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The Matrix of Conquest is a powerful artifact in the Beast Wars portion of the Generation One continuity family. It should not be confused with the Decepticon Matrix referred to in Generation One.
Matrix of conquest

THIS is the closest thing Shockwave gets to a homage in BW?

The Decepticon Matrix of Conquest, or Anti-Matrix, is Unicron's essence as used by Shokaract.


3H comics[]

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IDW Beast Wars comics[]

The object was forged by Shokaract as a means to contain the raging Angolmois energy which had infected him after discovering the mysterious substance on a routine Predacon survey mission. It is never directly referred to as the "Matrix of Conquest," instead called the "Matrix of Chaos" or the "Anti-Matrix" on occasion. However, its appearance is identical to the prior appearances of the object in fiction.

Shokaract believed that by partaking of quantities of Angolmois larger than any Cybertronian had ever attempted, as well as stoking the energy's infernal fires by plunging Cybertron into a bloody genocidal riot, the Anti-Matrix would "awaken" and facilitate his ascension as one of the "Masters of Misrule" while remaking the planet in his image. It was housed inside Shokaract's chest and apparently fully integrated into his systems. The consequences of this are such that when he rips it out of his chest he dies in a fiery, explosive fashion. The Ascending issue 4