This article is about the Marvel Comics story arc. For the IDW Animated Movie adaptation issue, see Matrix Quest!.

The Matrix Quest was a five part story arc in the Marvel Generation One comic. As its title suggests, it mainly dealt with the search for The Creation Matrix mounted by the Autobots and Thunderwing's Decepticons. It began after Primus was woken by a subterranean battle, with his scream alerting Unicron to his approximate whereabouts. Realizing the danger posed by the Chaos Bringer, Optimus Prime and Xaaron sent teams of warriors in search of the lost Matrix, the only thing capable of stopping Unicron.

The story ran in the following issues:

62 - Bird of Prey!

63 - Kings of the Wild Frontier

64 - Deadly Obsession

65 - Dark Creation

66 - All Fall Down

Though Matrix Quest marks the beginning of the Unicron story arc, it would continue for over a dozen issues before reaching its climactic conclusion in issue #75, "On the Edge of Extinction!"

The first four issues of the Quest each focus on a different group of Autobots, and are also each homages to a different genre or work of fiction (respectively: The Maltese Falcon, Westerns (particularly Shane), Moby-Dick and Jaws, and Alien).

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