt (1977- ) is an American illustrator and fan-gone-pro. Kuphaldt's start as an official Transformers artist came when his online artwork caught the eye of 88MPH Studios, who contracted him to create illustrations for the Genesis artbook. Among the other Genesis artists was Dreamwave's Pat Lee, who solicited Kuphaldt for work on the nascent Generation One comics. This, in turn, led to work with 3H Productions and Fun Publications, contributing to their comics as well as creating posters and various other illustrations surrounding the conventions and fan club.




88mph Studios

Fun Publications


  • Matt was originally assigned many more pieces for the Dreamwave More Than Meets The Eye series (which can be found on his website below), though they ended up not being used due to a decision to stick with a Pat Lee/Don Figueroa "house style". Dammit!

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