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This article is about the IDW Animated Movie adaptation issue. For the Marvel Comics story arc, see Matrix Quest.

The battle with Unicron commences and a new Autobot leader emerges.


The Autobots and Junkions travel to destroy Unicron while Galvatron attempts to use the Matrix to enslave Unicron. The Matrix does not open and Unicron is enraged, transforming and attacking Cybertron. The Autobots crash their ship into Unicron's eye and are attacked by his internal defenses. Hot Rod is separated from the others and encounters Galvatron, who was swallowed by Unicron. Galvatron at first claims that he and Hot Rod face a common enemy, but Unicron forces him to fight the Autobot.

The Dinobots attack Unicron's exterior while those inside defend themselves from his interior attackers. A broken water main leads Daniel to an area where Transformers are being dropped into an acid pool to be converted into raw materials. He uses his Exo-suit to rescue his father, Bumblebee, Jazz and Cliffjumper.

Galvatron and Hot Rod battle, and Hot Rod opens the Matrix, transforming him into Rodimus Prime. He hurls Galvatron through Unicron's walls and into space before opening the Matrix again, causing a chain reaction inside Unicron. The other Autobots show up and everyone transforms and drives out of Unicron's other eye before he explodes. Afterwards, as Unicron's head orbits Cybertron, Rodimus exclaims that this event will end the Cybertronian wars.

'Til all are one.

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Items of note

  • A 2-page "IDWords" section interviews Chris Ryall about the 2007 Movie Prequel.

Covers (2)

  • Regular Cover: Galvatron vs Hot Rod by Don Figueroa and Josh Burcham
  • Retailer Incentive: Uncolored sketch of regular cover